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Nasty Neighbor Spells

Nasty neighbours 1

Get rid of them with urine, used in many magical recipes as a cleansing agent. Clean them right out of there with:

Reduce this to one pint. On the night of the new moon, at midnight,sprinkle this on the neighbours front doorstep. They will move soon.

If anyone tries this on your and you know what they are up to, you can wash your own doorsteps morning and night, twice a week for several weeks.

To Be Rid of Pesky Neighbours 2

(1) Take a black candle and incise the person's name on it three times, starting from the bottom so that the name "goes away" from you. Dress the candle with water, sugar or honey. Burn for 30 minutes on each of three consecutive mornings.

(2) Take a small jar. Write your neighbour's name nine times on a piece of paper and put this in the jar. Fill the jar with Four Thieves Vinegar and throw it into a river.

Another variation

Take some new salt and mix well with Four Thieves Vinegar Mix and set aside until mixture is dry. On nine different days throw some of the salt behind the "enemy" as he/she walks by. This is said to cause the party to leave the neighbourhood.

Bad Neighbours Spell 3

We have some really irritating neighbours...don't we all? Anyway, they have been hassling us a bit and just generally sending some negativity over the fence. So I wrote this spell and chanted it while I walked our property and scattered nettles along the edges:

"All evil thought, all evil done,
Go from here, be on the run.
The house is mine, both hill and glen,
And what is mine, I will defend.
Herbs of power, herbs of strength,
Aid me now, a fence of length."

Pretty simple and, so far, pretty effective. I write my spells in rhyme because one; it's "traditional" and two: it helps me remember them! And the less distracted you are by reading & remembering your place, the more focused you can be on sending your energy where you need it!

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