Resist the Bush-Blair Iraq War to promote American World Domination

Nabil Shaban, star of "Doctor Who", returns £50,000 government grant in anti-war protest

20th March 2003


Nabil Shaban, disabled actor, writer and film-maker, in protest at the Bush-Blair War on Iraq, is returning funds of nearly £25,000 given to his company SIRIUS PICTURES, by the Department of Works and Pensions, of the British Government, as part of a total award of nearly £50,000 for his EYDP theatrical Project "The First To Go".

This theatre project, "The First To Go" was to be about the murder of disabled people during the Nazi holocaust, a play which Nabil had been developing since 1996 and working hard to get funding for it. The fact that the subject matter is about the abuse of power by the state in devising and activating a Euthanasia Program, with it's total disregard for human life in the pursuit of political and economic goals (Hitler's rationale for his so-called program of "mercy killing" was to rid the Reich of "useless eaters", i.e. unproductive consumers and thus freeing up funds for those deemed to be productive). Nabil Shaban does not want this war-making Blair government to be associated with his long-held dream of mounting his play.

He is terminating the project because he feels this government money is "blood money the acceptance of which would be hypocritical, given my total rejection of the Prime Minister's War on Iraq. I do not believe this Government is sincere in it's support of the spirit behind the European Year of Disabled People (EYDP). Instead, this Government is only really interested in supporting the "American-Anglo Year for DISABLING People."

"We must stop the Bush-Blair Bullies. We must stop this US War for oil. We cannot allow the End of Democracy as we believe it. This War is not a moral war (as if war can ever be moral), it is a Lie, and it is not being waged in my name. I will not support it . Bush and Blair do not believe in the United Nations, and they do not believe in International Law. With the murder of Iraqi people, these two despotic leaders are war criminals. They must be be resisted. I show my utter contempt for this undemocratic Blair Regime by returning this award."

Nabil Shaban will be handing in a cheque for £24,800 to 10 Downing Street at 12 noon on 27th March - thus terminating Sirius Pictures' contract with the Government.

The American-Anglo Imperialist Dealers in Death and Destruction,
painting by Nabil Shaban.
copyright Nabil Shaban 2003

The Day (27th March)was a bit of a flop in terms of national media coverage. But, at least, London was well represented by the presence of Time Out and good old DAIL (Disability Arts In London). (Also a Big Thank You to Lisa Goldman and Emma Shad of "Artists Against the War" for their show of solidarity). Just goes to show who the real independent press are. The problem with news reporting in Britain and West in general, is that it's in the hands of just a few corporations. So in Britain all news coverage on terrestrial television, outputting from the 5 channels, is produced by just two organisations - the BBC (serving BBC 1 and 2) and ITN (srvicing ITV, Channel Four and C5). If both these organisations aren't interested in the story, if the story is likely to undermine the Government's war ambitions, then the story isn't going to be aired.

And, of course, most of British radio is pro-Establishment, so again one cannot expect a lot of publicity for anti-war effort from the wireless elite.

Satellite TV news (being dominated by SKY and CNN) was even less likely to cover my action, with them being controlled by U.S. based corporations which are affiliated to the Military-Industrial Complex, who are ultimately running the Bush's Presidency.

In terms of personally handing the cheque over to Blair. That didn't happen. But I didn't think it would. He either wouldn't be "available" or if he was, he certainly wouldn't meet me - that would be playing straight into my hands. However, the photographer from Time Out did manage to orchestrate a rather nice photo opportunity of me handing over the cheque to an armed policeman through the railings of the gates of Downing Street, an image hopefully, speaking volumes about undemocratic "Fortress Britain".

In the end, if we ordinary people want to change the pro-Government bias of the national media - which would help stop the war, we have to blockade, stage "sit-ins", occupy the offices and studios of the BBC and ITV, Sky and CNN, and cause as much disruption as possible. We must force them to be more balanced in their reporting - so that they reflect the views of the majority of public opinion which is against this war of the Bush Blair Coalition (oops…another BBC….Or are they one and the same?)

Nabil Shaban holding returned cheque for £24,800 outside Downing Street
photograph by Time Out magazine, 2-9 April 2003

PRESS RELEASE 28 March 2003
Nabil Shaban, disabled star of Dr. Who, will be destroying his contract with the Government at Number Ten, Downing Street, at 2pm on Thursday 3rd April 2003.

