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Pet Spells

Spell To Have A Lost Animal Returned To You

The exact same letter of demand must be written on three different pieces of birchbark ~

"I am writing to the Forest Czar and Forest Czarina with their small children; to the Earth Czar and Earth Czarina with their small children; to the Water Czar and Water Czarina with their small children. I inform you that (name of owner) has lost a (color)(dog or cat or other animal) with (list of distinctive marks and markings). If you have it, send it back without delaying an hour, a minute, a second. If you do not comply with my wish, I shall pray against you to the Great God Veles and the Czarina Alexandra."

The first letter is tied to a tree in the forest, the second buried in the earth, the third tied to a stone and thrown into the water. After this, the lost animal should return by itself. As you can tell from the name of the Czarina, the spell is rather dated.

Pet Death/Euthanasia Ritual

This ritual is helpful for dealing with the guilt, remose and sorrow associated with the death of a pet. It also helps send animal friends peacefully into the Summerland.

Light the incense and candles, and greet the Lord and Lady by saying:

"I come to You now to release
This pain and all emotional beasts

That plague my heart so heavily -

Take them from me - set me free!"

Name the flower for your pet. Holding it in your hand, stroke its petals and speak to your pet with love and honesty. If euthanasia was a factor, explain your reasons for terminating his/her life cycle. If not, this is a good time to talk to you pet about the loneliness you feel without him/her.

Place the flower on the altar and lay the rose quartz on top of it. Tell your pet that the stone will always represent him/her to you, and explain that she or he is free to go to the Summerland for rebirthing. Say:

"You're free to go now, Little One,
Rejoice and play - the time has come
For your spirit to be on its way.
Have fun, be happy - your love with stay!"

Meditate on the spirit of your pet moving on, then place a drop of vinegar on your tongue to represent the sourness we feel when Death takes a loved one. Take some time to grieve for what might have been. (If you haven't had a good cry yet, now is the time. Scream, yell, throw a fit if you need to, but get it all out of your system.)

When you feel all cried out, taste the honey. Rejoice and celebrate the relationship you had with your pet. Remember all the good times you had, the love you shared, and the special spot the pet filled in your life.

Extinguish the candles and thank the Lord and Lady for Their conforting presence.

Release the flower into a body of water, such as a river or stream. Wish it a fond farewell as it floats away. Keep the rose quartz close to you, or in a safe place, or on your altar.

Animal Healing Spell

You will need:

Done on a full moon, during your regular ritual. Bless all the ingrediants first. Inscribe candle(for who,date,and illness), light incense, as you speak the incantation put the herb's and stones into the mojo bag, concentrate and send your healing blue energy into this as well. You can even meditate in circle holding the bag focusing your energy to them. Either give this pouch to the one who cares for the animal(s) or place it upon your altar for them, when next full moon comes, then take it and bury it in a safe place in the soil.

Repeat 3 x's 3:

"May Bast send healing energy
To __(name)____________, so that s/he(they) will start healing from ____(illness)___________ this night.
While the moon is full,her love surrounds us, and the time is right
This I do ask, in the name of the Ancients, so mote it be!"


Mix some healing oil, using:

Anoint a black candle, a red candle and a brown candle with this healing oil. The black is for absorption of the negativity (the illness), the red is for strength and health, and the brown is an "astral" or "signification" candle for the animal. Place the brown candle between the black and red candles, and make a ring of stones around the set-up, using stones or crystals that you associate with healing (amethyst, quartz, agate...you choose whichever type or combination of types). Place some of the oil in your hands, and begin to rub them together, generating heat and energy.

When you feel that you've built a small "bundle" of healing energy, place your hands on your pet, stroking it and giving it the healing energy you've built, making sure to concentrate on any areas where you feel or sense the illness. Focus on the candles, continuing to maintain contact with your pet, and visualize the strength from the red candle pouring into the brown candle, and pushing all the sickness into the black candle. Attune with the Goddess, and when you've got a good grip on the visualizations above (and the animal!), say:

"Goddess, with your healing touch
Bless this animal we love so much.
God/Gods/Goddess, with beasts as your domain,
Remove the sickness, heal the pain.
So mote it be! Blessed Be"

Continue the stroking and energy flow until you feel that the spell is done, then allow the animal plenty of time to rest and heal. Obviously, if you wish to perform this spell in a cast circle, that's your choice. If you wish to continue the spell for a number of days (I'd suggest at least 3 days), and your pet has a special place where it rests or "lives" (such as a cage, etc.), ring this area, if possible, with the stones, place a red candle on one side of the area and a black candle on the other (anointed with the healing oil); focus on the red candle and project its energy into area with your pet, visualizing the illness being pushed out the other side, since there's no room for it, and into the black candle. Rub the oil onto your hands and stroke it into/onto the animal's body as often as you feel necessary.


"Spirits of the Forest, an animal is dying, take the Life force of this spell and save it."

This spell requires no ritual, but it can only be used on hurt animals and you must be touching the animal (not suggested use for rabies). This is an ancient spell, it might not work, but don't let that discourage you. belive in the power sent to the animal by you.

To Keep Your Cats Free From Fleas

Soak garlic in olive oil and mix a tablespoon of the oil in with their food daily. (I would add that, while you soak the garlic and whenever you place it in the cat's dish, you might visualize the fleas jumping off the cat and never coming back.)

To Protect Pets

With some level of emotion hold the image of your kitties being safe in your mind. Feel your desire for their continued safety. If one is gone from your side imagine what it will be like when your pet returns. Rough out the images as clearly as you can. You can incorporate this technique into other, more structured, ritual forms

Healing Ritual For An Animal

Call on the God/ddess images who themselves has animal companions for there aid.

"Guardian of the animal spirits we bring before you _(name)_______________ to entrust to your care. Allow the natural recuperating powers of their body to be rejuvenated. Bring light of warmth and comfort to them, along with waves of healing"

Communicating With Your Cat Spell

For this spell you will need these ingredients:

Cats have been known for centuries as psychic and mystical creatures - and your family moggy is no exception. If you'd like to know what your cat is thinking or bring him into your magic circle - try this spell.

Best time to cast : on a midnight during a full moon.

Grind the aniseeds with the mortar or in the bowl and add the rosemary and valerian leaves. Whilst you are mixing - recite these words:

"By the eye of the cat
By the wing of the bat
Be clean and clear bring his spirit near."

Place the mixture in a cheescloth bag and tie it up with the ribbon. Wear this bag in your pocket when you're around your fur person!


Moon phase:

Waxing (new to full), close to New Moon (crescent Moon)

Items needed: