~**Wicked Sisters**~

By: Timber

"Shhh! Do ya wanna wake up the duck?" Maddy hissed.

"No, I just don't see why I can't go. Why do you get to have all the fun?" Kalie pouted and crossed her arms as Maddy climbed out the window.

"Because I know when to shut up!!" she yelled in a whisper. "Besides it dangerous for you. You don't know how to fight!"

"Because you won't teach me!" Kalie retorted.


The sister's were found three years earlier by Mrs. Drake, The Proper Etiquette School for Girls founder and house mother. She was a snobby woman with a knobby nose and kept the girls on a strict schedule. Wake up, breakfast, chores, schooling, lunch, five minute break, more chores and schooling, dinner, then bed. And if you were caught doing something different in any activity, you were locked in the attic with one meal,sewing material, and you were to have sewn at least a part of a shirt together.She was also called "the duck" or "the brain drain". Needless to say, Maddy had been there time and time again. She was driven nuts from this. So she was escaping, tonight.

"Listen, I would take you with me, but you got friends here. I don't. They think I'm a reject and maybe I am. You fit in this type of world, Kalie. But I don't. I don't got a choice." Kalie looked back at her with sad eyes. Then she got an angry look on her face.

"Remember when we were younger? When you saved me from that trolley? You said you'd never leave. I guess you're more like mom and dad than I thought." She said as she turned her back on Maddy. The tears she fought back were now streaming down her face.

"Oh, Kalie don't be this way. This is already hard on me." Maddy begged. She stood outside the window thinking of what to say next. The fifteen year old scratched her head and sighed. "Please don't be mad at me. I just can't stay here. Please understand." Kalie turned around a bit and stared at her sister to see if she was being truthful. Maddy, who never cried, was holding back tears. Then she got an idea.

"Gimme your hand." Kalie did so hesitantly. Maddy took out her switchblade." This will hurt, but I'm doing this too." Maddy took a deep breath and cut her palm as she said,"my blood". Then she took hold of Kalie's and cut it too.

"oww" Kalie moaned.

"Your blood." she said. Then she clasped her hand with Kalie's.

"Our blood." She looked up in Kalie's eyes. "I'm commin' back for you. "She reassured her. Kalie nodded and pulled her in for a hug. "Come back soon, huh?"

"Promise. Love you!" And she jumped of the roof, landed rather clumsily on the ground, and scurried off down the road.


That was a month ago. Kalie stood beside the window remembering that. She looked down at her palm where the scar layed. She traced it in her fingers. "She's not commin' back," she said gloomily. Kalie walked over to her friend's bed and plopped down on it.

"Oh c'mon, Kalie! Where's your faith in her?" Angie said looking up from her solitare game.

"It went with her." She replied.

Kalie dwelled on it for a bit longer before she hopped up and ran over to her bed. "I'm runnin' away tonight."

"But where will you go?" The youngest, Eve, said.

"I dunno. Manhatten?"

"It'll be risky. Your gonna need this." Andrianne said handing her a horseshoe charm necklace.

"Thanks guys. I'll get you guys out when I can." She hefted the pack on her shoulder and climbed out the window. "I'll miss you!!"

"That's either the bravest girl I know, or the craziest." Marie said.

"Nah, that's just her sister's influence on her. "Said Franny, Mrs. Drake's pet said. "And if you guys try that I'll tell. In fact, I'm going to tell her about Kalie and your plan now." And she began to turn when Angie grabbed her shoulder and turned her around.

"Tell about her or us and you'll get Maddy's beating part two,"She threatened through clenched teeth and a fist.Maddy had beat her up badly on Kalie and Angie's behalf a few months ago. Angie smirked as she ran away. This was going to be fun.


Maddy had settled on Brooklyn and was now walking through it.

"Well, well, well. What do we got heah?" A voice taunted. She whirled around, only to find no one there. She started walking again.

"Looks like a lil' goyl who got lost." Another said.

"If you got something to say,say it to my face!" Yelled Maddy, with a little more courage than she had.

"Whoa, touch-eee!" This time when she turned back she saw four teenage boys in her way. A fifth pushed his way through and stood in the middle. 'I assume he's the leader' she thought. He had a grey hat hanging off a gold tipped cane. He had a slingshot in his back pocket and looked to be about fifteen. He had his arms crossed against his chest. Though he was smirking, he didn't look all too friendly.

"What do you want?" Maddy asked, thoroughly annoyed.

"Youse in our territory." He said. "And unless you wanna be a newsie I suggest you leave."

"Or what?" She retorted. "You'll send your monkeys after me?"

She knew that probably wasn't the best thing to say because his eyes turned a quick steel grey .But then he chuckled a bit. "You dunno who I am do ya?"

"If I did, would I be keeping a simple conversation?" She asked. He chuckled again.

"I's Spot Conlon. Leader of da Brooklyn newsies."

She snorted. "And that's supposed to make me quake with fear?" She said sarcastically.

He narrowed his eyes then said, "You're still on my territory. If ya don't git out now, I'll have to soak ya."

"Now are you going to or would that mess up pretty-boy's face?" She was feeling a lot braver now. For some reason, she had a lot more energy. Rover, or whatever his name was, was now breathing heavily.

