My Penguin Collection

The official mascot of Linux is a penguin. Because I work with Linux I've picked up a few penguin items and some people have given me gifts. This page has pictures of what is starting to turn into a collection.

This foam rubber penguin came with Corel LINUX® Deluxe. The blue foam cube is a Corel marketing item.

This was made by the Pez company as part of the Pez PetzTM line. He holds pieces of gum in his tummy.

This is a bean-filled cloth penguin that comes with Corel WordPerfect® Office 2000 Deluxe for Linux.

This is a Ty Beanie Baby penguin. His name is Waddle. It was a gift from my daughter.

This is a soft rubber penguin that can be filled with water which squirts out of the fish's mouth. It was a gift from my son.

This realistic looking penguin is one of The Penguin's henchman from a Batman action figure. My wife picked it up at a nostalgia sale.

This penguin is made of hard plastic and has a bobbing head. It was a gift from my father-in-law who picked it up in Germany.

This is a box of Penguin caffeinated peppermints, popular with computer programmers.

This is a ceramic penguin marked Carol Meindl original Nova Scotia. My wife picked it up at a church white elephant sale.

This is a plush Chilly Willy, from the Walter Lantz cartoons. It was bought during a promotion at Swiss Chalet restaurants.

This stuffed penguin is meant to be soaked in water and used as a water bomb. It was a gift from my son.

This is a paper cup from Dairy Queen.

This is the 12" plush version of Tux, the official Linux penguin.

This is a 12" inflatable penguin made by Corel as a promotional item.

This is a Chilly Willy bowl and spoon sold as a Swiss Chalet promotion.

This is a windup mechanical penquin that is a reproduction of an antique toy.

This is a clock which features a penguin as the seconds hand which walks around.

This is a penguin Christmas tree ornament.

This is an orange and white penguin shaped jujube from a local bulk food store.

The Penguin Pins game; a set of inflatable vinyl penguins complete with ball and score sheet.

This is a keychain which features a floating penguin.