I Can Never Resist A Challenge
by Rita 

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Disclaimer: I don't own the boys, I just like to play with them.  And I 
always bring them back safe and sound - well almost always.

WARNING! This story has scenes involving consensual m/m sex. NC-17. 

NOTE: This is in response to a challenge to write about the whole team 
having sex. Well, this doesn't exactly do that - but everyone is involved 
sooner or later, just not together.


The double wedding was beautiful, as Face had known it would be. Two 
radiant brides; two proud grooms. Happiness for one and all. Well, almost. 
The dual announcements hadn't come as a surprise. Once Stockwell had 
produced the Presidential pardons, the whole team had known it was only 
a matter of time before Hannibal popped the question to Maggie. He was 
just too old-fashioned not to. Less expected was Murdock's 
announcement. The fact that he was planning to marry wasn't what 
surprised the rest of the team. But Face had anticipated Kelly being the 
blushing bride. Hannibal placed his bets on Murdock's favorite nurse at 
the VA. And BA opted for Billy, not entirely in jest. 

None of them had known that Murdock had carried on a long- distance 
romance with Amy for seven years. In any case, a dual wedding was 
quickly agreed upon with Face and BA as best men. 

His work as co-best man done with the required toasts to the happy 
couples, Face leaned against the wall at the back of the hall and watched 
the festivities with the other half of the best-man team. They had done 
very well in their roles, if he did say so himself. The bachelor party was 
their first mission. BA had arranged the guest list and the food. Face had 
charge of the entertainment. 


After the public part of the bachelor party was over, Face had prepared a 
private send-off for the men he had shared his life with for over two 
decades. He let BA know what he had planned and made it clear that the 
big man was welcome to stay, to watch or participate as he wished, or 
leave - whatever he was comfortable with. 

Face was a little surprised when BA opted to stay for the first part of his 
private entertainment. Face began with a sexy strip-tease. Done to quiet, 
sensual music, Face skillfully teased both of his lovers as he thought about 
their private times together. 

Murdock was his first male lover. Face refused to think of the older boys 
and the occasional priest in the orphanage as lovers. They weren't exactly 
rapists, but love, at the least, meant mutual pleasure, not just lack of 
physical pain. 

The monsters in the prison camp were rapists, no other word would do. 
For years Face had tried to erase those memories with woman after 
woman. Sometimes it almost worked. But then he would start thinking of 
himself like the orphanage boys - he was just using the women like the 
boys had used him, as a convenient receptacle. 

It was Murdock who began healing him. Murdock, the crazy one who was 
never subtle, somehow managed to sneak under his guard until Face began 
turning to him for physical comfort whenever he was hurt emotionally. 
Eventually, Face was able to provide that same support to Murdock. They 
never considered each other exclusive. But each was there when the other 
needed him. Until now. 

Hannibal had been wary of approaching Face after his sexual torture in the 
prison camp. He offered a paternal shoulder to lean on - sometimes to cry 
on. It wasn't until Murdock had taught Face what male love looked and 
felt like, that Face realized Hannibal wanted to love him physically too. 
Face felt the connection then in the quiet moments, the touches and 
strokes when he was ill or injured. Feeling both attracted and curious, 
knowing Murdock would understand and not feel betrayed, Face began 
leaning into the touches, moving with the strokes, trying to let Hannibal 
know he was interested. 

Face suspected Murdock had also had a hand in Hannibal's realization of 
Face's intentions. Face's relationship with the Colonel was never one of 
equal partnership. There was always something filial and paternal, 
respectively, in the way they came together. Hannibal always initiating, 
setting the pace, being in control. Face following willingly. Always it was 
Hannibal who retreated out of some vague sense of incestuous guilt. Now 
there would be no more. 

Knowing this would be the last time - all the men understood marriage 
vows to be sacred - Face, naked and aroused, approached his two lovers. 
BA left quietly for his bedroom, two stories up and at the opposite end of 
the house from the "family" room where the private party was being held. 
Kneeling between where they sat on the couch, Face manually stimulated 
them through their clothes while looking from one to another for their 

Hannibal and Murdock looked at each other over their shared lover's 
blonde head. They had never loved him at the same time, although each 
had suggested it once. Face's reaction had been enough that neither had 
brought the subject up again. Clearly the idea had been too close to his 
prison camp memories for Face to feel comfortable. Now, at Murdock's 
nod, Hannibal took the initiative. "Face," he began, tilting the younger 
man's head towards him with one gentle hand under his chin, "would you 
like both of us to love you tonight?" 