"Your gonna pay for dat." He said as he walked up and got up in her face. He was a little taller than her but she wasn't at all intimidated.

"Ooo, look I'm tremblin'." She retorted.

A boy behind Spotty said "Let me at her, Spot." But he just put his hand up to silence him and said, "This one's mine." Maddy raised her eyebrows.

Spot rolled up his sleeves and Maddy did the same. They went into an alley and stood across from each other, circling.

"You gonna show me that you can fight or are ya gonna practice being a vulture a little more?" Maddy prodded.

This angered Spot even more and he lunged at her, catching her in the stomach and pinning her to the wall. He punched her in the stomach and she knees him in his. He backed off and she clutched her stomach. She ran at him and got a few hits in. He blocked a few off his face and made a few for hers. She wiped the blood off her lip and was caught off guard and Spot knocked her to the ground. He lost his balance and landed on top of her.

"Get off!" She panted. She pulled her legs up and kicked him off. She was catching her breath and stood up when he knocked her down again. This time she pinned him down and punched him over and over. Spot had to admit she was a good fighter. He pushed her off and they wrestled around for a bit. The punches drowned out Spot's gang who was cheering him on. After a while, they got up and stood across from each other again, both panting. Spot got a good look at Maddy. Her brown hair was frizzed and her shirt had a rip in it. As did her pants. Her grey eyes blazing. 'Beyond the blood and dirt, she isn't at all bad looking' he thought. Then he held up his hands and swallowed.

"I -don't-wanna-fight-no more." He gasped. She was catching her breath, then she sat down on a crate and closed her eyes. Spot did the same on his side and put his head in his hands. His gang started to protest.

"Aww, c'mon,Spot!" One boy said, "She said all dat stuff about ya an' yer lettin' her git away wit it?"

"Put a lid on it,Buff! We've had enough!" Spot snapped. "Besides, I'm bleeding enough as it is." He said smirking. Maddy squinted at him. Was this a compliment?

"Anyways, since yer already heah," He said, "ya wanna be a newsie?"

She looked at him, then down at her feet, then up at him again. "Hell, what could it hurt?" He smiled and got up. She walked over to him and stuck her hand. Forgetting she didn't know the shake, he spat in his hand and held it out. But to his suprize she shook it. "The name's Maddy O'Ryan."

"Nice ta meetcha Maddy.These are a few of me newsies. Buff, Tracks, Edger and Dodger. They'se twins." He explained.

"Uh, one question," Maddy said holding up a finger.


"Why do they have names like that?"

"Oh." Spot hit his head with his hand, "When some kids become newsies, they likes ta escape deir past. Dat's why. You don't have ta have one if you don't want to."

"Nah," she said, "as long as it isn't something too girly like Pixie or something." She made a face and shivered when she said "girly" and "pixie" .Spot and the others laughed at that. All except Buff. She had a feeling he didn't like her. But she didn't dwell on it too long. Spot put his arm around her shoulders and lead her towards the docks.

"So, whatcha want it ta be?" Dodger asked.

"I dunno," she shrugged and looked at Spot.

Spot shrugged and turned her to face him. She looked at him with an arched eyebrow. He sighed.

"We'll talk 'bout it tommorah. Now ya gotta meet da guys and gals. "He said leading her to the lodging house. "Oh and if da guys try ta touch in any way, "He said seriously, "I'll soak 'em."

"After I do." She said smirking. He laughed.

"I 'ave no doubt 'bout dat, aftah tha mess ya made of me!" He said laughing. She laughed along with him and followed him inside to get cleaned up.


Kalie looked around at her surroundings. She decided being a newsie would be the best way to go, since they saw most of the city. She looked over at a boy newsie with blonde hair and a patch. Kalie took a deep breath and walked over to him.

"Excuse me, do you know who I can talk to so I can become a newsie?"

The boy looked at her then smiled. "Sure! Just let me sell me last pape and I lead ya to him!" Kalie nodded and stepped back. A few moments later he came over and helped her off the crate she was sitting on.

"C'mon. His name is Jack but we call 'im Cowboy. My name's Kid Blink, but you can call me Blink fer short,Miss, uh?" He smiled. She smiled back.

"My name's Kalie O'Ryan. Don't use all that 'miss' stuff. Drives me nuts," She said. She shook his hand and he noticed the scar she had on it.

"Not ta be rude or anythin'," He said, "But what's with da scar?"

"Nah it's not rude. My sister and I did it as a reminder that she'd come back for me. Never did." She sighed.

He nodded. "How old are ya?" He said before he could stop himself. She chuckled.

"I'm thirteen. You?"

"fourteen." He replied.

"Ahh." She said smirking.

"Oh, we're here." He said pointing to an old building. A sign said "Newsboy's Lodging House". She took a deep breath and then followed Blink inside.

Inside the house, Kalie heard some commotion upstairs.

"A bit rowdy, aren't they?" She asked, climbing the stairs.

"Uh, yeah. Just a lil'." He said laughing. They reached a door and he stopped her.

"I better make sure they're decent." He said. "Wait here." He opened the door and closed it behind him. She heard another boy's voice booming over the others. Blink came back out and took her hand a lead her in.

