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The interpretation of the Historical record is often tightly woven into the beliefs and agendas held by the interpreter. At times this has little relevance to the subject and thus little effect. At other times, the agenda of the moment is fundamental in effecting the interpretation of the Historical record.
The history of the world's Jewish Warriors is as controversial as modern Middle Eastern Politics and modern Race Relations. Consequently, one attempting to do research MUST be aware of the view that the information is presented with.
I can not hope to cover all of the pitfalls inherent in each of the individual topics touched upon by this site. I have therefore chosen likely the most controversial of the historical events covered to use it as my example of the kind of things to keep an eye out for:

Researching the Khazars
Unfortunately, the discovery of the Khazars -- a kingdom which converted to Judaism, has created more controversy, and has been used for more agendas, than probably any other historical detail.
A number of Anti-Semitic and Anti-Zionist groups have taken the opportunity offered by the existence of the Khazars to push their agendas with a new angle.
While some web sites and literature are quite obvious nonsense,others lead into their agenda slowly, developing with small, vaguely credible lies.
An overview of the most common claims is set forth below in order to aid in winnowing out the untrustworthy publications.
For further notes on interpreting research on the subject in general, please see How to look at Khazar sources - a critique.
All start from the assertion that modern Jews are, in fact, the descendants of the Khazars rather than of the Biblical Israelites. Leaving aside detailed issues of the well documented movements of Jewry since prior to the exile by Rome, the assertion is clearly belied by the sheer variety and difference in development of the many Jewish communities throughout the world.

Neo-NAZI and other Aryan supremist groups
Two claims are made:

  1. Being actually a tribe of Mongol-like eastern nomad invaders, the Jews have a mindset and worldview incompatible with Western European thought. Disguised as Europeans they have infiltrated the Western power structure with the program of undermining that structure and completing the Mongol invasion from within.
  2. Christians need not wory about Jews being descendants of the Biblical patriarchs. The modern Jews are just disguised Mongols who have nothing to do with Jesus and the Biblical "Israelites" -- who were all pure blood Aryans.

Black Racist supremacy groups
Again the basic position is that the modern Jews have usurped the place of the Biblical "Israelites" -- who, this time, were all purebred Blacks.
There is some implication of a White plot against Blacks in this usurpation -- but I have been unable to get a clear understanding of what this plot is supposed to be.

Anti-Zionist groups
Here the basic premise is simple -- If the modern Jews are actually all Khazars and unrelated to the "Israelites" of the Bible, they have no claim to the land of Israel.

A Plot for World Domination
The story of the Jewish plot to take over the world started from the Medieval belief that the Plague was caused by Jews poisoning wells (never mind that Jewish communities were also being decimated). This idea developed, merging with the myth of the FreeMason plot for world domination, and reached its pinacle in an anti-semitic fable (creatively adopted from an anti-Napoleonic leaflet) called "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion". Now, with the discovery and popularisation of the Khazars, this myth has reached a new stage:
The claim is made that since the destruction of the Khazar kingdom in the 12th century, the Khazar nobility has kept up a secret "virtual" kingdom. This Khazar nobility supposedly rules over the Jews and is carying out an agenda to avenge the kingdom's destruction and rebuild the kingdom. As in the standard form of the "Plot Myth", these shadowy figures are blamed for every calamity that has occured since their advent.

How to look at Khazar sources -- Critique of some "findings" in Khazar research
The Real Plot for World Domination
The Universal Conspiracy Against Everything
The Truth is Out There! Trust No One!

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