Face's eyes glowed with love and arousal. "Yes, please," he whispered. 
With no more than that encouragement, the two men slid down to the floor 
on either side of him. Murdock turned Face towards Hannibal who began 
stroking and kissing his hair, head, and upper body. Murdock reached 
around and stroked Face's large, hard erection until the precum pooled in 
his hand. Using this he began to prepare Face for his entry, one finger at a 
time until he was able to insert and move his fist, opening and closing it 

Hannibal had begun moving Face down towards his own hardening organ, 
kissing and stroking him as he guided Face's head into position. At 
Murdock's nod, both men unzipped and allowed their penises freedom. 
When Face began thrusting in time to Murdock's manipulation, Murdock 
removed his hand in one quick move. Face's mouth opened in a moan of 
dismay, only to find Hannibal entering it. Simultaneously, Murdock 
entered him from the rear. 

Quickly the three men established a rhythm. Murdock once again reached 
around Face to stroke his penis in the same rhythm, while Hannibal's 
hands fondled Face's balls. The three men reached climax quickly, coming 
so close together that none of them could say whose climax led to whose. 

After a few moments of rest, Hannibal turned Face towards Murdock and 
the two older men suckled and stroked the younger one back to arousal. 
They continued variations of this, always with Face in the middle, each 
time a little less frantic, until they were lazily stroking each other to 
sleep. Sometime during the night, someone lay a comforter over the three 
entwined men, causing them to stir briefly and murmur, but not waken. 

The lovers awoke to sunlight streaming in from the uncurtained slider. 
Murdock hugged Face from behind and Hannibal kissed the Lieutenant's 
forehead. Then the two men rolled away from him and started to gather 
their clothes. Feeling their absence already, Face rolled onto his back, 
wincing slightly, and stretched the kinks out of his body. Finally he 
opened his eyes. "Beautiful day for a wedding, gentlemen," he announced, 
forcing himself to sound cheerful. Hannibal, dressed now, bent to ruffle 
Face's hair as he agreed. "But it won't be if we're late," he noted. 

"You gots lots of time to get ready," a deep voice rumbled from the 
doorway. "I woulda woke you if it got too late." 

Murdock slapped BA on the back as he tugged on his baseball cap and left 
the room. "Knew we could count on ya, big guy!" he called over his 

"Don't you two be late either!" warned the Colonel as he, too, exited. 

BA disappeared after them briefly, returning to hunker down next to Face, 
now seated in the nest on the floor. He handed him a cup of coffee and 
kept him silent company as the blonde lieutenant stared out the slider. 


'Ooh, bad idea, Templeton,' Face chided himself as his memories caused a 
painful erection. Knowing all too well how easily his body responded to 
the slightest stimulus, and with the tight tuxedo pants that would hide 
nothing in mind, Face had taken the precaution of binding himself to 
prevent embarrassment. Now he was in real pain. The reception was in full 
swing, he decided he would not be missed. "Hey BA," he hissed to the 
man standing next to him observing the festivities, "give me the keys to 
the van." 

BA turned to his friend and saw his white face and tensed body. Not sure 
what was wrong, but knowing Face was in pain, he put a supporting arm 
around him and led him out to the van. He slid the side door open and 
lowered Face to the ledge. 

The blonde scooted in backwards, struggling to undo cummerbund and 
cravate as he went. When his back hit the wall, Face tried in earnest to 
pull the encumbering accessories off, but BA could see that his hands were 
shaking too badly to be effective. 

BA climbed in quickly, shoving the door closed with a foot, and batted 
Face's hands away to loosen his clothing. Breathing his thanks, Face rolled 
away from BA and continued undressing himself. When BA tried to turn 
him back to find out what was wrong, Face choked out, "Please, BA, go 
now. You don't want to know." 

BA frowned and forcibly turned his agitated friend around. With his pants 
unzipped, the cause of Face's distress was immediately obvious, even 
through the binding. "What you go and do to yourself now?" BA asked. 

Face reddened and looked away. "Didn't want to embarrass myself. I knew 
this was gonna happen." Between pain and arousal, Face was almost rigid. 
With the added embarrassment of having to explain to BA, he was unable 
to help himself at all. 

BA just shook his head. "Hol' still. Guess I kin figure this out," he 
murmured, pulling Face into his lap to push his pants down and start 
unwinding the binding. "Oh, my God, Face," he blurted out, shocked, as 
the engorged purple organ sprang free, "what you done to yourself!" 

Face began shaking, unable to control his body. He tried futilely to push 
away from BA. But it was too late. One tentative touch from BA and Face 
erupted, howling, then went abruptly limp and passed out. He came 
around minutes later, to feel himself being gently cleaned with a warm, 
wet cloth. He lay still, eyes closed, while tears of shame coursed down his 
face. Vague memories of being comforted this way in 'Nam came to him. 
"Guess you're still cleaning up my messes, huh BA?" he muttered. 

