Jewish Warriors

By Norman J. Finkelshteyn

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April 11, 2003
Materials on Khazar armour

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Site Mission Statement
This project began as a Historical Overview of Medieval Jewish Warrior Cultures -- a single page article on my Armour History Site. The purpose of the article is described in the Introduction to the article, presented below . As the article expanded, I realised that a dedicated site was waranted.
Now, I would like this site to become far more than Historical Overview.
Iwould like this to become a full Resource Site for information on Jewish Warriors.
To this end, I will be accepting submissions of Articles, Links, and Resources on the topic and presenting the same here.
Please - Visit, Learn, and Teach. Submissions Guidelines

Introduction to the Historical Overview
of Medieval Jewish Warrior Cultures

Jewish Heroes
in Action

Many of us, Jews and non-Jews alike, see the Jew of history as either Shylock or Isaac of York (and the modern Jew as a Woody Allen character). Both anti-semites, seeing the historical Jew as a physically and morally corrupt, usuarous money-lender, and philo-semites and Jews, seeing the historical Jew as a victim, bereft of political and personal power, living at the mercy of his persecutors, imagine the historical Jew as a financier, perhaps a scholar. The anti-semites see the Jew as poisoner, as conspirator. Even many philo-semites and Jews have bought into the image of the "cheating business man", seeing it as the only method of a powerless victim to combat those who had all of the control. But neither see the historical Jew as a figure of physical and political strength, never a warrior, never a hero.
Even the modern Jew, notwithstanding the prowes of the Israeli soldier, is imagined in the same way -- the bookish weakling, the smart (or underhanded) business man, the neurotic intelectual.
In spite of Kirk Douglas, non-Jews and Jews alike see the Jew as Woody Allen.
This paper is meant to contest that image and present a contrary one -- the Jew as fighter, as warrior, as hero.
My intention here is to present a brief historical overview of Jewish Warriors and Warrior societies.

Zvi Feldman Zachary Baumel Yehuda Katz Ron Arad

Modern Israeli Heroes Missing in Action

Use the link below to learn about four Israeli soldiers missing in action since the eighties, and how you can help their families.
The International Coalition for Missing Israeli Soldiers
The time has come to bring these boys home.

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