Japanese Wedding Party Supply, Table Centerpieces, Asian and Chinese Wedding Decorations
Japanese, Chinese, Asian and Oriental wedding decorations, table centerpieces, chinese party decorations, asian theme party supply and asian wedding theme ideas. 

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wedding_centerpiece.jpg (15207 bytes)Ikebana Flower Basket Vase
Simply beautiful, our ikebana vase makes a stunning japanese party table centerpiece, wedding decoration and a wonderful gift for the wedding party! Just insert some flowers, wild flowers, grasses or branches into the attached 1" florist frog at the bottom of the vase to create a lovely flower arrangement. Detailed gold, silver and multi-color streams grace the front of the vase and the vase sets on a traditional black lacquered plastic basket style holder. Made in Japan the holder measures 8 3/4" in height and 4 1/2" in width and the vase measures approximately 2 1/2" square.

Ikebana Vase, Flower Basket
Price: $23.95

kadomatsu.jpg (19749 bytes)Kadomatsu Decoration
Our kadomatsu decoration is so beautiful we will offer them all year long for they make a wonderful table decor and a unique favor for weddings, garden parties and makes a delightful japanese cultural decoration. Kadomatsu decorations are a symbol to create a fresh start bringing wishes for happiness and prosperity throughout the coming year. Traditionally used in Japan for new years during the month of January, kadomatsu decorations are placed at the entrance of home at businesses to bring good luck, health and prosperity. Our beautifully handcrafted kadomatsu features; three bamboo canes which symbolize prosperity, the plum tree design symbolizes constancy, the pine sprigs symbolize longevity and the beautiful gold and red mizuhiki foil cord gracing the front symbolizes love and good luck. Our kadomatsu measures 8" in height by 4" in diameter and is attached to a wooden base.

Kadomatsu Decoration
Price: $8.95

covered_bowl.jpg (14019 bytes)Covered Bowl
Our traditional japanese soup bowl makes an affordable and beautiful table centerpiece holder or party favor container filled with goodies! For use as a centerpiece, fill the bowl with a few canes of lucky bamboo or insert some sprigs of flowers into a florist frog topped off with japanese black pebbles for a stunning and unique japanese style centerpiece! See our party decoration presentation tip at the bottom of the page for just a few ideas. Beautiful black with deep red inside, the sides of our bowls are graced with lovely gold bamboo and cherry blossom motifs. Measures 4" in diameter, made of lacquered plastic and includes the lid.

Covered Bowl, 4 1/2"
Price: $3.95

sobatray.jpg (16739 bytes)Soba Tray - See our ideas at the bottom of this page as to how to use our tray to create a beautiful candle centerpieces
Our soba tray used for serving japanese noodles and tempura also makes an affordable and beautiful wedding and party table centerpiece display! See our asian party decoration tip at the bottom of the page for just a few ideas. Made in Japan, our soba tray is made of lacquered plastic and measures 8 3/4" square and has a removable bamboo insert.

Tray, Soba
Price: $8.95

kenzan.jpg (17087 bytes)Florist Kenzan
Place our florist kenzan frog at the bottom of vases and bowls to hold flowers and grasses upright to create a quick floral arrangement. Made in Japan and measures 1 1/4" round and 3/4" in height.

Florist Kenzan - SOLD OUT
Price: $2.20

small_paper_parasol.jpg (31709 bytes)Small Parasol
Measuring only 19" in diameter with a 15" long assorted color handle, our small oiled paper parasol makes an adorable table accent for weddings and parties and flower girl accessory. Made in china, our paper parasol features beautiful cherry blossom branches. Each parasol is hand made and there will be minor imperfections.

Oiled Paper Parasol, Small
Price: $3.99


For our candles and votives please click here


Wedding, Reception, Bridal & Party Supply Ideas!
Japanese, Chinese, Asian & Oriental Wedding Table Centerpiece and Decoration Ideas

Use re-useable and beautiful containers for your wedding table centerpieces and asian theme party for they make memorable mementos long after the wedding or party is over! Here are just a few examples...

Y Our ikebana flower basket vase makes a wonderful japanese party supply and a unique gift for your wedding party! After the wedding reception is over, give each of your brides maids and parents your wedding table centerpiece. Long after the flowers are gone, they will have a wonderful reminder of your special day!

Y Save your japanese soup bowls and soba trays after the wedding and use them again on your anniversary to serve a romantic Japanese or Oriental theme dinner.


centerpiece_japanese.jpg (15136 bytes)Lucky Bamboo Chinese Wedding Decoration Centerpiece
Items needed to create this look:

- Our japanese soup bowls
- Polished black pebbles
- 3 canes of chinese lucky bamboo




centerpiece_lily.jpg (16238 bytes)Soba Tray Japanese Wedding Centerpiece Decoration
Items needed to create this look:

- Our soba trays
- Polished black pebbles
- 6" tall candle
- fresh or silk flowers


centerpiece_wedding.jpg (30132 bytes)Another Variation of our Soba Tray Wedding Centerpiece
Items needed to create this idea:

- Our soba trays, paint the bamboo insert black
- green pebbles
- 6" tall and 3" tall ivory candles
- Oriental lily with leaf



soba_centerpiece.jpg (15589 bytes)Lucky Bamboo Soba Tray Wedding Centerpiece
Items needed to create this idea:

- Our japanese soup bowls
- Our soba trays
- Polished black pebbles
- 3 canes of lucky bamboo