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Our mission is to help "document" everything about wearing high heel footwear, whether it is in favor of or against them. We try to be unbiased. The aim for this web site is to help promote the book titled "All About Wearing High Heels" and to provide additional material regarding high heel footwear that was not present in the book (for various reasons).

We believe that high heel footwear has both undeniable positive points as well as undeniable negative points. Unfortunately, WEARING HIGH HEELS IS DANGEROUS TO THE WEARER'S HEALTH. Therefore, we do not "recommend" wearing high heel footwear. However, at the same time, we do not "condemn" wearing high heel footwear.

In regards to the positive points, high heels can help make girls/women look more beautiful, sexy and attractive. The fact that high heels have been worn by contestants in the annual Miss America/Miss USA/Miss Universe beauty pageants confirms or supports these positive points. Also, high heels can obviously make a person taller, which can be desirable or even an asset in some situations.

In regards to the negative points, foot doctors have been warning people to not wear high heels for decades because wearing high heels can cause foot problems and possibly, other health problems. The human body is a holy temple of God and anything that hurts it is bad (especially, in a spiritual sense). High heels are material or physical things. So, wearing high heels by choice is being materialistic. Wearing high heels unfortunately does not help with spiritual advancement. So, it is wise for people to NOT wear high heel footwear.

However, the fact that high heel footwear has been used for several centuries indicates that high heels have a place in this world (i.e., material world). History also tells us the use of high heel footwear will probably continue for a long time into the future and that there will be girls/women, who will wear high heels regardless of any warnings and danger.

Considering that, we believe that there are ways to help girls/women avoid or minimize many of the problems associated with high heels. There are some women who wear high heels on a regular basis (or as their normal or usual footwear). If you live in a big city, you may know of or seen some of these women. Some women have even claimed to wear "only" high heels and even, wear high heels "24x7". So, the question to ask is: how do they avoid the problems that plague so many other high heel wearers?

The fact that high heel footwear is included in (and a big part of) modern day women's fashion means that it is totally acceptable for women to wear high heels anywhere in public at anytime, but what about men???? There appears to be growing number of men wearing high heels in public.

Boys/men should have just as much right to wear high heels as girls/women. We support equality between sexes, freedom and respect for each and every person's choice to wear high heel footwear, if desired.

The following disclaimer is used in the book titled "All About Wearing High Heels". It also applies to all content contained within this web site.


1) You should consult with your physician and podiatrist to discuss any of the information of interest to you in this web site and your specific situation, before wearing any high heel shoes and boots.

2) The aim of the web site is only to report on the subject matter of wearing high heels. There is no intent to advise, advocate, encourage, endorse, promote, or recommend in any manner or way this dangerous practice to anyone. Furthermore, all information contained within this web site is presented for entertainment purposes only.

3) None of the information contained within this web site was validated in any way, to determine whether it is fact or fiction; useful or not; and helpful or harmful.

4) None of the statements (in whole or in part) contained within this web site are to be considered as correct, factual, or true, or be construed as such. None of the information contained within this web site should be taken seriously or regarded as such. The reader should research and verify any of the information, contained within this web site, that is of interest to her.

5) WEARING HIGH HEELS IS DANGEROUS TO THE WEARER'S HEALTH and serious injuries can and should be expected as a result. Anyone who wears high heels must do so at their own expense and must accept full responsibility for whatever outcome, including any bodily injuries and death, that may occur as result of wearing high heels.

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