Title: All Hope Lies There

	Author: Strange Music

	Fandom: A-Team

	Rating: SM...Slash Memories ;)

	Slash Pairing: Murdock/Face

	Summary: Too much time and a lot of memories. Sometimes they go hand in
	hand. Now Face only has to find out why.

	Archive: Yes

	Date: 28.October. 2000

	Email: Strange_music@hotmail.com

	Web Page: 

	It was without warning....

	And actually I don't know why it suddenly happened.

	Why I suddenly looked at him with other eyes and saw *him* again. Henry the
	man I fell in love with before Howling Mad become all he was and Murdock
	all he ever might be.

	We had been standing in a crowded street, trying to meld into the masses
	there. Trying to hold a low profile while keeping our eyes on the deserted
	square where our client was supposed to appear.

	Hours it was.

	Days it seemed like.

	And at the time when clouds in the sky were starting to take forms of
	imagination and the whole place seemed likely to be burned into my mind
	forever. Something strange happened.

	I turned around to look at him.

	And he smiled back as he saw it.

	Not a bright smile, a normal smile that I must have seen thousands of times
	before. But in the state of mind I was in it started something in my head
	that I wasn't able to stop. Not even if I wanted to.

	It was as if this small part of my mind started to work again.

	Reminding me of something that had been lost for so long that I had stopped
	even thinking about it. So long, that I had almost started to consider it
	a dream. A dream that I lived in a place that was a nightmare.

	Nowadays I almost never think of that time.

	Maybe because if I let it lay low it will cause no problem,

	In the Team, in our mission; in us.

	Yet still I hope that someday soon our time will come. That sometime soon
	we will be able to start again. In the meantime those thoughts are banned.

	In the day it all makes perfect sense and it is easy keeping my inner

	But as soon as the night lays down its layer and the line between the true
	world and the dreams is fading, those resolutions are not so resolved at

	This is the time when the memory comes up. Where I see it all again as
	clear as if it was happening right at this moment.

	You see, I still wake up in the middle of the night. Not every day,
	sometimes not even once a week.

	But I do.

	And not all dreams are nightmares.

	And it is after those dreams that I look at him in the middle of the night,
	looking over at him seeing his relaxed face, and remember how it had been.


	The green behind the barricades that was our sanctuary so many times.

	Lying in his arms.

	And in this foreign field feeling more at home that I ever did before.

	When I wake up in those nights. I look at him. Suddenly seeing him like all
	those years ago. I close my eyes with that image and I still feel like I
	did on those sweet afternoons.

	Some days I welcome those dreams...some days I resent them.

	But I know that as long as deep inside I still believe and have faith that
	someday it will all be real again, they will stay with me, to remind me.

	Back then we had it all.

	Yet all we could do was watch it slip away when all hell broke loose.

	When I remember those days, they don't seemed like so long ago...yet when
	I think of us it feels like an eternity.

	He looks back at the square and the moment is gone as if it never happened
	at all.

	But I know...someday it will all be real again.

	Someday soon

	The End

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