Because the mainstream media chose to ignore Shaban's "anti-war" sacrifice of returning government funds of £50,000 for the theatre production of his long-awaited play "The First to Go", he is returning to Downing Street to prove he means business by ripping up the contract. His handing back of the cheques last Thursday 27th March was not covered by BBC or ITN or CNN news cameras, probably in the usual attempt to minimalise the extent and depth of popular opposition to the Bush Blair War.

What Nabil Shaban has said both during the Pre-War sabre-rattling of the Bush Blair Coalition and after the hostilities commenced on Thursday morning 20th March

"Isn't it a crime that our Prime Minister. Tony Blair, would rather spend billions of tax-payers' hard earned cash killing and maiming men, women and children in Iraq, for the sake of an American War to monopolise world Oil reserves, than on preserving and improving the Health and Education of British people. When is Tony Blair going to stop supporting a lying, cheating, dishonest, trigger-happy US President, and start serving the people who voted for him. (3rd March 2003)

Why should we continue to tolerate this misuse of the British electorate's trust? I think there should be a General Strike in the event of Britain and America attacking Iraq to show our contempt for Tony Blair's kowtowing to Bully-Boy Bush's hypocritical war-mongering." (11th March 2003)

"The future of Democracy is in serious jeopardy. The majority of the British people are opposed to this war, and yet Prime Minister Blair is ignoring his own electorate's wishes. The United States President Bush is totally denigrating and abandoning democratic principles. This issue is not just about stopping Iraqi leadership despotism, but also Anglo-American despotism." (15th March 2003)

"I hope Tory Blair loses his job in the War Fallout. He doesn't deserve being Prime Minister of Britain. He is nothing but a Yankie Poodle, and glory-seeking War-Mongerer. (or War-Mongrel?). He doesn't care about the health and education of his own people, so why should we believe he is waging war to save the Iraqis? This man is a liar and and cheat. He got to be PM by pretending he was a socialist...but in reality he is Thatcher in drag. It's time we had an honest Prime Minister." (21st March 2003)

"I have been watching the movie "Easy Rider". I still love it as one of my all time favourites. I needed an antidote to this Bush Blair war trying to steal Iraq's oil. But it just made me feel more depressed. I mean what was the point of "Easy Rider"? It hasn't changed a thing. America still isn't free. America is still fascist. It's still trying to win the "Vietnam war"." (23rd March 2003)

"Also to stiffen my resolve to make this sacrifice, I re-watched Oliver Stone's movie "Born on the Fourth of July". That movie and "Coming Home" showed how disabled people with an anger and a passion can contibute to the campaign of stopping wars. Watching "….4th of July" at this era of the "Twin Dark Lords of Mordor" (Bush and Blair) is a timely reminder that history is forever repeating itself, but also just as the People Power was able to stop America's war on Vietnam, so too, we can win against the Bush Blair Evil." (26rd March 2003)

"It does feel like a big sacrifice throwing away my play after all these years...but that's exactly the point of giving the money back. It ought to make the public realise that we who oppose Bush and Blair are not playing games, we mean what we say and are capable of doing anything to stop this tyrannical world bullying. I'm also doing this as a tactic, in an attemp to shock the media which (as always) is so much behind the War....just looking at the journalists in their pseudo-military costumes and the reverential coverage of "Our Brave Boys" makes me puke." (3rd April 2003)

I don't think there is anything positive in the Bush-Blair invasion of Iraq. I wouldn't believe any of the media propaganda. I certainly don't think the Brits and Bush care a damn about the Iraqi peolple, they are not seeking to liberate the arab women or liberalise the machismo dominated society. Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States which are US-friendly are far more oppressive to women than Saddam's secular Iraq. If Bush was liberating Iraq for Islamic women he should have invaded Saudi Arabia and Pakistan first. Also, America was quite happy to turn a blind eye towards the repression, suppression and oppression of women by the Taliban, Mojahedeen and other Islamic war lord armies when they were fighting the Russians in Afghanistan.

There is nothing good to be said about Bush's war - it is illegal, immoral and unjust…and unfortunately, it will be a long time before the rest of the world will ever trust or respect either the US or Britain. We have thrown away the United Nations and by destroying Iraq we have proven that Might is Right and as a consequence made the world an even more dangerous place.