"Guys, this is Kalie." He said. She was greeted by thousands of "hi's" and "nice ta meet ya's". She timidly said "hello" and waved. Then a tall boy with brown hair, a red bandana and a cowboy hat walked over.

"Heya Kalie. I's Jack Kelly. Or sometimes Cowboy." He spit in his hand and held it out. She thought it would be rude if she didn't shake it so she did and then wiped her hand on her trousers.

"Nice to meet you Jack." She said sincerely. He grinned.

"Blink says ya wanna be a newsie. The foist thing is dat ya gotta meet da newsies. Now dat's Mush, Skittery, Snoddy, Bumlets, Snipeshooter, Pie Eater, Specs..." he took a while to introduce them all. After she nodded to them, Jack looked at her again.

"Anudda thing is dat most newsies got nicknames. Do ya want one?"

She thought for a moment, then said "Why not?" Jack smiled again and then ordered everyone to think of one. He looked at her up and down. She was shorter than most of them, she had fiery red hair, had grey eyes and was petite. Then he snapped his fingers and said"Lil' Red. Is dat okay wit you?" All eyes were on her.

"It fits me doesn't it?" she said laughing. Everyone laughed in agreement. Life was almost perfect. All she had to do was find Maddy.


Angie looked out the window. The day was so gloomy. It has been ever since Kalie left. Then she got an idea. A humungos idea.

"Let's go to Manhatten!" She yelled excitedly.

"WHAT?" All the girls yelled.

"Why?" Andrianne asked. "oh yeah,Kalie's there!" The excitement caught on really well.

"Then let's go!" Marie exclaimed.

"One problem." Deirdre said.



"Oh yeah. She basically sleeps outside our door." Eve said glumily.

Angie got a sudden spirt of energy and giddiness. "Why use door when window much more quick?"

Marie looked at Andrianne who was staring with wide eyes. "I swear she's not using real words."

"It's too dangerous!"

"Oh come on!" Angie said exasperated. "Maddy and Kalie did it!"

"Yeah, well, we never said they were the smartest people." Andrianne said.

Angie looked at her friends, dissapointed. "Maddy was right. Do you guys wanna stay here forever? Maddy and Kalie went to get more off of life. I'm doing the same!" Angie said defiantly. She was beginning to pack and head out the window when she said, "You guys make your own decisions."

"Ugghh," Marie groaned. "C'mon! We'd better make sure she doesn't hurt herself."


"OOOOWWWWW!!!!!" Spot screamed.

"Ah, hold still ya big baby!" Maddy yelled over his screaming. She blew on his cut.

"Better?" She said looking at him.

He looked up in her eyes, then looked away and nodded. "Yeah."

She smiled. "Good."

"Ya need help wit yer cuts?" He asked.

She chuckled at him."Nah, I got it.Thanks though."

He got up and followed her into the washroom. Spot watched as she cleaned her face off and then watched as she wrapped her arm.

"Heah." He walked over and wrapped it for her.

"Thanks." She said. "By the way, I still don't have a nickname." she added as-a-matter-of-factly. He chuckled.

"I'll get right on dat." He laughed. He looked at her and sighed.

"How old are ya anyways?"

"I'm fifteen.You?" She replied.

"Same. C'mon I'll show ya yer bunk." He led her into the bunk room.

"Yer's is undah mine." Maddy raised an eyebrow.

"It's da only free one!" He threw his arms up as he defended. She had a look like "yeah, right" but didn't say anything. She took off her shirt to reveal her undershirt.Then she climbed in bed. Spot shook his head and climbed on top."Night, Maddy."

"Night, Spot."

The next day was April first. April Fool's Day. Maddy was going to have fun today. She woke up and grinned to herself. "Spot is so unsuspecting." she thought. "I wonder what I'll do." She got out of bed and went onto the fire escape. It would be the first sunrise she'd see. Sudden movement on the fire escape made her jump.

"Sorry if I scared ya." Spot said. He was also in an undershirt. She smirked.

"Aw, it's alright. I just got caught up in the sunrise." She looked back at it. Then she decided to have a little fun with the people below. She looked at Spot.

"Got any firecrackers?" He caught her drift, smirked, then nodded. They went inside, got the firecrackers and matches, and began reeking havoc below. Just then Spot got the idea for her name.

"I got it!" He yelled.

"Got what?" She asked, throwing a firecracker.

"Yer name! It's gonna be Mischief! That's what yer always causin'! Well, that an' havoc, but still!" He said getting highly excited about her name.

"It sure explains me don't it?"She said, lighting another. This time when she threw it, it landed on a man's bowler hat.

"Uh oh..." Spot sighed.

"It landed on his bowler?! My god!"

"Talk about a wake up call!" Spot laughed.

"3,2,1..." Then the firecracker blew up, making the man very angry.

"Hurry inside before he calls da bulls!" Spot screamed. They got inside the window and Maddy closed it. She and Spot glanced at each other and started snickering. Soon the snickers turned into outright laughter, which didn't make everyone else in the house too happy. When she had calmed down a bit, Maddy looked at Spot.

"How many we got left?" She gasped.

