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I'm a only child,  Yeah,  I know spoiled little brat.  I don't think so,  all depends on how your raised.

Thank God I was raised by a strong,  dependant,  single mom.  There was no time for spoiling.

Unfortunely,   she forgot to bless me with siblings,  "We have each other"   she would always say.

All though,  I did have lots of baby dolls they  where my imaginary siblings.  While playing with  my babies,  my gift,  and calling was discovered in cosmetology.

1.   Cosmetology,  all.

2.   Cooking,  gotta eat.

3.   Relaxing with family and friends.

4.   Gardening,  it's very therapeutic.

5.   Reading,  it keeps me informed and in touch with the world.

6.   Web Surfing,  best source for info but I always find myself running into Vin.  By the way,  I have collected a killer photo album of him,  all thanks to the wonderful wide web.

7.   Working out,  very motivated and disciplined  beginner.  But I know feeling great,  reflects looking great.

8.  Listening to music,  all music is great as long as there is a nice melody.

9.  Helping others,  whenever I can makes me feel good inside.

Click this picture to  see just a few unique and different hair styles that I have put togeather.  Let me know what you think.
Here's the hottie that I keep running into every time I surf the net.  It's OK though because he's very easy on the eyes.  Click the picture to see more of him.
This is the first site that I've put together,  I had a lot of fun creating it.  I hope you enjoy it.  I will update,  with new stuff as it becomes available to me.  So please come back and visit with me.  Don't forget to bookmark me,  and sign my guest book,  I love to hear what you thought of my sites.
Vin is facing a $8m lawsuit after his dog Roman allegedly savaged
a visiting Hollywood
screenwriter.  Click here
for the full story.
Vins new movie "The Chronicles of Riddick"  is due out June 11th.
I can't wait.  Click here
to see the trailer.
On May 5th,  I had the pleasure of being entertained by Prince,  I must say at 45 yrs old he's still got it.  He was great.  Click here for a really cool site about the man himself.
Did Someone say,  "haircut"?  Keep in mind that a haircut is the foundation to all hairstyles.  If given a good one,   the hair will fall right into place.
Vin Pics
Hair Pics
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