Homebrewing (as in beer)

I started homebrewing my own beer in early 2006. So far I've made the following batches. Nothing fancy, just extract kits so far. I started with a kit of equipment and added to it an auto-siphon and bottle washer.

Feb 25, 2006

Traditional English Ale, John Bull
I.G. 1.040
F.G. 1.010
Alcohol content 4%

Brewed for 7 days in primary fermenter (plastic pail) and 17 days in secondary fermenter (glass carboy) at about 20 degrees C. Bottled in plastic bottles. Carbonation was low after 7days of conditioning but better after 14 days. Similar in colour and taste to Guinness. For my first batch ever I was pleased with the results.

Apr 22, 2006

India Pale Ale, Brewmaster.
I.G. 1.035.

Currently still in primary fermenter. 1