"About one string. Why?" Maddy got and evil look in her eye and grinned so.

"OOhhh, no ya don't. I don't wanna hear it."

"Aww c'mon. It'll be fun." Maddy put on a pouty face with her trademark puppy-dog eyes. "Pweeese?"

"No." The face got even more pouty.

"But how can you resist this face?" Spot smirked and arched a brow."Alright don't answer that, but where's your sense of humor?"

"Gone with all the firecrackers we jist threw." He replied. "I don't wanna hear no more 'bout it."

"You're no fun." She crossed her arms and headed towards the washroom.


Angie, Deirdre, Andrianne, Eve and Marie all headed down Duane Street.

"I still don't get why we're doing this." Marie groaned.

"Do you wanna see Kalie again?" Angie snapped.

"Well, yeah, but.."

"Then shut up and follow me!" Angie was getting highly annoyed with all of the griping going on behind her. She looked up at an old buliding. It said "Newsboys Lodging House" on it. Angie smirked and nodded.

"This is where my brother lives. He'll know where we can go." Angie said. She and the others stepped up and knocked, then stepped back again. An old gentleman answered the door.

"C-can I help you young ladies?" He asked kindly.

"I'm Angela Meyers. My brother Andrew Meyers lives here. I least he used to. Does he still?" She asked nervously.

"Andrew Meyers? Andrew Meyers, Meyers?" He asked himself. Suddenly his face lit up. He smiled at the girls. "Yes I believe he is. Come inside and I'll go get the Meyers boy." He let the girls in and excitedly walked up the stairs.

"He seems nice enough." Andrianne stated. They all set down their packs and sat in chairs that were scattered around. A few moments later they heard a boy grumbling.

"Kloppman!" He whined, "I was winning the poker game!"

"Hard to believe." The man, assumed to be Kloppman, muttered. It was enough for the boy to catch.

"Really I was!" When they got downstairs, Kloppman moved aside.

"Mush, I believe you know this girl?" Mush looked at Angie.Then nodded.

"Yeah she' s my sis. Can I go now?" He got to the second stair, then did a double take. "Angie?!" He exclaimed credilously. "How did you? I mean why did you? I mean, Aw, gimme a hug! I've missed you sooo much!" He gave her his patent Mush-bear hug.

"Uh, Andy, Air! Air is good.." Angie choaked out. He let go and sighed.

All the girls were happy to see she found what she was looking for. Then they all heard a "girls?" at the top of the stairs. It was Kalie. "KALIE!" they all screeched out.

"Aww guys. I've missed ya." They all went it for a group hug. Mush and Kloppman watched the spectical they were making of themselves from across the room.Then Mush laughed.

"Darn it, Red! I just found my sis and there ya go, takin' her away from me!" Kalie just laughed. Eve looked at her with puzzled eyes.

"Red?" Kalie looked down at her.

"All newsies have nicknames. I'm a newsie now and mine is Lil' Red." She explained. Eve smiled.

"Then I wanna be a newsie too!" Kalie sighed.

"It's not all sweet and sugar, ya know." She added. "It's really dangerous out on the streets everyday. But the good part is, I know how ta fight!" She exclaimed.

They began to jabber about that for awhile, then Kloppman spoke up.

"Maybe ya would like ta meet the rest of the newsies? Hmmm?" He hinted. Kalie laughed.

"Alright! C'mon guys! Mush! You an' me have a game ta finish!" She led them upstairs and introduced the gang.

