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Recent News
March 14
-- -- The JSH Combo begins a new round of rehearsing and recording this coming Tuesday, March 17, in Jeffersonville, IN. A new album (presumably on USB Flash Drive again) and a summer tour of bars, saloons, roadhouses and dives is being planned.
March 13
-- -- Jeffrey Scott Holland's Cheeseburger & Fries: The Musical is officially scheduled for its world premiere at the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts in September 2009! Auditions will begin on May 9th as part of the Theatre Alliance of Louisville's yearly cattle-call.
February 21
-- -- JSH is now on Twitter! New press release says: "Okay, I really, really, really loathe internet social networks and gimmicks (myspace, facebook, tagged, mojo, etc.) but hell has frozen over: I am experimentally giving this here Twitter gizmo a try."
January 11
-- -- Jeffrey Scott Holland's new play Patrick Amsterdam has been accepted to Brian Walker's annual short plays competition called Finnigan's Festival of Funky Fresh Fun. Shows will be at The Rudyard Kipling in Old Louisville. The dates are: April 16, 17, 18, 23, 24 & 25, at 7:30pm.
January 3
-- -- Catclaw Theatre Company now has YouTube video excerpts from Toulouse-inations online here.
January 2
-- -- JSH is now making fiber "batts" for sale on Etsy with a new enterprise called Appalachian Voodoo Fibers. What IS a batt? Apparently they're loaves of fluffy colorful fibers that people spin their own handmade yarn from, and are popular with high-end art-yarn folks.
December 15
-- -- JSHNYC now has transferred what has always been the meat of its website - the news updates - to a Blogspot-hosted blog format. According to JSH, the new blog will take on a more nightlife-oriented slant, and the content is still generated by the entire JSHNYC staff, despite the blogger format listing all entries as "posted by JSH".
December 12
-- -- Catclaw Theatre Company's 1st annual MVP (Most Valuable Player) Awards have been announced - Shermia Love (who played Marie in Toulouse-inations and Carolyn Purcell (The Fortune Teller from Toulouse-inations) are this year's winners. According to their blog, the criteria for the award are: "Outstanding performance", "Positive go-getter attitude", and "Keeping the drama onstage and not backstage".
November 22
-- -- Superfrothco is the latest JSH-related website to get a retooling this week. With zero warning or advance notice (as far as I am aware), they've morphed into a "guerilla marketing" ad agency headquartered out of the Mellwood Arts & Entertainment Center in Louisville. I've been assured, however, that Superfrothco will still continue in its role as the world's first USB-Flash-Drive-only record label.
November 20
-- -- The Catclaw Theatre Company website has been greatly updated with more photos, information, and functionality. The Cheeseburger and Fries musical has now been officially added to their listings for the 2009 Season.
November 18
-- -- The JSHNYC folks are promising a total revamping and rebranding of their website soon, with a renewed focus on "our nightlife activities, the graffiti-art scene, and our very own line of underground fashion."
November 10
-- -- The recent JSH interview on KET is now on the web! View it here.
October 17
-- -- JSH will be on the PBS TV program Louisville Life on October 30, according to their website.
September 10
-- -- Citing a scheduling conflict, JSH will no longer be attending the Scarefest convention in Lexington this weekend. His art show, Interstellar Dreadfuls, has also been postponed indefinitely, although his website lists it for sometime this Fall.
August 30
-- -- Shermia Love, one of the founding members of Jeffrey Scott Holland's Catclaw Theatre Company, has a great writeup in the current issue of LEO Weekly.
August 29
-- -- JSH has announced that once again, he'll be roaming around the St. James Art Fair in Louisville this year, hawking his Crispy Cards. The fair runs from October 3rd to 5th.
August 13
-- -- JSH's DC Office is reporting that a new limited-edition volume contains JSH comics and graphic work will be available at the 2008 SPX Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD in October.
August 12
-- -- The Catclaw Blog reports that JSH is currently writing a play about the glory years of Cheeseburger & Fries, the street-busking duo comprised of he and J.T. Dockery.
