531453. OTTIE CLARK ROOF (9/7/1900-10/12/1977) married Martha Frances Werkheiser. Ottie Roof and Frances Werkheiser had ten children:

        5314531. Norma Frances (3/15/1924-3/18/1924).
        5314532. Cleone Alma Roof married William F. Doane on May 4, 1944. William Doane died on April 8, 1970. Cleone then married Frank J. Fundurulic (3/24/1922-8-22/2008) on October 27, 1979. Frank was the son of Stephen and Stella Mikolajcak Fundurulic. He served his country with the US Army Air Corp during WWII and retired from Conrail after 35 years of service.
        Frank's funeral service was held at Sullivan's Funeral Home, 365 E. Franklin St., Horseheads, New York. Internment was at the Woodlawn national Cemetery in Elmira, New York.
        Cleone and Bill had six children:
        53145321. Edward W. Doane (6/18/1946-10/4/2006) married Betty G. Wandell on January 11, 1968. They divorced in 1978. Eddie worked at Thatcher Glass and served our country with the U.S. Army during the Vietnam Era. Eddie enjoyed tinkering with engines and remote-controlled cars.
        Eddie’s memorial service was held at Sullivan’s Funeral Home, 365 E. Franklin St., Horseheads, New York. He had full military honors. His ashes will be buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park.
        Eddie and Betty had two children:
        531453211. Lisa Ann Doane who married Steven W. Mosier on April 29, 1989. Lisa and Steve have four children:
        5314532111. Sean Thomas Mosier.
        5314532112.Sydney Mosier.
        5314532113. Spencer Mosier.
        5314532114. Eddie Mosier.
        531453212. Valerie Lynn Doane married Todd Lelonde.
        53145322. Lawrence R. Doane married Judith Stevens on February 7, 1973. They later divorced and now he is married to Joy. Lawrence and Judith have two children:
        531453221. Jo Lynn Doane.
        531453222. Belinda S. Doane
        53145323. James E. Doane married Pat Kent on May 27, 1975, and later divorced on Oct. 1978. Jim then married Madeleine A. Robinson on July 27, 1985. Jim and Madeleine have two children:
        531453231. James W. Doane.
        531453232. Gregory S. Doane.
        53145324. Gerald L. Doane married Frances Mayno. Jerry has two children:
        531453241. Cleone T. Doane.
        531453242. Collin J. Doane.
        53145325. Nancy Anne Doane married Thomas E. Chapman on July 13, 1974 at the Wysox Presbyterian Church, with Rev. Harry Ferguson performing the ceremony. They divorced in October 1990. Nancy and Tom have two children:
        531453251. Jason T. Chapman.
        531453252. Julie A. Chapman.
        53145326. Steve E. Doane married Michelle L. Brennam on May 6, 1981, and later divorced. Steve and Michelle have two children:
        531453261. Christine M. Doane.
        531453262. Ashley M. Doane
        5314533. Irma Louise Roof (5/25/1926-9/1928) died of pneumonia.
        5314534. Mildred Irene Roof married Walter D. Brown on October 17, 1946. Midge and Walt have five children:
        53145341. Robert Charles Brown married Connie Lamphere on July, 1970. Bob and Connie have four children:
        531453411. Robert Charles Brown, Jr.
        531453412. Patrick Duane Brown and has a son:
        5314534121. Patrick Brown Jr.
        531453413. Douglas Kurt Brown.
        531453414. George Wyatt Brown (2/17/1976-11/29/1997) was killed in an automobile accident. He served on the Towanda-Monroeton Shippers Lifeline Project and was later associated with C&M Auto in Towanda, Pennsylvania. He was a talented mechanic, loved hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, and playing volleyball. The funeral service was held at the Maryott-Bowen Funeral Home, 217 York Avenue, Towanda, Pennsylvania. The Rev. Allen Huslander, pastor of the Powell United Methodist Church, Powell, Pennsylvania, officiated. Internment was in the Powell Cemetery, Powell, Pennsylvania.
        53145342. Ronald D. Brown married Joyce Smith on October 13, 1973. Joyce is the daughter of Jane Teeter of Ulster, Pennsylvania. Ron and Joyce have two children:
        531453421. Ronda M. Brown ((2/26/1974-10/14/2005) was born in Waverly, New York. Ronda Brown married Matthew H. West, III, who shot and killed her. She graduated from Athens Area High School in 1992. She graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Bachelor of Arts. She lived in Newark, Delaware.
        Ronda Brown had previously been employed in financial services and as a human resources officer in the Delaware area. At the time of her death she was employed as a dental office receptionist in Wilmington, Delaware.
        Ronda Brown was an active member of the United Union Methodist Church in Newark, Delaware, and was a member of the church choir.
