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Belmont Memorial Cemetary
Here are our investigation photos from Belmont Memorial in Fresno California. They were taken on May 21, 2002 at midnight with an intel digital camera without a flash. We did have two flashlights but no other light sources were to be seen. Belmont Memorial has been said to be haunted by a lady in white who roams the grounds at night. I would say on this night we got some pretty amazing results. Investigators present were Donna, Jamie, and newcommers Trisha and Tim.
In this picture you will notice on the bottom towards the left there is some sort of bright spot, when looking at the picture in a bigger format it looks like a woman on her side but only the head and arms raised up and bent behind her head. Unfortunately we are unable to provide a close up at this time.
In this photo you will notice brightly lit moving vortices, I again remind you we had no flash on the camera and there was no light in front of me.
To the left hand side of this photo you will see what appears to be a shady looking figure. There was noone in front of the camera and no flash.
Everyone in the group had a strong vibe about this tomb stone so we took a few pictures of it, in this one Donna shined the flashlight on the head stone and Jamie snapped a picture, The reflection is from the light but the streaching smokey light is very strange. If you look closely at the end of the light you can see a face.