August 11
-- -- Images from the first few minutes of Jeffrey Scott Holland's Toulouse-inations are online here. More are expected to be posted in the days to come!
August 10
-- -- Toulouse-inations closed tonight with a short but successful run! JSH said via text message: "if the Mex wasn't already booked, I would have extended the show's run. It was a success with the audiences, as well as financially." What's next for the play? Washington, D.C., and then ultimately, off-off-Broadway in NYC!
July 20
-- -- Some blog called PARLANCHEQ is spotlighting one of the Crispy Cards, here.
July 19
-- -- Tickets for Jeffrey Scott Holland's play Toulouse-inations are now on sale from the Kentucky Center Box Office.
July 8
-- -- Another reminder that JSH will be signing copies of Weird Kentucky at the Morris Book Shop in Lexington, KY on the 12th. There's a write-up in the Lexington paper here.
July 5
-- -- Some rehearsal photos from Jeffrey Scott Holland's play Toulouse-inations have been posted here.
June 25
-- -- Catclaw Theatre has announced its intention to be operating in an actual brick and mortar theatre space of its own by this time next year, according to their blog.
June 14
-- -- Catclaw Theatre Company has issued a Call for plays for 2009, open to both locals and people from, as the press release puts it, "anywhere else in the solar system".
June 13
-- -- JSH's book signing at Barnes & Noble in Louisville apparently went quite well last night. The next one is scheduled for June 28, at A Readers Corner in St.Matthews.
June 9
-- -- The WKDZ radio interview with Bill Booth is up on the web! Hear it here.
June 8
-- -- There was another article about Weird Kentucky in the Courier-Journal: Click here to see the online version.
June 5
-- -- JSH will be a guest on WDJX-FM's morning show tomorrow with Ben Davis and Kelly K, talking about the Weird Kentucky book.
June 4
-- -- JSH is talking about his top five favorite plays on the Catclaw blog.
May 26
-- -- On Thursday, JSH will be guest on a segment for the local Louisville KY2Day television show, talking about The Voraxium and Theatre Hop. (Did anyone record today's appearance on WHAS11? Let me know!)
May 22
-- -- According to the new Catclaw blog, JSH and Jo Self will be appearing on WHAS Channel 11 television in Louisville on Monday.
May 21
-- -- Yet another JSH-related blog hits the web: Catclaw now has their very own official blog. Not sure yet who exactly is webmastering it, if it's JSH, Karissa, a group effort, or what.
May 20
-- -- Yesterday, JSH was interviewed by Twitch and MaryJane on Lexington's WXZZ-FM morning show, and today on WKDZ-FM in Cadiz, KY with host Bill Booth.
May 16
-- -- There's a (rather poorly written) article about the Weird Kentucky book in the Weekender section of the Lexington Herald-Leader.
May 15
-- -- JSH is back in Butchertown! His theatre company Catclaw now has an office and workshop in the Mellwood Arts & Entertainment Center in the Butchertown district of Louisville.
May 10
-- -- Catclaw Theatre Company held auditions all day today for JSH's play Toulouse-inations, at Jefferson Community & Technical College in downtown Louisville. JSH, costume designer Terry Wunderlich, and stage manager Karissa Singleton fielded applicants via monologues, cold readings, and a movement/dance workshop.
May 9
-- -- Telecrylic International has compiled a price comparison list of online sellers for Weird Kentucky.
May 8
-- -- Another Weird Kentucky book-signing event: JSH will be at A Reader's Corner in Louisville on June 28, from 1-3pm.
May 6
-- -- Jeffrey Scott Holland will be signing copies of Weird Kentucky at the Summit Plaza Barnes & Noble, 4100 Summit Plaza Dr., Louisville. The event is Thursday, June 12th at 7 p.m.
May 5
-- -- JSH's painting "Fuel To Build A Fire" is pictured here on a community for past and present WRFL-FM deejays. The piece was obtained by the KISS Coffeehouse after JSH's solo art exhibition there of the same name.
May 4
-- -- Add "art teacher" to JSH's list of hats. We just found out that last week he was a volunteer art teacher with Terry Wunderlich and others at the Louisville Visual Art Association's annual Boat Race Party, showing elementary school kids how to do a rorschach-inkblot-type paint technique called "string drool".
