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Send all communications to Norman Finkelshteyn at
The Subject of all E-mails must be "jew-war arts".

E-mail with attachments will not be opened.
All communication must be simple TEXT E-mail.

Articles must be embedded in the E-mail as part of the TEXT E-mail message.

Images - If you want me to use an image, put the image somewhere on the Web (the geocities free service is particularly easy to use) and send me the direct URL address of the image (NOT an HTML page - but the *.gif or *.jpeg itself) in your E-mail.
Image files MUST be no larger than necessary. Images larger than 400 X 400 pixels will only be accepted in the most EXTRAORDINARY circumstances.

Resource Links - Your resource does not have to be a Web Site. See Resource Links for Link submission guidelines.

All submissions MUST be relevant to and advance the stated purposes of this WEB Site.
Completely unacceptible submissions include but are not limited to pornographic and bias-based (including but not limited to racist, anti-semetic, mysoginist) materials.

The Editor reserves the right to accept or reject any and all submissions without qualification.
All submissions will be reviewed manually - no software is used. So be patient if they don't come up for awhile - but feel free to ask about status of your submission.

The Editor will format any Article and resize any image to fit the style and format of this WEB Site.

Where it is deemed necessary, the Editor will add an introductory paragraph -- set apart from the article and marked as the Editor's introduction. Likewise, an Editorial Post-Script may be added.

I am only reading your submission for content and reformatting it visually. I will not check or modify spelling and grammar. If I like the article but would prefer it be edited, I will return it with a note to that effect.

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