"Never you mind, lil brother, that's what family's for," BA rumbled, 
stroking away the tears. He redressed his friend and lifted him onto the 
rear seat, buckling him in a prone position. "You just rest, I'll take us 

Face was asleep when BA pulled into the garage, so BA carried him up to 
his bedroom, gently pulled off shoes and soiled clothing and lay him on 
the bed. BA thought he had never seen anyone so beautiful. Pale all over. 
Angels must look like this, he thought. 

The night before, he had been astonished at Face's beauty. He had only 
seen his body bruised and bloody, and that years before. He had left, not in 
distaste, but for fear of trying to join the three lovers, inappropriately 
disturbing their last night together. Now, as he bent to cover his exhausted 
friend, he couldn't resist running a hand over the soft body as he 
covered it. 

Feeling the comforting presence leaving, Face reached out sleepily. "Don't 
go," he murmured. "Stay with me this one time. I'm so lonely." He 
couldn't believe he'd said that aloud and pulled his arm back instantly. 

To Face's surprise, BA lifted the comforter, kicked his shoes off, and slid 
in next to him. He wiggled out of the cumberbund and cravate, then 
popped off the studs on his shirt and undid the top button. Pulling Face to 
him, he wrapped his arms around the slight figure. "I ain't goin' nowhere," 
he whispered. "You just go on to sleep." 

Face woke sometime during the night to find BA's strong arms still 
wrapped around him. He sighed and snuggled into them, suddenly feeling 
a hardness against his buttocks. He turned to face BA and met his eyes. 

"Sorry," BA said, moving away slightly. 

"Nothing to be sorry about," Face returned softly smiling, "'specially after 
what I did this afternoon. Let me help?" He reached tentatively for the big 
man's waistband. 

BA hesitated, then nodded. "Ain't never done this with a man before," he 

Face opened his friend's pants and stroked the large, dark penis with both 
hands. "It's not much different than with a woman," he said. He leaned 
down and kissed the swollen tip. "You've had blow jobs before, haven't 

"Some. But mos' ladies, they say I'm too big. They's scared I'll choke 'em. 
Other ways, they's scared I'll tear 'em up inside." BA sighed. "So mostly, I 
get hand jobs." Almost inaudibly, he added, "Mostly my hands." 

"You're not too large," Face insisted. To prove it, he immediately engulfed 
BA's organ with his mouth and began sucking. 

BA gasped and tried to pull back, but Face was having none of it. He 
sucked harder and began relaxing his muscles to deep throat BA. Unused 
to such thorough treatment, BA lost control and began thrusting into 
Face's mouth, quickly coming in long, forceful spurts. He pulled out as 
soon as he regained control. 

Face grinned at him, although he was gasping for breath. When he could 
speak again, he announced smugly, "See, I told you you're not too large." 
He reached up and stroked his new lover's cheek. "I know you're het," he 
said. "Thanks for doing this for me. It won't happen again. Just tonight I 
was feeling sorry for myself." 

"I don't know nothin' 'bout 'het'," BA said. "But I do know no woman ever 
done that to me before!" He yawned hugely. "'Bout done me in. Let's sleep 

Face nodded and they clung together as they fell asleep. 


Face woke once again to the sun streaming in, warming his skin. He 
basked for a few moments before realizing it was warming his naked, 
exposed skin. Rolling onto his back, he opened his eyes to find BA gazing 
at him. "You are the most beautiful thing I ever seen!" BA declared. 

Face realized the man had pulled back the comforter just to gaze at his 
body in the sunlight. He laughed in delight. "Don't I get to admire you?" 
he teased. 

BA looked down at himself and realized he was still wearing the tuxedo 
shirt and pants, although both were largely undone. He chuckled and 
replied, "Ain't nothin' to see but a fat black man." 

Face knelt up on the bed and started tugging BA's shirt off. "Fair is fair," 
he said. BA shook his head but allowed Face to undress him. He stroked 
the blonde head and fair back as Face bent to pull off his pants. BA 
stepped out of his pants as they pooled around his feet and pulled off his 
socks. He straightened to find Face appraising him. "More chocolate than 
black," the pale one pronounced. "And I already know you taste good." He 
reached down to pat the part in question. 

BA laughed and lifted him easily off the bed and into his arms. He shook 
Face gently then put him down on his feet. "You just what they call 'on the 
rebound'," he said seriously. "But that's okay. I'll enjoy it while you here." 

