Hello all you Totally Spies fans!  This is      here, the creater of this site.  Now I have to tell you first        hand that I am an absolute and total fan of T.S. and have liked the show almost since its orriginal airing in America.  Now I have accumulated the largest hoard of Totally Spies data I can, and am adding to it every day, so keep checking back for more updates.  Inside, you will find a vast varity of all sorts of downloads; from pics to sound files.  Don't forget to look around and check out the links to the these other great Totally Spies websites, some of which I personally know the owner. 
Also, I want it made clear that I am a proud supporter of S.O.S. and am fighting with the best of them to try and bring the new seasons of Totally Spies back here to America.
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