Deirdre became known as Lucky because supposedly she was to you if she was around you in a poker game. Eve was known as Greenly, for her eyes. Andrianne was known as Timber, because she'd always say that when you fell out of your bunk. Angie was named Misery, for that's what she'd cause you if you mess with her friends, and Marie was pronounced Tag-Along, because she always had to go somewhere with somebody else. The girls became very happy where they were. They even had to do with winning the strike. Needless to say they were very attached to their surroundings now than they were before.

~~~~Two Years Later~~~~

"I'll race ya to the D.O.!"

"Yer on!"

Spot and Mischeif skidded to the stairs. Spot began to go down them, but Mischeif slid on the ramp.

"Hey, we said no ramps!" Spot whined.

"I never said I was fair!" Exclaimed Mischeif who almost to the door by now. Spot leaped the last seven and landed on his boney hind-quarters. Mischeif laughed at him.

"I got a dead nana who runs faster than you!" She taunted. Spot ran in aggravation after her. She beat him, as usual.

"Beat ya." She said smugly. He glared at her and she stuck her tongue out at him. Then she smiled sweetly.The seventeen year old was getting on his last nerve, but she did everyday so he shrugged it off. She got her papes and then waited for Spot to get his. Then Slick came up.

"Heya, Missy!" She said cheerfully.

"Hey Slick." Mischeif was very content with herself.

"Ya beat Spot again?"

"Yup." She grinned. "I'm gonna challenge him to it again after we're done selling our papes," Slick smirked.

"I wanna see him loose." Then she turned to Mischeif. "Rumor has it you guys are gettin' ta be more den friends." She added nonchalantly. Mischeif looked at her in awe.

"WHAT?!" She yelled.

"Whoa pipe down! Geez, now yer scarin' me."

"We are just friends. And if you tell anyone different I'll soak you myself!"

"Alright I won't do nuttin'! Sheesh." She sighed and Mischeif took a deep breath. By this time Spot was over by them.Slick said, "I just wanna see Spot loose again," She smirked.Spot arched a brow and looked at Mischeif who rolled her eyes to look in the other direction.

"Yer gonna loose dis time goyly!" He said.

"Wanna bet?" He nodded. "Alright, After we're done with our papes, meet outside da gate. I'll race ya to da house, first one to the bunkroom." They both nodded and walked off to their spots.


Mischeif saw Spot waiting by the gate of the D.O. 'This is it.' She thought. 'I'm gonna beat him, again' She smirked.

"Ya ready?" He asked. She nodded.

"Oh yeah."

"Alright, Ready...Set...Gooo!!" She and Spot raced down the alleyways. Faster and faster. He was right beside her until he tripped over a trashcan.She laughed and was almost to the dock when he was about two paces behind her. She strided to the lodging house, Spot nipping at her heels. They broke through the door, tripping over the steps as the went. He was in front of her, but she grabbed his suspenders and pulled him back a little. He did the same to her as she got in front of him. Finally, he just tackled her to the floor. He landed ontop of her.

"I win." She said as smugly as she could considering she was out of breath.

"Nuh uh.I said first one to the street!" He gasped. Mischeif shook her head.

"Nope, we agreed on the bunkroom. Nothing about the street."

"Yer not gonna let me win are ya?"

She shook her head again. "Nope, not a chance." She laughed.They soon realized he was ontop of her. She felt his breath on her neck.Then he leaned down and kissed her. He deepened it a little before they heard and "Oops, looks like we walked in on something, Slick." They looked up to see Slick and Tails wave their fingers at them. Spot rolled off of Mischeif and they smiled sheepishly.


An old gypsy woman was very angry at someone. Her name was Heirstine.She was mad at a girl. A girl that sold her a fake headline. Her name was Kalie O'Ryan. She would curse the one she truly cared about.

Her sister.


Fifteen year old Red woke up to the sun shining of her face. She rubbed her eyes and moved around to get something out from under her bed. It was her sister's picture. She looked at it wondering why she still hadn't found her. Red glanced at her hand and glared at it.

"She promised." She thought angrily.Then she remembered something. Jack was letting her go to Brooklyn with him, Skittery, Blink and Race today.

"Yes!" She whispered.

"Mornin' Irish." Race said.This was his usual greeting to her.

"Morning Race." She heard Jack, Skittery and Blink wake up.

"Oy, I hate wakin' up oily." Said Skittery. Red laughed at him. Then Blink fell off his bunk.

"Oww." He moaned.

"Timbeerrrr!" Yelled Timber. Red laughed again. It was just funny to hear that.

"Morning, Mush! How'd ya sleep?" She asked.

"On me back!" He yelled.

"Nice try. I heard Jack pull that one on ya yesterday. And the month before that. And the month before that. And.."

"Alright already! Geez, spoil a guy's fun why don't ya!" He exclaimed. Jack walked over to her.

"Who's dat?" He asked pointing to the picture.

"Oh, her?" She held it up. He nodded. "It's my sister. I dunno if she's still alive. She left me two years ago saying she'd come back.That's where I got this." She said pointing to her scar. "She never did. Her name was Maddy O'Ryan. She was two years older than I am." Jack took the picture and looked at it. 'Kalie looks like her' he thought. He shook his head and handed it back.

"You were close." He observed from the way she looked at the picture. She glanced up and nodded a bit. He walked with her towards the washroom and shook her shoulders."You'll find her if you want to." He reassured. She smiled at him.


Spot looked around everywhere. He just couldn't find her.

"Mischeif!" He called. He wasn't able to find her since the incident Spot finally thought he'd look on the roof. When he got up there he saw her looking up at the clouds, naming what she thought they looked like.

"Bird, Clown, Dog..."

"I think that looks like a cat ta me." He said. She sat up on her elbows and looked at him. She stared for a minute and the rested her arms behind her head again.

"I, uh, thought I'd find ya up heah." He said nervously.

"Yeah right.You probably looked everywhere on God's green earth and this was your last resort." She said without looking up," Now shaddap, you messed up my train of thought."

Spot was amazed of how she knew. "Ya know me too well fer yer own good" He said joining her.

"The train just left the station again." She sighed. He chuckled at her.

"That looks like a firecracker." He stated. She looked at it and grinned.

"The one next to it is a dog." He laughed and she joined him. She looked at him and put on a stern face.

"You know I have one thing to say to you." She said as angry as she could without laughing. He looked suprized.


"You're just plain rotten!" She said laughing.He smirked.

"I'll show you just how rotten I can be!" and with that, he started tickling her. She was kicking at his arms trying to get him to stop. But he wouldn't.

"Uncle,Spot,UNCLE!!" She gasped. He finally let up and laughed as he watched her squirm out of breath.

"I'll *gasp* get -you for-that." She said.

"How?" He said lying down and propping his head up on his arm.

"You'll see. I'll get you when you least expect it." She said grinning evilly.

"That'll be da day." Spot retorted.