"Yeah, you're probably right," Face admitted. "And I shouldn't use you 
this way." He turned away. 

BA grabbed Face by the shoulder and spun him around. "You ain't usin' 
me! No one uses me." 

"Then prove it!" Face cried out, pulling away. 


"Do something for yourself." 

"Like what, man? You a'ready sucked me off - and half my brains, too." 

"Fuck me." 

"No way, Face. I tol' you las' night. The ladies say I'm too big for them. 
If'n I'm too big for them, what I'm gonna do to your lil hole?" But his 
penis was already hardening at the thought and Face saw it. 

"BA," Face said seriously and without rancor. "I saw how big you get. I 
have taken bigger - okay, not bigger cocks, but bigger - things - up my ass. 
And you know it." 

"Yeah, an' I seen what it done to you." 

Face shook his head. "The things that messed up my head had nothing to 
do with size. And I can show you how to prepare me so you won't hurt 
me." BA still looked dubious. "Please, BA. If you really aren't just having 
sex with me out of pity, do this. I need to be filled. That's when I know it's 
real - when we're joined like that, inside and out." 

"Okay, but you gotta promise not to let me hurt you." 

"Oh, believe me, I'm not into S&M. I don't like pain." 

"'Kay, then. Whatta we do?" 

Face got the lube and explained the options. They decided, in view of 
BA's larger size, that Face would need support when BA entered him. But 
they started with Face on his back, propped up with pillows so he could 
see better, and BA kneeling between his thighs, with Face's legs on his 
shoulders. They took it slowly, more slowly than Face thought would be 
necessary. Even BA's fingers were thick and long. Face gave himself 
plenty of time to accommodate each new addition and BA carefully 
watched for any slight change of expression that Face might try to hide. 

Finally, Face was fully relaxed and wide open. He moved easily up and 
down BA's fingers, moaning softly and stroking himself in matching 
rhythm. Reluctantly, he called a halt. "I want to come with you," he 
explained. BA nodded and stilled his fingers. He was already fully erect. 
He leaned forward to let Face coat his organ with lubricant. At Face's 
word, BA pulled his fingers out. Face moaned as the emptiness registered 
and quickly rolled onto his elbows and knees. Together they pushed the 
pillows into position and Face lowered his head onto his hands. 

"Go for it, big boy," he whispered, winking at BA. 

BA shook his head, but did as Face had instructed. One more quick entry 
and twist of his fingers. A quick pull-out and positioning of his penis. 
Tentatively he pressed it into the widened anus until he heard Face hiss 
and felt him stiffen. He paused with one hand on the small of Face's back 
until Face relaxed. Then he pressed in further. He repeated this several 
times, stroking Face's back as the relaxing took longer and longer. He was 
almost fully inside when he saw the blood. Unsure whether pulling out 
would make things worse, he stopped. 

"Face, you're bleeding." 

Face nodded against his hands. "Knew I would a little. Doesn't hurt. Might 
itch later, but don't worry about it. You're not hurting me." When BA 
didn't continue, he threatened, "You pull out now, I will hurt you though." 
He thrust back against BA, forcing his penis further in. 

"All right, all right," BA said, startling at the sensation. He decided he 
liked it. "Can you do that some more?" he asked. Face grinned into his 
hands and nodded. He moved in a slow rhythm which BA soon matched. 

The two men inched closer and closer together, their motions speeding up 
once they were in full contact. Face's penis throbbed as it rubbed against 
the pillows supporting him. He had trouble holding back until BA was 
ready. But BA's climax caught him unaware. Suddenly, the rhythmic 
thrusting ceased as Face was pounded with the full force of BA's weight. 
He collapsed almost flat on the bed, only the pillows holding his hips up 
slightly. BA's bass howl covered Face's shriek of mixed pain and ecstacy 
as both men came simultaneously. 

Almost instantly BA rolled off his smaller friend and rolled him over, 
concern etched onto his Face. Face couldn't move, but managed a grin and 
nuzzled the arm supporting his head. "Told ya you weren't too large," he 
rasped for the second time in less than twelve hours. BA just shook his 
head and grinned. He put Face down gently and rolled him onto his side to 
check the damage. A little bleeding, mostly from one small external tear, 
and some bruises that were already coloring. 

Face looked over his shoulder and watched his friend's expression clear. "I 
know. I'll be a little sore for a couple of days." He grinned. "It was worth 
it." He quickly rolled to his other side to face BA. "But you know, now 
you're stuck with me. I'll never be satisfied with anything smaller." He 
pulled BA down next to him and kissed him. "You should have known 
better, BA. You know I can never resist a challenge!" 

The End 


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