        She is survived by her daughter:
        5314534211. Caitlyn Nicole West
        A memorial service was held at the Maryott-Bowen Funeral Home, 217 York Avenue, Towanda, Pennsylvania, with the Rev. Roger Griffith, pastor of the Wysox Presbyterian Church, officiating. Interment will be in the Union Cemetery, East Smithfield, Pennsylvania.
        531453422. Eric E. Brown married Jennifer L. ?
        53145343. Francis Brown married Linda Wilson on June 15, 1985. Fritz has a daughter born in the 70's and a son with Linda named:
        531453431. Fritz Brown.
        53145344. Karl W. Brown (1/30/1958-3/21/2006) married Lori Beardslee on June 8, 1991. Karl died as a result of an accidental fall from a tree stand on his property.
        Karl was a graduate of Towanda Area High School class of 1975. In earlier years he was employed by the B & D Diner in Wysox, Pennsylvania and also drove a school bus in the Towanda School District. He was later employed by E.I. Dupont and also coached area soccer and little league. Karl loved spending time with is family. He was and avid outdoorsman and loved hunting, fishing, and square dancing.
        The funeral service was held at the Maryott-Bowen Funeral Home in Towanda, Pennsylvania with the Pastor Donn Hauser and Pastor Lloyd Vaughn of the Independent Baptist Church in Towanda, Pennsylvania. Internment will follow in the Wysox Cemetery, Wysox, Pennsylvania.
        Karl has a son with Monica Boyer:
        531453441. Blaine
        Karl and Lori have two children:
        531453442. Kody H. Brown.
        531453443. Kayla R. Brown.
        53145345. Timothy O. Brown.
        5314535. Barbara J. Roof married Andrew Tate, Jr. (4/24/1925-11/17/1992) on April 1, 1962 at the Bellefonte Methodist in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania. The Rev. Paul D. Shaffer, pastor of the church, performed the ceremony. Andrew Tate was born in Spring Township and died at College Township, Centre County, Pennsylvania. Funeral services were held at the Wetzler Funeral Home in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania. Rev. Stephen D. Englehardt from Pleasant Gap, Pennsylvania, officiated. Interment was in the Lutheran Cemetery in Pleasant Gap, Pennsylvania. Barb and Andy had one child:
        53145351. Marsha Ann Tate.
        5314536. Betty L. Roof (6/11/1929-12/19/1994) married Bryce C. Brotzman (2/17/1930-3/25/1991) on August 18, 1947. They divorced in 1966. Betty Brotzman's funeral services were held at the P. Dean Homer Funeral Home at 1 Grovedale Lane, Wyalusing, Pennsylvania. The Rev. Joyce K. Warner officiated and internment was in the Camptown Cemetery, Camptown, Pennsylvania. Bryce Brotzman's funeral services were held at the Sheldon-Kukuchka Funeral Home, 73 W. Tioga Street, Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania, with the Rev. William Townsend of the Skinners Eddy United Methodist Church officiating. Internment was in the Sunnyside Cemetery, Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania. Betty and Bryce had six children:
        53145361. Joann Brotzman married Glenn Brink on January 2, 1965. Joann and Glenn have one child:
        131453611. Lori Brink who married Dennis Allen. Lori and Dennis have one child:
        5314536111. Derrick Allen.
        53145362. Jack Brotzman married Mary Lou Shaffer on May 20, 1978. They divorced on November 23, 1988. Jack and Mary Lou had three children:
        531453621. Erica Brotzman.
        531453622. Vanessa Brotzman.
        531453623. James Brotzman.
        53145363. Rose Brotzman married Roger Hemenway and then they eventually divorced. Rosie has three children:
        531453631. Michael Hemenway.
        531453632. Michelle Hemenway.
        531453633. Curtis Hemenway (10/30/1980-3/4/1994). Cutis was killed accidentally when he and a friend were looking at a gun. Curtis was a seventh grade student at the Wyalusing Area Jr.-Sr. High School, Wyalusing, Pennsylvania. He enjoyed baseball, basketball, football, bowling, hunting, NASCAR racing, and drawing. The viewing was held at the Maryott-Bowen Funeral Home, 217 York Avenue, Towanda, Pennsylvania. The funeral and committal service was held at the Camptown Community Church with the Rev. Jane Pykus, Rev. Joyce Warner, and the Rev. Anne Canfield, officiating. Internment was in the Camptown Cemetery, Camptown, Pennsylvania.
