Title: Face And Murdock's Lesson
	Author: Betty

	Rating: NC-17
	Category: Slash
	Pairing: Face/Murdock/BA/Hannibal
	Warnings: Sex, bondage, whatever else I can think of.
	Disclaimer: I don't own them. So I promise not to cause permanent damage.
	Distribution: Please let me know where.

	Summary: The sequel to Time for Dessert. Now Face and Murdock learn who is
	Master and who is slave.

	Warning: I'm gonna use some of the tricks Rita M taught me. That means BDSM. so
	if you don't like seeing blond Lieutenants or sexy Captains being tortured
	don't read this story.

	Hannibal sat back in the big arm chair, feeling very satisfied. He had come
	twice in Face's mouth, and again in the younger man's ass. But to make sure
	Face didn't come again, he had placed a cock ring on the Lieutenants rock
	hard organ. He looked over at poor Face, lying on the oversized pillows, such
	a pretty site. BA had to tie his hands behind his back to keep him from
	trying to remove the cock ring. They wanted to enjoy that perfect body some
	more, and couldn't have him coming again. Not until they allowed him to.

	Murdock was in a similar situation. To many times he had tried to come to
	Face's rescue, and remove the cock ring. He even tried to suck to the
	Lieutenant off. Neither Hannibal nor BA wanted that. So they had been forced
	to tie Murdock's wrists to his ankles, and place a spreader bar at his
	knees. Then BA had placed the harness on the Captain. The one that held the
	vibrator in place, yet left the pilots cock and balls exposed, for easy access
	and quick sexual pleasure.

	While Hannibal sat and smoked his cigar, enjoying the site of the two
	submissive men on the floor, both begging and pleading with him for sexual
	release, BA went to get the rest of their toys.

	BA quickly found everything they would need for the lesson he and Hannibal
	were about to give the Captain and Lieutenant. He picked up the heavy
	chest, and quickly carried it down the stairs. Placing it at Hannibal's feet
	he said, "Well these two ready Hannibal?"

	"Don't matter BA. I am, and you are. That's what important."

	BA just smiled a wicked smile. Oh yes, tonight the Captain and Lieutenant
	would relearn what it was like being a sex slave. And be reminded just who
	was in charge.

	To Be Continued...