Jeff's Vintage Radios

I collect and restore old vintage radios. I'm particularly interested in Canadian-made table-top vacuum tube radios from the 1930s through early 1960s. Click on an image to get more details. I've also been collecting some radio restoration tips that you may find helpful. Many of these radios follow the same basic design for an AC/DC 5-tube radio, sometimes called an All-American Five. In my case I call them All-Canadian Five radios.

Admiral 7T10 Airline LMU61-417 Arvin RE392 Electrohome 6TF4 GE C100 GE C19 GE P-720B GE P-750A Marconi 290 Motorola AI 56L-2 Motorola MP-55L Northern Electric 1554 Northern Electric 5000 Philco 190 Philco 315 Philips P145 Philips B4X47A RCA 531D RCA Hi Fi RCA Little Master A RCA X-110 Rogers RG-5050A Rogers RM503 Sylvania 1102 World Cruiser Westinghouse 576 Zenith H500 Zenith 8S563 Nordmende Tannhäuser Eveready 32 Northern Electric 5200 Northern Electric 5404 Northern Electric B4100 Heathkit EK-2B Northern Electric 6302 GE CC437 Northern Electric 5700 Hallicrafters 5R40 Northern Electric 5308 Northern Electric 5116 Northern Electric 5002 Nordmende Exquisit 59 Bradner JBL37 Bradna Zenith G725 Test Equipment Ham Radio Miscellaneous Books

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