~~~~In an evil mind~~~~

Buff sat on his bunk, thinking. A few minutes ago, an old gypsy woman stode up to him and asked if he knew Maddy O'Ryan.

"Yeah. So what?" He hated Maddy so much he cringed at the name.

"I have a proposition for you." She replied, an evil tone lingering in her voice.

He snorted. "And what would dat be?"

"You lure her into an alley, knock her out, or soak her if you will, and I will handle the rest. You won't ever have to see her ever again after that. And I will pay you a good some of money." She said. Her left eye was twitching.

"I-I dunno." He looked at her.Then he thought of how Maddy would be gone forever and replied, "Alright,I'll do it." The old woman grinned.

"Have a nice day young man," and she walked away laughing.

Who was she and would he help get rid of Maddy?


Red couldn't wait to get to Brooklyn. She was litterally skipping.

"A lil' giddy this mornin' are we?" Said Race.

"It's my first time to Brooklyn! I've wanted to go there my whole life." She replied just as hyper as she felt. Jack shook his head as they headed over to the docks. But before they got there they saw a boy and a girl arguing.


"I don't see why your so upset. It was just a prank. Besides, I said that I would get you back when you least expected it." Mischeif said.

"I poisonally don't feel like gettin' me butt boined!" Spot yelled back.

She sighed in aggravation."What are ya gonna do about it now, huh? It's all in the past!" Spot looked at her.

"But dis will make me feel a whole lot bettah!" He suddenly picked her up over his head and threw her in the water.

"AAAHHHCCCKK!!" Mischeif screamed. He looked down in the water and laughed. Then he turned and saw Jack and his gang coming over. He waved, then kneeled down.

"C'mon, git outtah dere." He laughed. She came up to the top, spouted some water and took his hand. But instead of being pulled up, she pulled him in. She started laughing he came up and dunked her just as Jack and some of his gang came over.

"Heya Spot. How's it goin'?" Jack asked, bending down and shaking Spot's hand.

"Goin' good Jack. Just givin' me pal what she desoives." He said smirking.

Jack and Co. saw a few bubbles and Jack pointed it out. Spot jumped up on the dock and let Mischeif come up for air.Yet again, she spouted some water.She climbed up on the dock and swung her legs around. Her back was met with a few "Yow!"s and "Whoa Spot!"s as she rung out her hair. Jack asked, "And how did you two start this thing?"

Mischief laughed."It was really funny," She said as Spot looked at her with an angry glare.

"It was not!" He protested.

"Was too. You don't think so because it happened to you. Now if it was me, you'd be rolling on the ground."

Blink was thoroughly confused. "Uh, what happened?"

Mischief looked at him and grinned."Well.Spot was going to change for you guys and he went into the washroom. Well I was getting bored when I noticed there were some firecrackers left over from April Fool's. His pants were hanging on a hook so I was debating whether or not to be mean. So he was reaching for his pants and I lit the fircrackers and put them in the pants. He didn't notice them until they blew up!" At this point a few of them were snickering and Mischeif was hysterical. "And, and he comes out of the washroom waving his arms screaming! He jumps up and down and falls to the floor.Then he scoots around until they're all gone." Spot looks around and storms away angrily until Skittery says, "Aw, Spot, are ya gonna let some wimpy goyl do dat to ya?" At this Mischeif stops laughing immediately.

"Ya wanna say that to my face?" She retorted angrily.

Spot smacked his head with his hand and walked over. Skittery looked at her not at all intimidated. He walked right up to her getting in her face. Jack was about to break it up when Spot stopped him.

"He needs ta loin dat not all goyls are wimps." He said simply.

"Skitt will soak 'er if I don't stop him!" Jack cried. Spot shook his head.

"She soaked me before. She'll be fine." Jack looked at him, shook his head and stood back. Mischief took her hand and pushed Skittery by his chest behind a stack of crates.A few moments later they heard rustling behind them and a scream. And it didn't belong to a girl. The next second Mischef came out, brushing herself off. She walked over to Jack and said "Your friend will need help up. He won't let me." Smirking, she walked over to Spot and shook his hand. Suddenly, Jack snapped his fingers.

"Now I remember ya!" Mischief raised a brow. "Red,C'mere."

Red came over. Her and Mischief's eyes widened. Mischief shook her head in awe.



"My God!!" They both exclaimed and ran to hug each other.

"Ohh, I've missed you so much!" Red said.

"Same here!"

"Uh, not to break up a lovefest or anything," Said Race, "But uh, could we get Skittery cleaned up?"

Mischief and Spot smirked."Alright, c'mon."


' Alright, all I have ta do is beat her up. It won't take dat long' Buff thought.


"Eh, hold still ya big baby! It's just a lil' cut," Mischief yelled.

"Yea--oooOCH!!" Skittery wailed as the alchohol touched his skin. She just smirked.

"So your nickname's Red huh?" asked Mischief.

"Yup. I'm getting pretty good with the whole pape selling deal." She was sitting with the back of the chair in front of her and resting her head on the top of it, watching the spectical Skittery made of himself. "Your's sure fits you." She laughed."Even before the incident with the firecrackers."

