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Curse Breaking


On a night when the Moon is in a waning phase, take a blood root (a favorite Voodoo root used for breaking all evil spells and hexes) and throw it onto the doorstop of the person who has placed the curse upon you. You will then be released from his or her magickal power and the imprecation will immediately be turned back to the sender of the curse.


If you feel that a sorcerer or sorceress has placed a magickal curse upon you, your home, or your family, perform this curse-breaking spell just before midnight on the last night of the Full Moon.

Light a new white candle and burn any of the following incense in a fireproof container: cloves, frankincense, hyacinth, lilac, pine or sage. Hold a lucky rabbit's foot charm over your heart and repeat the following incantation thirteen times:

"With rabbit's foot and magick verse
I turn around this wicked curse.
As these words of mine are spoken
Let this evil spell be broken."

Repeat this spell nightly (using a brand-new candle each time) until the phase of the New Moon. Wrap the leftover wax from the candles in a white piece of cotton and then bury it in the ground in a secret spot where it will remain undisturbed.


On the first night of the waxing moon, gather the following ingredients:

On paper, write the full name and birthdate (if known) of the person who has cursed you. Place the paper in the center of the bag. One at a time, add the herbs, covering the slip of paper. Next, take the lit candle and drip 5-10 drops of wax over the paper and herbs.

Visualize the person who has cursed you and say their name aloud three times while tying the bag shut with the knotted string. The final step is to bury the bag someplace on the property of the person who cursed you. The bag must remain there undisturbed until the next waxing moon. At that time, dig up the bag and burn the contents. This will weaken that person's power (usually until the night of the full moon) and the curse


"Spell and magick be gone (say this three times)
That has been placed on me by person(s) known or unknown to me
Go back from whence you came
Remain with whom you came from
Be with who you were sent by"

Then visualize a pyramid going over you.

"I am under universal light and universal protection
Nothing less then universal perfection can touch me were I am
The forces of this spell do leave So mote it be.


If you think you have been cursed, and that is why you are unlucky in love, you need to make a supplication to Aphrodite, asking her to intervene. This supplication should be done on a Thursday evening at dusk. Light 1 purple candle and 1 pink one. Burn 7 pine needles in a bowl or brazier.

Offer the goddess three red roses, 1 for each stage of a woman's life (Maiden, Mother and Crone). Then ask her to bless you in love and to break any curse that may exist. Pour your heart out to her. Ask forgiveness for any and every thing you have ever done to hurt another who loved you. Offer to make amends by doing something in Aphrodite's name.

Make a commitment to showering your future partners with love and romance. Vow never to be unfaithful, etc. Be respectful when addressing Aphrodite and be honest. Do not make empty promises or break the ones you make. If you say you will do something, do it. If you do not, you may not like the result. There is no spell for this one, no incantation. You simply speak from the heart and if you are sincere, she will answer. Aphrodite can be a generous, loving goddess, guiding us towards bliss. Or she can be a vengeful harridan.

Be warned, if the reason you are "unlucky" is because you have been unfaithful, abusive, cruel, or otherwise wasteful of Love's gifts, you will face her wrath unless you agree to immediately change your ways, and then do so.


Light 1 pink candle, 1 green, and a black candle. Be sure that NOBODY else can see you (close all curtains, doors, windows, etc.) Now, get a bowl full of water and put 3 drops of green dye in it. Now that you've done that, slowly tip the bowl over each candle allowing them to be extinguished while at the same time chanting:

"Juina Shelt Fonsed."

You must do this very slowly and imagine the spell being lifted from your body and all the good luck and fortune that will soon come to you and the evil that will go to the person that placed the hex/curse upon you


*Follow the steps below before conducting the ritual*

1) Clean a black candle with a wet sponge and then leave to dry.

2) You next bless it with the following words:

"Cleansed and Blessed
Are Thee,
Now to Perform
Thy Service for Me"

3) Using the tip of a knife or needle inscribe either-- the name of the person you seek to overcome (If you don't know the name inscribe "him" or "her")-- or problem you seek to overcome

4) With Vegetable Oil like olive or sunflower that you have blessed to the service of the Lord nad Lady anoint at the candle's centre and slowly go to the top of the candle and back to the centre.

5) Next go from the centre-slowly-to the bottom before again returning to the centre.


This 7 day ritual should begin on the first Saturday after a Full moon. Light the candle you prepared earlier and repeat 9 times this spell:

"Black is Evil,
And the Evil Visited
Upon Me
Is Returned to This Candle.
As This Candle Burns
So Burns, Also,
The Heart of The Curser.
Cursed is the Curser!
Free is the Wronged!"

Alternatively, read once Psalm 93


Take five white candles and arrange them in a pentagram. Place a black candle, which symbolizes the curse, in its center. The words revealed here must be spoken by the ones afflicted by the curse:

"Evil curse that blights out lives
Be lifted now and flee
These candles' lights overcome the dark
From its grasp, set us free"


This is a simple spell to do and is most effective in removing a curse. Most important it sends the curse back to its original source seven times worse.

You will need to know the name and birthdate of the person who placed the curse on you. You will need two candles eight inches long, one black, one white. If you cant find eight inch candles just get longer candles and cut them to size. You will also need a heavy duty safety pin and a bag of charcoal. If the person your sending the curse back to is male you will need the Knight of swords tarot card, and if it is a female you will need the Queen of swords tarot card.

Carry out the spell only on a full moon between the hours of twelve midnight and one in the morning. You will need to find two spots. The first spot must be a piece of land where nothing grows. Dig a hole twelve inches deep and wide. Fill the hole with the charcoal. Now find a piece of land where there is green grass near a tree or bush. Using a knife make seven circles around the white candle one inch apart. Place the white candle in the green grass.

Using a different knife make seven circles in the black candle. Now on the bottom seven segments of the candle using the safety pin engrave the name and birthdate of the accused. Also engrave the word "drevida". Light the white candle, then light the black candle. Repeat these words until both candles have burnt down to end of first section.

"creo del macres ete prestwer".

Extinguish both candles. Engrave name and birthdate of accused on tarot card and bury with candle in charcoal. Bury white candle in ground next to tree. The curse will be removed within seven days.

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