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13th/14th October 2008
This part of the page has been cleaned up
History page has been divided up into seperate pages like on my BB1-BB5 Site HERE

Launched new look homepage,launched other new look pages,cleaned up about me section,launched about page,launched about this site section.

Please note most of the page links that were on this page before have been moved to the About pages,also as you may notice some sections are being worked on,please bear with me as it the 1st major overhaul I've done for ages.

11th September 2006
Changed look of Contact Info page.

8th September 2006
Created Aisha page,

Changed look of
About Me page,added more info to the page,edited it in places.

Changed look of this page & others.

27th February 2006
Beta pages have been launched,Click HERE & HERE to view them.

4th September 2005
My Sites page has been tidied up & has had 1 link added to it.

Far right section has been renamed to Coming To The Site ASAP! and has had things added to it.

Most of the new look pages are now live featuring me!,LOL!,I was getting fed up of the backgrounds on most of the pages so they had to be changed,I think the new look pages are an improvement and over time they'll probably change again.

The webpage hits counter on this page had to go to accomodate the new look to this page.

29th August 2005
Most pages on this site have now been tidyed up & all pages on this site now have webtrails so its now easier to navigate :-).

30th May 2005
Added links to my Skinkers Forum Site On the 3 main Skinkers pages of this site,From now on I will post all the latest releases etc there, Click HERE to access my Skinkers Forum Site.
Welcome to my new main site, Here you will find things from the old site and more!(When I can add the stuff which will be ASAP!)
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