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The Phantom Head
I don't know if you would consider this a ghost story but when I was 11 years old, I used to live by a hourse ranch. The ranch had a ditch that ran into the fence so the horses could drink from it but it also had a drain running under and across the street to a second ditch. When you look into the top drainage hole you could see under the street. One day me and my friend Tabra were Playing out at the old tree which is on the horse ranch. All the neighborhood kids hung out there. On this day in particular it was just me and Tabra. We decided to walk over to the ditch to see if there were any frogs or tadpoles in it, durring the summer time there were always lots they would flop under water as soon as they saw you look at them. On this day we walked over there and I looked into the drain hole taht led under the street and I seen the head of a small boy. I could see his profile the eylashes, nostriles, his hair everything. I ran as fast as I could with Tabra right behind me. We stopped at the tree and sat there for a minute I asked her if she seen what I seen, when she said yes we debated on whether or not we should tell anyone wondering if they would belive us, but then we thought what if someone is down there then shouldn't we do something. So we went and got my mother and her friend and asked then to come check it out. We walked all the way back down to the ditch and the head was gone, like it had never been there. Of course they didn't belive us, my mom now believes me since I'm 22 and still will not deny what I saw. Plus one other occurance was when me and a few neighborhood kids were at the tree and had hung a rope to swing on we were all yelling woooo as we swung when we all heard woooo comming back from the ditch and noone was there and since everyone heard it everyone went home. After that nothing much really happened. Thanks for reading my story.
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