Title: Are You Kidding?
	Author: rita
	Rating: NC-17
	Pairing: Face/BA
	Warning: Little more than a PWP, but very little. M/M consensual sex and
	mild BDSM, somewhat graphic. No angst, no hurt, surprise, but not
	unpleasant. Unbeta'd.
	Disclaimer: The A-Team doesn't belong to me, I just like to play with them.

	Summary: Face and BA have been together for a couple of months, but they've
	kept it very private - until now.
	Archive: Yes, please, just let me know where.

	"Are you kidding? No one is going to believe we're lovers!" That had been
	Face's response for the two months that he and BA had been sharing the
	empty house and much more. Now BA watched his lover as he stood at the
	stove preparing breakfast and remembered...


	...Waking up for the first time wrapped around the small, lithe body of
	Templeton Peck and realizing he need never be alone again. He slid into a
	sitting position, trying not to disturb the angel sleeping next to him,
	only to have that angel's mouth open and suck in his morning erection as it
	slid past. Another problem - one he hadn't even realized was a problem -
	taken care of lovingly without his even asking.

	As the clever mouth pleasured him, BA stroked the rounded white globes
	under his hand. When his fingers slipped between the two globes, Face
	thrust back against them. "Dry?" he whispered, not daring to speak aloud
	lest the dream end.

	Face nodded, never stopping his oral ministrations. He moaned around BA's
	cock as a dry finger penetrated him and began humping BA's thigh as his own
	member awoke. The moan accelerated BA's need and he exploded into his
	lover's mouth.

	Face continued sucking and licking, now cleaning up the results of his
	efforts, while continuing to fuck himself on BA's thick finger and hump his
	thigh. He was close to coming when BA pulled away abruptly. "Gotta pee,
	man," he announced.

	Face immediately opened his mouth.

	BA shoved him away in disgust. "What do you think you're doing?" he yelled
	and stormed off into the bathroom.

	Face was sitting cross-legged on the bed when BA returned. His throbbing
	erection was clearly visible. BA turned his back and started dressing.
	"BA?" Face said softly. The big man grunted, but didn't turn around. "I'm
	sorry. I thought you wanted ... Look, we've got to understand each other
	better - that is, if you want to continue."

	BA turned around and looked into the beautiful face. How could he not want
	to continue?

	///End Flashback///

	BA blinked back to the here-and-now at the sound and smell of a plate of
	food being put in front of him. Face was asking him something. "I'm sorry,
	man, I was ... distracted," he said playfully bouncing Face's erection with
	a finger.

	"S'okay," Face grinned. "I just asked if you wanted me on your lap or next
	to you."

	The question brought back the original reason for BA's reverie and he began


	...a plaintive voice telling him, "I need to be spanked."

	"Say what?"

	"I need to be spanked. I came without permission," Face explained
	patiently, turning around to display the evidence.

	BA grinned. Face was even more beautiful glistening front and back. And,
	truth be told, they had both known that Face would be unable to control his
	engorged organ once BA began dry humping him. BA had walked in while Face
	was brushing his teeth and pushed him up against the sink. He rubbed those
	perfect pale gold cheeks with his chocolate organ, finally settling it in
	the crack between the two globes and moving up and down, all the while
	watching Face's expression in the bathroom mirror. So it was a mutually
	agreed upon setup.

	BA flipped the cover to the toilet seat down and sat on it, pulling a towel
	over his lap. Face obediently lay on the towel. "Hard or soft?" BA asked.

	"Hard," Face answered without hesitation.

	"How long?" he asked.

	"'Til I come again."

	BA shook his head. It was going to be one of those days. One of the days
	when Face wanted to be controlled and disciplined. One of the days when
	BA's limits would be pushed once again. 'Okay, little one,' he thought.
	'Let's see how far you're going to take it this time.'

	///End Flashback///

	"BA!" Now Face was getting impatient.

	"Sorry, man. What did you ask?"

	"What's with you? You keep daydreaming. Am I that boring already?" Face
	wiggled his ass provocatively. BA slapped it lightly and laughed. "Anyway,
	your breakfast's getting cold."

	"Be my napkin," BA said. Face draped himself over BA's lap sighing happily.
	BA smiled and put a finger up his lover's ass. He started eating his eggs
	with the other hand and let his mind drift again...