Mischief glanced over and winked. "There." She said, "All done." Skittery rubbed his forehead. It hurt. "Thanks." He said and walked out. Mischief sighed. "I don't know about you, but I'm going out for a walk. Tell Spot and the others I'm gonna be over by Frizgerald's Jewelry. 'Kay?" Red nodded and sighed. She was glad she found Maddy, er, Mischief. She got up and went into the bunkroom to tell the others where Mischief was going.


Buff stood outside Frizgerald's. He knew she went into that alley all the time to think. And right on time, Mischief turned the corner. She saw Buff and was thoroughly puzzled. But before she could do anything he grabbed hold of her. The next thing anyone heard from that alley was a ear-splitting scream that echoed throughout the city.


Spot and the others hurried through the streets as soon as they heard about Mischief. Spot was the first to break through the door.He ran over to the desk.

"Maddy O'Ryan?"

"Room 498, but she's not able to have visitors right now."

"Why not?!" Exclaimed Red out of pure anger and fright.

"She had a major concussion and lost most of her memory. She know's the basics like her name, but other than that," She sighed sadly,"It's all gone."

Spot nearly fainted. But Red did. Jack caught her as she fell. He just as suprized as she.They went over to the waiting room to wait for more answers.


Heirstine walked into the hospital, smiling.

"Maddy O'Ryan?"

"She's not able to have visitors. I'm sorry."

"What was that?"Heirstine waved her hand in front of the nurse's face and she asked, "What room?"

"Room 498"

"Thanks," and she walked off to find Mischief's room.

She entered as soon as she found it. Mischief looked up.

"Who the hell are you?" She asked, suprized.

"Nevermind that." Heirstine drew two fingers and pulled down air with them.

"Sleep." She said. Mischief dropped against her pillow, unconcious. Heirstine smirked. All was going as planned.


The next day Buff waited where he was told to. Heirstine soon came around the corner with a muscular man that had Mischief in his arms. Heirstine handed him some money. An amount of ten dollars.

"Thank you for your service. Now you may go." She waved him off. Buff slowly turned, but couldn't help but think he did the wrong thing.

Heirstine watched him walk off, then she turned to Mischief's body.

"My child, I am going to teach you the ways of the gypsies. You will no longer remember anything of your past. All you have now is your future." Heirstine grinned evilly. Then she walked over to an apartment building where she had bought an apartment for Mischief. She comanded the bulk man to lie her down then leave. After he did so she turned to Mischief. "You shall need a new name. Airess. That shall suit you. Named after the goddess of chaos and dischord. You shall cause this to your beloved sister." The room was filled with wicked laughter.


Spot woke up in the waiting room of the hospital.He looked around him. The only other people in there were Red, Jack, Race, Blink, Skittery, and Tracks came along. He remembered that Mischief couldn't see anybody yesterday, so maybe he could see her today. He snuck up to the desk and asked the nurse if he could.

"She's been taken home by her grandmother." She replied.

"WHAT??!!" Spot cried out. "She doesn't have anybody uddah den her sistah!"

The nurse shook her head. "I don't know what to tell you, son." And she turned away. Spot ran into the waiting room, waking everyone up in the process.

"Spot what's wrong?" Tracks asked.

"Yeah why are ya actin' so strange?" Jack added.

Spot tried to answer. He opened his mouth, but no sound came out. When sound finally did come back, he just kept stuttering.


"SPILL IT OUT!!" They all yelled.

"She's been kidnapped!" He got out.

Red's eyes opened wide, then she fainted again. Skittery turned pale and Jack started pacing. Spot fell back against a chair, shocked still. Then the shock turned to anger. Spot got up and stood across the room. Race and Blink watched scared of what he might do. He let out a cry out of fury and rammed his fist into a wall. It lefta dent and his knuckles started bleeding. Spot didn't care though. He leaned up against the wall, and slid down to the bottom. His head fell on his knees and he started sobbing. Jack stopped pacing as Red woke up. They both saw Spot in his heap, and walked over to him. Red, feeling almost everything Spot was, started talking to him. Then to her suprize Spot hugged her and sobbed on her shoulder. She looked up at Jack helplessly. He bent down and helped Spot up after he calmed down a bit.

"I's sorry Jacky-boy." He apologized."I ain't cared 'bout anybody da way I care 'bout her."

Jack just nodded."You do what ya need ta."

Spot looked at him. Then he glanced at the wall and glared at it. He clenched his fists, then said," I need ta find who took her."


Mischief was just getting used to her surroundings. She had to believe everything that Heirstine said, because she didn't know anything else. She decided she was going to take a walk. It had been a month since her "accident". She was learning all these things about magic and mystery. Mischief was a quick learner, but "dreams", as Heirstine called them, were getting in the way of her studies. She breathed in the fresh air. The inscents in her apartment made it hard to breathe. She began thinking of the previous night.

She had had a paper in hand.

"Heirstine, there is something strange about this." She said holding it up.

"What could be so strange about a paper?" Heirstine stuck her nose up at it. It was the reason Mischief, or as she called her now Airess, was there in the first place.

"There is just something about it, I can't place it. But it had to do with me and papers."

