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The You-Owe-Me Spell

© 1999 by Silver Ravenwolf

Does somebody out there owe you money? Are you having a hard time getting paid back? Here's the spell to get them to pay up!

Items needed:

Write the amount owed to you in red pen on the dollar bill. Wrap the dollar bill around the marigold and the item or picture. Place the bundle where it won't be disturbed. Ask your guardian angel to assist you in getting your money back. Light the incense, visualizing the person handing you the money. Light the candle, continuing the same visualization. Pour seven drops of the candle wax on top of the dollar bill. Repeat the same visualization. Hold the bill in your hand. Again, repeat the same visualization. Finally, repeat the same visualization nightly while holding the dollar bill packet in your hand--do this until you have received your money.

After you get the money, thank the Spirit and your guardian angel, undo the packet, donate the dollar bill to a charity, and burn the object that belongs to the individual or company.

Warning: This spell will work only if you are legitimately owed the money!

To Make Someone Pay You What They Owe You

Items you need:

-3 needles
-Rose Honey
-a Candle

Write the name of the debtor on a piece of paper. Pierce the paper with the 3 needles. Place it in a glass containing equal parts of the two honeys. Place a green candle on the top of the jar and petition Elegua to help you get your money back.

To influence someone to repay a debt

Candles--Seven green (material gain) candles. You can use votives or tapers, it doesn't matter but with cats, it may be safer to use the votives. You also need 4 yellow candles (gentle persuasion).

Timing to do spell--On the full moooon or the waxing moon cycle, which is on the 18th of this month for the full moon.

Day-Saturday (which works out perfect this month.

Advice--be certain the debt is actually owed to you before doing this spell. If you think someone owes you a debt but it is not true, you will find yourself being forced to pay back any debts you owe. The spell also works for people who borrow things and dont bother to retrun them.

Spellwork--Light the altar candles (altar candles are candles that represent the god and goddess, you can use two white votives or if you can get a hold of them, one gold and one silver candles each to represent them) and the incense. Inscribe the name of the person or people that owe you the debt on the green candles. Anoint the candles from the wick to the end. Set the green candles in the center of your working space. Set the yellow candles around the green ones, with the stones inside the circle. Light the green candles first, then the others. Say the chant 7 times. Leave the yellow candles to burn out completely. Dispose of the wax afterward. Burn only the 7 green candles each night. If you wish, you can burn new yellow candles each night until the 7 green candles are gone.


"What was given in trust shall be freely returned
What was mine shall be mine again."

Another spell is--

For this spell we are going to use two vibrant planet energies, Mars and Mercury. Mars in the quintessential activator energy in the heavens. It kickstarts anything that comes close enough for dialog and symbolizes action, assertion, will, focus, coursage, passion, the ability to outlast enemies, and when needed, boosts our survival instinct. Mars always reminds me of a precocious child--you know, the one you look for in a group when amusing tricks come to light.

Mercury is the great communicator, with the added benefit of swift, quicksilver movement. This planetary enery represents the principle of intellect and unemotional, rational, objective though, and is a wonderful energy to use when you are worried that your heart is not being honest with your best interests. This planet also concerns your speech and, coupled with the rune Asa, gives you an extra edge for that public speaking venture or talking yourself out of a difficult situation. Combining these two energies in a spell gives extra power married to clear, high-velocity energy.

Supplies--Cayenne pepper, nettles, red talc, a red marker, a small brandy sniffer or glass bowl, a picture of the person that took your belongings.

Instructions--Grind the pepper, nettles, and talc together. With the red marker, draw the astrological symbol for Mars (which looks like a circle with an arrow pointing off of it towards the right side of the circle, pointing up toward the sky). Beside it, draw the symbol for Mercury (which looks like a circle and on top of the circle there is a half circle (kind of looks like a bowl on top of the circle) and then on the bottom of the circle there is a straight line in the middleand then cross this straight line lengthwise so it looks kind of like a cross). Drop the picture in the sniffer or bowl, then cover with the herbal mixture and say--

"Conscience itch
conscience scratch
you won't find relief
Til my stuff comes back.

If you don't get your things back within 30 days, do the spell again. If it's money you are missing, you might want to burn a bayberry candle, asking for the spirit of prosperity to enter your home, especially over any holidays where your family usually outlays a large amount of cash.

To enhance this spell- Perform on a Tuesday or Wednesday Add a red candle for action inscribed with the symbols of Mercury and Mars (but be careful with red candles, they can invoke anger) Use the god Mercury as your archetype.

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