April 29
-- -- When did this happen?? The old Kentucky Talent Foundation website, which has been dormant since 2006, now has been taken down except for a linklist and a notice promising the organization's return in a "brick-and-mortar location in Autumn 2008".
April 25
-- -- The old Unusual Kentucky site has now been superceded by the Unusual Kentucky Blog, which promises to gradually cover all the items originally on the old original site, and much more. Material that was cut from the book will also appear here.
April 23
-- -- The Courier-Journal political columnist David Hawpe plugs the new Weird Kentucky book in today's edition. Online version is here.
April 21
-- -- The Weird Kentucky book is proliferating its way across the net! At a cursory glance this morning, I see it's now available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble and and Powell's and Deep Discount and Indigo and Magers & Quinn and eCampus and even eBay already! It also got a mention in Publisher's Weekly's rundown of Spring hardcovers, and their summary of it was: "Jeffrey Scott Holland locates an aquatic monster, the Albino ape-man and ghostly residents of Eastern Kentucky University."
April 20
-- -- JSH's website declares the Weird Kentucky book now officially released, and a speaking tour in the works.
April 19
-- -- We've heard reports that people who pre-ordered Jeffrey Scott Holland's Weird Kentucky book on Amazon are now being notified that their order will ship much sooner than previously announced, and that they should be receiving their packages on April 24! Sure enough, we checked and they now list the book as "In Stock".
April 14
-- -- Auditions were held yesterday for Catclaw's upcoming productions, and rehearsals could begin as early as next weekend. Did anyone get photos?
April 13
-- -- Cynthia "Ninnie" Norton, who JSH performed with most recently at the Louisville Visual Arts Association's Watertower Gallery in 2005 for her Pulidora Polishing Machine show, has a brand new compact disc out! It's called Queen of Cups and you can hear a track from it here. It's a cover of the Rose Maddox hillbilly song "Fried Potatoes".
April 8
-- -- For some reason, Jeffrey Scott Holland's Weird Kentucky book is already on shelves in Barnes & Noble stores in Louisville, despite its official release date being in May. Are they on display in Barnes & Nobles in your area as well? e-mail us and let us know, please. The book looks fantastic, by the way!
April 7
-- -- Some new details have surfaced about the September JSH solo art exhibition Interstellar Dreadfuls, previously only alluded to obliquely on the front of his website. The show will tie in with his speaking engagement at the 2008 Scarefest and will consist entirely of (in JSH's words) "dark, mysterious and enigmatic Science Fiction themed works". When asked if this meant the same style as 2006's Intergalactic Cupcake, he replied, "yeah, but creepier".
April 6
-- -- I asked JSH for a set list report from his recent Rudyard Kipling show. Here's what I got back: "I had been under the impression there was a piano at the Rud, and when I found out there wasn't, my whole scheme was shot to hell. So I borrow Brian Manley's stratocaster and did an utterly impromptu set with Todd Dockery on the drums, making this essentially a Cheeseburger & Fries/Kentuckians reunion. As best I can piece together what we did through the drunken haze in retrospect, we did a series of sloppy punked-out covers like "Secret Agent Man", "The Seventh Son", "Hello Josephine", "Louie Louie", "Bikini Girls With Machine Guns" (Cramps), "Calling Dr. Love" (KISS), "You're Not Mine Anymore" (Webb Pierce), and some other stuff I forget. In the middle of the show I gave away a Planet of the Apes "Cornelius" model kit to a lucky audience member."
April 5
-- -- Want to live in the same building as the JSHNYC studios? Now's your chance! There's a one-bedroom condo available at 242 East 38th, and it could be yours for the low, low price of only a cool half-mil.
April 3
-- -- JSH is performing tomorrow night - Friday, April 4th - at the Rudyard Kipling in Louisville. Not sure if this is the JSH Combo, or his primitive punk-country-blues solo act, or what. The Smacks, JGlenn, and the Techno Pussies are also on the bill. Show starts at 10pm.