        53145364. Connie Brotzman married Paul Button and divorced; Connie then married Charles Rathburn and divorced, and then married Thomas Douglas. Connie and Paul have four children:
        531453641. Danny Button married Glenda Camp in 1991. Danny has two children:
        5314536411. Lindsey Button.
        5314536412. Christy Button.
        531453642. Christopher Button.
        531453643. Nicole Button (12/22/1976-1/16/1977).
        531453644. Bridgette Button.
        Connie Brotzman and Tom have one child:
        531453645. Lisa Douglas.
        53145365. Cindy Brotzman married Burton Jones on June 30, 1990. Cindy and Burton have three children:
        531453651. Jeremy Jones.
        531453652. Zachery Jones.
        531453653. Justin Jones.
        53145366. Terry Brotzman had one child with Jerry Johnson.
        531453661. Douglas Jason Brotzman. Douglas married Holly Elizabeth Boatwright on March 18, 2006. They have two children:
        5314536611. Safire Angel Brotzman.
        5314536612. Bryce Michael Brotzman.
        Terry then married Randy Lattimer on December 3, 1976. Terry and Randy had one child:
        531453662. Rachael Lattimer.
        5314537. Donald C. Roof married Betty Edsell on September 5, 1964. Don and Betty have one child:
        53145371. James D. Roof. Jim and Amy were married on September 4, 1999. They have one son:
        531453711. Spencer Roof.
        5314538. Carol E. Roof (8/22/1934-8/25/1987) married Lee Light on July 10, 1954. Carol and Lee have five children.
        53145381. Sheryl Light married Terry Lee on July 14, 1973 at the Rome United Methodist Church, Rome, Pennsylvania. Sheryl and Terry have two children:
        531453811. Penny Lee.
        531453812. Crystal Lee married a ? Yaggie.
        53145382. Fredrick W. Light married Anita Hilliker on July 21, 1985. Anita Hilliker is the daughter of Floyd and Thelma Hilliker of Ulster, Pennsylvania. They live in Rome, Pennsylvania. Freddie and Anita have three children:
        531453821. Jennifer Joy Light is engaged to Joshua Lloyd Ford, the son of Rodney and Shelley Ford of Rome, Pennsylvania. Jennifer Light is a 2003 graduate of Towanda Area High School. In May of 2006 she will graduate with dual associate’s degree in office technology and medical office assistance from Lackawanna College. She is planning to pursue a career as a medical transcriptionist.
        Josh Ford is a 2000 graduate of Northeast Bradford High School and is a 2002 graduate of SUNY College of Agriculture and Technology at Cobleskill, New York, with a an associates degree in applied science. He is currently self-employed as a dairy farmer and co-owner of Ford Ridge Farms.
        He is the grandson of the late Lloyd and Virginia Ford of Rome, Pennsylvania, and Dewey and Carolyn Russell of Rome, Pennsylvania, and the late Merland Briggs of Sterling, Virginia.
        They plan to be united in marriage on April 1, 2006 at the Herrickville Wesleyan Church, Herrickville, Pennsylvania.
        531453822. Jeremy Light.
        531453823. Emily Light.
        53145383. David Light married Juanita Jennings on May 17, 1980. David and Juanita have two children:
        531453831. Samantha Jo Light.
        531453832. David Lane Light (b. 1/23/1995)
        53145384. Daniel Light (4/22/1966) married Dorla Hilliker on June 1, 1985. Danny and Dorla have two children:
        531453841. Rebecca Light graduated from Towanda High School in 2003. She is currently serving in the United States Air Force as an intel analyst. She is engaged to Colby Barker. Colby is the son of Suni Barker and the late Steven Barker of Attica, Kansas. Colby is a 2003 graduate of Fairfield High School in Texas. Cobly is also actively serving in the United States Air Force. A spring 2008 ceremony is being planned.
        531453842. Kimberly Light.
        53145385. Christy Light married Clint Nearing.
        5314539. Carlton L. Roof married Elizabeth Caverly on December 1958 and divorced. Later on he married Harriet Beers. Carlton and Liz have three children:
        53145391. Gregory Roof married Sharon Spapasore on July 5, 1986. Greg and Sharon have two children:
        531453911. Corey Roof.
        531453912. Dakota Roof.
        53145392. Donald J. Roof married Penny Johnson. Donald and Penny have one child:
        531453921. David J. Roof.
        53145393. Christopher Roof.
        5314539a. Janice Shirley Roof (3/28/1942) married John Hadlock Jr. (5/27/1927-6/5/2008) on December 9, 1969. John is the son of John A. and Ethel May Goodale Hadlock. He was a veteran of the U.S. Army 101st Airborne Ranger. John was employed by the Town of Barton and also owned and operated his own scrap yard.
        Funeral services were held at the Sutfin Funeral Chapel, 273 South Main Street, Nichols, New York, with the Pastor Wesley Nichols officiating. Internment will be at the Bath national Cemetery in Bath, New York.
        Janice and John have three children:
        5314539a1. Jonathan W. Hadlock.
        5314539a2. Jamie P. Hadlock.
        5314539a3. Hollie M. Hadlock. Hollie has two children and is married.

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