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The JK Labs DVC system. 
(Here with the AKG CK61 and XLR outputs)
Makers of Esoteric Studio Quality  Microphone Systems for Portable Applications
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The DVC from JK Labs is a high performing, portable, purely DC powered unit that performs the roles of both the microphone bodies and that of a very low-noise high quality stereo microphone pre-amplifier.

The DVC interfaces with a slew of different makes in modular microphone capsules and amplifies their signals to line-levels.

The DVC connects directly to the bare microphone capsules via either a pair of "active head" or a "passive" interconnect cables and provides the capsules and their associated electronics, with the necessary voltages and currents in order to acheive the best possible sonic results. 

The DVC can be used with commercially available active or passive cables (Neumann AK.. , Schoeps Collette, MBHO 603, Sennheiser, various AT, TOA KY, AKG BlueLine, ++) after a modification.

In addition, JK Labs make active cables for the AKG CK61, CK63 etc and the MicroTech Gefell SM2000 family of capsules so that these capsules also can be used with our unique DVC system as well.  

A 4-pin connector is used on the input of the DVC. JK Labs put just the right amount of electronics into this terminating connector to make the DVC work with all the microphones/extension cables mentioned above.

Note that the active cable termination is custom to the DVC and that the modified cables cannot be used with the original mic-bodies.