Interestingly, this is what a 16 year old girl in England sent me recently -

"Have you heard of the PNAC? - Project for a New American Century - working to achieve a sort of American Empire. They aim to democratize the world and make all countries US friendly. Oil is a factor in it as it secures power. Signed by Rumsfeld and all the usual suspects - all in the Bush administration! I am concerned that this issue has not been more prominently brought to public awareness as it is an openly stated plan by the group. Very scary."

And this is what an American friend in Michigan, a 60 year old woman, wrote -

"I think the war is even worse than being about oil. I suspected before, and recently saw something that confirmed my suspicions, that Bush really is thinking of making the USA some kind of Global ruler. Evidently Paul Wolfowitz, the under-secretary of Defense, had the idea back in 1991 of using American force to promote regime change around the world, knock out competition, and make the whole world the USA's little bailiwick.... I never thought much of Bush Sr., but to his credit he at least had the sense to nix Wolfowitz's plan. And although some defense people knew about it during Clinton's time, Clinton would have nothing to do with it either.... but lame-brain Junior comes along and like a pathetic kid with a new toy has to hop proudly on his little pony and go off to conquer the world! The megalomaniac moron! You'd think Blair with his knowledge of the mistakes in British history would see the crass stupidity of Bush's ideas..... who knows, maybe Blair wants to colour the map pink again? But the more likely result is that Master Georgie and his fawning Mutt will colour the world with blood."

My friend in Michigan also sent me this more recently -

"At this point, April 8, 2003, I have the strongest premoniton the Bush Belligerancy Corp. isn't even thinking about the war. While their mouthpieces continue to dribble platitudes about our brave soldiers, the mind of the monsters-in-charge have been turned for some while to planning their next moves. As a chess player, you know the value of not just reacting to the current move but laying a strategy against several moves in advance. The question in my mind now is, will the anti-war movement look ahead or will they be caught flat-footed and fail to realize the threat of G.W. Battlebotty's bigger aim, which isn't just taking out Saddam, or even regime change in Iraq..... Because ALL the signals coming from Snottybotty are that he really is planning on making the USA the heavy-handed truncheon-wieldingpoliceman of the globe, whether the globe wants it or not. Even worse, he's inclined to see evil in anyone who opposes him..... Poor old pathetic Powell is trying to tell people, "The USA won't invade Iran and Syria." ...but it's suspicious that he even said it!"

Here is what a friend from the Czech Republic wrote in a letter to me on the 15th Jan 2003-

" I am sure the US have nothing indicative against Iraq, what really matters is the Iraqi oil. There are worse political regimes than the Saddam's one and many other countries have weapons of mass destruction (including the US). Maybe I am wrong, but I think that electing Bush was a step in shit, and not only for America, but for the whole world. If there is a real danger for the world peace and life, then it is Bush with his insinuators so the preventive war should be led against them. No court would recognize punching someone out just to prevent his potential future wrong acting .... Times are changing, the image of fair and honest US as we had it before has disappeared remaining disillusion that it is just an aggressive, selfish, police state. Before we would have jokes on Russians, now on Bush and Congress...."

Then on the 8th of April 2003, my Czech friend wrote this -

"this Iraq war is not moral, must not be called a war against terrorism or war to liberate the Iraqi people and must not be tolerated. This war is poisoning the whole world. The US establishment now know for sure that UN has no power to prevent a unilateral act and that enforceability of international law is zero. Who will be the "next to go" in this predatory campaign to "defend" US interests by all means? I am sick of Bush, I cannot stand him when I see him on TV, and my blood is up when I listen to his lies and propaganda, biblical vocabulary and phrasing. I realize that he is only the top of the military-industrial iceberg and those who paid for his presidency, expect their investment to yield. War is a great business and the post war reconstruction will be even bigger business. What is the value of human life, whether it is an American soldier or Iraqi man, woman or child?.... According to public opinion inquiries 70% of Czechs are against the war, but people still are afraid to express their opinions openly, so anti-war demonstrations gather maximum few hundred people. I feel ashamed for the Czechs...... I hope the (British) establishment is not going to make you any trouble for your public disagreement with their course and rejecting the government grant. During the communist era we said that the difference between the regime we had had and democracy was, that we had freedom of speech, while in democratic countries people had freedom also after their speech. I am not so sure now when I see that American artists, who publicly condemned the war, are afraid of losing their jobs and contracts. Where is our democracy and freedom if everyone who is against this war is automatically suspected to be anti-American, anti-democracy, almost an enemy?"
The UN must find a way to clip the Eagle's wings : 8th Apr 2003

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