April 1
-- -- Just found out there's an official website for The Voraxium now.
March 31
-- -- Auditions have now been announced for Catclaw's productions of The Birth of Merlin and an ongoing quasi-burlesque show called The Voraxium. I'm pleased to see that the audition calls note "there will be punch and pie". But what about beer?
March 21
-- -- Jeffrey Scott Holland's production of the obscure and apocryphal Shakespeare play The Birth of Merlin will open on Thursday, June 19th at a Louisville venue called 6th & Oak. For further information and ticket reservations, visit Catclaw Theatre's 2008 calendar. According to the site, "The play concerns a gruesome clown and his pregnant sister, who carries the unborn wizard Merlin in her womb. Together, they try to find a father for the baby magician in a medieval forest, set against the backdrop of Arthurian legend and intrigue, as well as demonic forces from the underworld."
March 20
-- -- There's a bit about the new Eggs That Are Forsaken project on the official Cheeseburger & Fries blog, Transylvania Gentlemen.
March 19
-- -- Project Egg is back - sort of! During the month of April, some of the remaining eggs stuffed with art and prizes for the now-cancelled Project Egg Phase Three will be given away, free for the asking, to anyone who makes a written request for one to the JSHNYC offices at: JSHNYC, 242 E. 38th Street #2C, New York, NY, 10016. Reportedly, any remaining eggs left over after April 30 will be shredded into tiny pieces and worked into the paint of JSH's future paintings, to prevent the possibility of their entering the environment. (Unless someone throws a painting in the trash, of course!) The egg-giveaway project is called Eggs That Are Forsaken.
March 16
-- -- Just noticed an interesting name-dropping list has been added in fine print at the bottom of the Catclaw site, including Mama Rose Thompson Hovick, Rosebud Denovo, Ernst Schertel, Erika Julia Hedwig Mann, and a bunch of other people I've never heard of.
March 15
-- -- Received a report from JSH about his recent road trip: "I just got back from a secret mission to the islands and keys off the gulf coast of that weird wonderland known as Florida, a state I hadn't been to in twenty years. I'm not crazy about the touristy crap that permeates the mainland but I do like the bar hopping and island hopping, like Ernest Hemingway and Joe Strummer before me. Unfortunately, to my amazement, I couldn't find a bartender anywhere who'd even heard of a Caipirinha, and even a decent Mojito was hard to come by in even the upscale watering holes of the islands."
March 2
-- -- Two new group art shows have been added to JSH's 2008 itinerary: something called Planetary Failure in Brazil in April, and a show titled The Ocean in France in December.
February 26
-- -- The Unusual Kentucky website now has a brand-new bunch of discussion boards for various Kentucky-related subjects, including JSH's soon-to-be-released book. Hopefully this is a sign that the site will be updated more often now....
February 24
-- -- JSH will be taking part in a group exhibition called Poetry Is Insufficient/Art Is Not Enough at the Paper Kite Gallery in Kingston, PA. The show opens April 18th.
February 20
-- -- The Los Angeles office of Jeffrey Scott Holland is now open! It's operated by Mark Givens, editor of Mungbeing magazine, and will focus on all JSH and JSH-related West Coast operations, including the theatre scene. A "coming soon" placeholder page is currently up here.
January 27
-- -- JSH's news page mentions today that Catclaw Theatre is working on productions of a play about Toulouse-Lautrec's absinthe addiction called Toulouse-inations, and a "contested apocryphal Shakespeare play" called The Birth of Merlin.
January 20
-- -- The new Catclaw Theatre website is up and running, although many links are still under construction.
January 16
-- -- has a big feature on Project Egg's withdrawal on their front page today.
January 13
-- -- More blog posts about JSH's new anti-plastic stance are here and here and here and here and here.
January 10
-- -- The JSH DC site has a new "issues" page describing their official position on plastics: read it here.
January 8
-- -- There's an article about JSH's new anti-plastic activism here on Ecorazzi.
January 7
-- -- JSH has now formally announced the cancellation of phase three of his Project Egg installation, which was to have dispersed plastic art-filled eggs to all continents of the world. Environmental concerns over plastic's inability to fully biodegrade were apparently behind the decision. Click here for details.