	...To his concerned question, "Don't that hurt?"

	"No, it makes me feel..." Face gestured, but couldn't find the right word.


	"Well, yeah, but it's more than that. Um, it makes me feel like part of you
	- attached."

	"So would a choke collar," BA remarked dryly.

	"I thought you didn't like that idea," Face said looking over his shoulder.

	"I don't. At least I think I don't. I'm still thinking about that one." The
	angelic face lit up, igniting BA's heart and groin. "Now, see Face, you're
	doing it again. That's why I say 'no' instead of 'maybe'. You don't
	understand 'maybe'. You always hear 'yes'."

	Face nodded enthusiastically. "Usually works, too."

	"Don't you try and con me, little one. We're on the same team, remember?"

	"What are you doing today?" Face asked, changing the subject.

	"Working on the van. Why?"

	"Well, see, then it wouldn't hurt at all - you'll have all that grease on
	your fingers..."

	"Yeah, and I'll have all those chains around, too. That was what you was
	gonna say next, wasn't it?"

	Face grinned sheepishly and nodded. BA pulled the smaller man to him
	tightly, keeping his finger where Face needed it to know he was loved.

	///End Flashback///

	"Finished?" Face asked.

	BA looked down at his empty plate, surprised. "Yeah, I guess I am."

	Face slid off his lap and stood. A drop of precum glistened on his stiff
	rod. BA reached out with one finger and wiped it off, holding the finger up
	for Face to lick. Then he returned the finger and a second to his lover's
	penis and, coaxing more droplets from the tiny slit, repeated the actions,
	this time slipping a second finger into Face's anus as Face sucked the
	moist fingers of his other hand into his mouth. Face moaned around the
	fingers and BA grinned. Once more - 'three times for luck,' he thought -
	this time three fingers of each hand entered Face.

	When BA pulled his fingers from Face's mouth, he meant to prepare his
	pulsing manhood for entry, but Face forestalled that with a whisper.
	"Fist-fuck me, BA? Please?"

	BA slammed the smaller man down flat onto the table and complied, stroking
	his own organ in time with his thrusts, his eyes never leaving the pale
	face of his lover. As Face got close to coming, BA leaned over to whisper
	in his ear, "Don't come. Not yet."

	"No," moaned Face. "I won't."

	"That's good," BA praised, knowing what his lover craved. Then he asked,
	"In or on?"

	"On," Face breathed out with a moan of anticipation. BA moaned in response
	and aimed his wad just in time. The thick stream hit Templeton Peck full in
	the face and his tongue darted out to lick it off.

	BA pulled his arm out of Face's backside and left to clean up.

	Face lay panting on the table for a few moments, getting himself under
	control. Then he rose and cleared the table, filling the sink with warm,
	soapy water to wash the dishes.

	BA came in as Face was putting the last of the dishes into the dish rack to
	air dry. He dropped the armload of thick towels he had brought with him and
	pinned him in place against the sink, rubbing his denim-clad front against
	Face's bare back, while slipping one, two, then three fingers easily into
	Face's anus. Face thrust backward to heighten the effect, writhing as he
	tried to keep friction on his needy cock. BA leaned forward, emptying the
	sink of the dirty water and refilling it with clean soapy water, carefully
	checking the water temperature. Then in a swift movement, BA lifted and
	turned the smaller man, plunging him into the warm bath bottom first with
	his fingers still massaging his rectum. At the same time he whispered into
	his ear, "Now come!"

	Face exploded into the water with a cry and went limp in BA's arms. BA
	lifted him out quickly and ran a fresh bath one more time, putting his
	lover back in and tenderly cleaning him. Face roused, but remained passive,
	only his bright blue eyes following BA's movements. Then BA stood him on
	his feet and dried him thoroughly with the towels. Then he walked around
	him and admired the pale, glowing body from all angles.

	"What?" asked Face.

	"You know, I think you're wrong Faceman," BA said.

	"Wrong about what?"

	Gently, BA inserted two fingers into Face's anus. They slid easily into the
	wide-open hole. "I think, after today, everyone is going to believe we're

	Before Face could recover enough to attempt a reply, the doorbell rang and
	the door opened. Grinning, BA called out, "Hannibal, Murdock? We're in the
	kitchen, c'mon through."


    Source: geocities.com/jennylmr