Heirstine looked horrified. Does she remember something. "Child, it is just a paper. You see children with them everyday. It was just a dream, whatever it was."

Mischief looked at the ground. There was something Heirstine was not telling her and she wanted to know what. Suddenly a boy ran over to her.


Spot was hawking his headline, when he saw Mischief, in very colorful skirts, walking by. He ran over to her remembering that she didn't remember him.

"Mischief!" He called. She didn't answer. He shook his head.

"Er, uhp, Maddy!"

This time she turned. He stopped in front of her. She had changed a lot. A tattoo on her neck(symbolizing she was a gypsy), a headband in her hair and she was wearing skirts. She never wore skirts.

"Uh, I know you don't remember me, but I'm your best friend." She arched her eyebrow and suddenly Spot was on the ground. She knelt down.

"I am a gypsy. I am not nor have I ever been a newsie. I could tell from your clothes that you are."

Spot looked at her amazed. But he saw her hand. It still had the scar. He looked back up at her. She stared right back. Then she got up and by the wave of her hand he was pushed aside. He knew an alternitive, it would be hard, but it was the only way.

Spot went to the only nice gypsy he knew of.

"Miss Ander, My friend.." He began.

"You've told me about your friend before, child." She replied.

"Well, what should I do?"

She thought for a moment. "The gypsy power has taken control of her mind. You need to reenact something that took an impact on her life. Something that means a lot to her. Then it may take some force to do this, but after, she may or may not remember everything before. But," She added holding a finger up,"She will not remember her gypsy life. Also make sure it was an actual impact. Or it will not work." Spot took it all in, nodded, thanked her, and then went back to the lodging house. It was going to take all the help he could get.


Mischief turned a corner back to the apartment. She climbed the creaky stairway and walked down the narrow hallway to her apartment. She unlocked the door to the musky, dark, make-shift home.


Jack listened through the door and heard her coming down the hall. He motioned for everyone to get in place. Spot and Jack were at both sides of the door. Blink and Race as back-up in the kitchen and corridor. Skittery and Tracks waited in the living room, along with Red who was getting everything ready. The door opened and they let her walk in a few steps. They closed the door when she did and grabbed her by the arms. She screamed and struggled as some candles were lit by Red. Race and Blink jumped in when she began to get too much to handle. Skittery and Tracks grabbed her by the legs and they held her down on the ground.


Red sharped the switchblade and got ready.

"Hold out her hand!" She yelled over Mischief's commotion. Jack took her wrist and held it out on his knee as he pryed open her fingers. He finally got her hand open and held it there. Mishief kicked Skittery in the stomach, but he didn't let go.

"Hold 'er as tight as ya can!" Spot yelled. Finally, Red rubbed her hand and cut it.

"My blood." She took hold of Mischief's hand.

"Your blood," Then she grabbed hold of her hand, and said, "Our blood!"

"She got 'er hand, let go, now!" Jack yelled. As the boys did, Red pulled Mischief in and hugged her tightly. The boys were instantly blinded with a bright white light. They stood back, shielding their faces.

Mischief stopped moving and hugged Red. Images flashed before her eyes. Her old memories. The day she met Spot, When he threw her into the lake, when she beat up Skittery, her and Spot's first kiss. But the last memory was the day she left Kalie at the house, what she said ringing in her ears. I'm comming back for you.

"I came back for you." She whispered in Red's ear. Another bright light came through and knocked them all down and the sisters apart. Mischief and Red were panting, still holding each other's hand. Mischief looked around and laughed a little. Red joined her. Then they hugged again. The boys started laughing along with them. It was real good to have the old Mischief back. Spot got up, ran over to Mischief and picked her up from behind. He swung her around a couple of times and set her down. Then he kissed her. Everyone grinned at this. Then Blink did what he had wanted to for as long as he knew Red. He kissed her. The girls kissed back. Jack and the other three leaned back. After a few minutes, he cleared his throat. The couples stopped kissing and looked over.

"Ya gonna let us say hi to 'er or what?" he said smirking. Mischief walked over and gave them a hug. Spot sighed. She was back.

~~~A week later~~~

Mischief and Spot walked from Brooklyn to Manhatten, on their way to Tibby's, holding hands.They had been together for exactly for a week. They entered Tibby's to recive thousands of greetings.

"Heya guys." Mischief replied cheerfully. She slipped into a booth across from her sister, Blink and Jack. Race slipped in beside Spot and Mischief.

"Ain't it cute?" Race teased,"Two couples!"

"Youse just jealous." retorted Mischief, sticking her tongue out at him. Red laughed at him. He moved a little bit to the side, which caused him to fall out of his seat.

"Tim-" Timber started.

"-BER!!" Mishief and Red finished for her. Everyone laughed at Timber's face, and the sisters smiled wickedly.

Race said,"Youse two are wicked. Da wicked sistahs,dat's what we should call ya!"

"Heya guys! Why don't we make a toast?" Jack yelled. Everyone agreed and Skittery made the suggetion.

"To da wicked sistahs!" He yelled.

" To da wicked sistahs!" They echoed.

"To the wicked sisters." Mischief and Red added last. Then she and Red grinned at each other and clasped hands on the table. Together forever more.

~~~~The End~~~~

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