Allow me to present some of my own information and mod files for the Microsoft/Digital Anvil game Freelancer. All of this is based on the Unofficial FL SP 1.4 patch (and my modifications to it).

Patch (985k) the unofficial patch to restore some of its changes and for additional fixes. It should be extracted to your main Freelancer folder. The sources (687k) I created for the resource files are also available.

Patch Common.dll to allow the Trade Lane speed to be customised. You will need my BPatch program: download bpatchw.exe.bin, rename it to bpatch.exe, put it on your PATH (C:\Windows will do), cd to your Freelancer\EXE directory and run bpatch -f path\to\tradelane.txt. If there is no output it worked fine; if not, I guess we have different versions. Assuming it worked, you can now edit DATA\constants.ini to set the Trade Lane speed by using the TestValue key in the [Constants] section. The default speed is 2500.

Patch (603k) Hostile Universe V8.1 to fix quite a lot of things. Extract it to the same location you gave the HU installer, then run hudel.bat you will find there to remove unnecessary files. The resource sources (104k) for it.

FL Hack (43k; includes C source): a run-time patch to display the target's damage numerically; allow a single machine to have two players in multiplayer; and change some constants. Look at the start of flhack.c for information.

Information files: The above text files are Unix (LF) with no tabs; the files in the zips are DOS (CRLF) with a tab size of 8. The nickname files are presented as MiniTrue string input files.

Mods (these are FLMM mods, but since GeoCities doesn't allow unusual extensions, you'll have to rename or unzip yourself): Save Games (extract to My Documents\My Games\Freelancer\Accts\SinglePlayer): Solo Multiplayer:

Jason Hood.
4 February, 2009.