January 1, 2008
-- -- There's a six-page interview with JSH in the new issue of Big Bone magazine.
December 26
-- -- Not sure what this is about, but this page hosted by the University of Gdansk in Poland features one of JSH's Crispy Cards (a bug saying "awk") as an illustration for something called AWK that appears to be a computer programming language. Thanks to Colleen Yeh for the tip!
December 25
-- -- Exclusive! I had a conversation with JSH tonight, and he outlined his plans for 2008 to me. Although I'm sworn to secrecy on details just yet, I can tell you that there will be, in his words, "more of everything, on all fronts", especially with his new Catclaw Theatre company. In our chat, however, he stressed that he is still, and will always be, a painter first and foremost, and anything and everything that he does is "as a satellite is to a planet". He also said "for the last two or three years, I've been doubling my efforts and activities each year. In 2008 I intend to quadruple them". It's going to be a very interesting year!
December 24
-- -- According to JSH's website, he'll be having a paranormal-themed art exhibit in Scarefest 2008, in addition to lecturing on his "Invisible Topography" theory and signing copies of his forthcoming book Weird Kentucky. The exhibition of paintings is called Interstellar Dreadfuls.
December 10
-- -- JSH will be speaking at a horror/science fiction/paranormal convention called "Scarefest" in Lexington, KY in October 2008. Details are sketchy but the announcement is here.
November 29
-- -- JSH has announced on JSHNYC that he's going back into theatre in a big way, with his own company called the Catclaw Theatre Company. He names sources as diverse as Bertold Brecht and traditional Broadway musicals as his influences, so this should be quite a wacky ride going into the new year...
November 10
-- -- JSHNYC reports another SPUNT painting has been located! Portrait of Cole Porter, painted in 1999 and sold to an eBay buyer, turned up recently in an antique mall in Toronto, Canada.
November 7
-- -- The main JSH site has a new page up about the Keyscratchings installations, and lists three upcoming ones in Louisville, NYC, and Bloomington, Indiana.
November 6
-- -- An Australian blogger named Constance Parker featured Midnight at Pope Lick on her recent entry about Louisville weirdness.
October 30
-- -- The main JSH website has added some new paintings to its images section - our favorite of the new ones is called Circinus Galaxy Love, showing a nude woman and a potted plant on what is apparently some faraway planet in the Circinus Galaxy. (Yes, we had to Google it.)
October 29
-- -- JSH sent us a photo of some of the new batch of Crispy Cards during another recent marathon alcohol-soaked night of creation. Click here to view! These were among the ones hawked at the recent St.James Art Fair in Louisville.
October 22
-- -- According to today's post on JSHNYC, this Thursday JSH will be at the official ground-breaking event for the forthcoming Museum Plaza skyscraper where he'll have a studio and office after the building's completion in 2010.
October 11
-- -- A new JSH book, Weird Kentucky, is due to hit store shelves nationwide in May 2008 and is now available for pre-ordering on Amazon. Click here. The book is sort of an extension of JSH's Unusual Kentucky website, but features mostly new material that's never been seen on that site. Expect a book-signing tour in the weeks surrounding the book's release.
October 5
-- -- JSHNYC is reporting that the two main JSH projects for this fall will be a new series of Keyscratchings shows in weird locations such as public restrooms and vacant lots, and a new lecture tour dealing with paranormal phenomena and "anomalous views of the prehistory of America".
October 4
-- -- JSH will be out and about at Louisville's St.James Art Fair again this year, scaring the tourists with his dadaistic Crispy Cards. Look for him sporadically throughout the weekend, October 6 and 7.
September 21
-- -- There's a nice interview with JSH today on a blog from Italy called The Thermostat and the Green Dragon.
September 18
-- -- JSH has a cameo appearance in a new documentary by Stan Woodward called Burgoo, playing guitar with Sarah Elizabeth Whitehead onstage in Louisville. The film will air on PBS later this year.
September 10
-- -- JSHNYC has posted an mp3 of a live JSH recording of an instrumental called "Night Patrol".
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