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Grace/Debra - 640 x 480

Click to enlarge. Right click on picture, then click "Set As Wallpaper" if you would like to use it. Hold mouse over the below images to learn more about the wallpaper.

'Glowing' - Debra looking resplendent at the Golden Globes 'Sunshine Girl' - Beautiful pic of Debra from InStyle magazine 'Emmy Gold' 'Hollywood Ending' - Love the tone and grid on this one 'True Star' - A slightly crappier companion piece to 'Hollywood Ending' 'Cool Blue' - A companion with the Megan wallpaper 'Red Hot' 'Ms. Messing' 'Debra Messing - 100 Episodes' - Debra at the party for 'Will & Grace''s 100th epsiode; one of my favourite Debra wallpapers 'Season of Love' - Grace & Leo, from the first and last episode of season 5 'Grace - My Uncle the Car' - Grace in a promo for 'My Uncle the Car'; identical Will wallpaper also available 'The Power' - Grace learns the power of big boobs  'Sing It!' - Grace singing in 'Swimming Pools & Movie Stars'  'Divine Debra' - Beautiful promo picture of Debra  'The Happy Couple' - On their wedding day  'Marry Me A Little...'  'Grace the Bride'  'Debra Messing'  'Firey Red' 'The Bride' - Various promo pictures of Grace from 'Marry Me A Little More' 'Box - Grace' - One in a series of four 'The Happy Couple' - Aren't they cute? 'Golden Girl' - I was just playing around with colourizing and frames 'Glamour Woman' - I wanted to have a collage of three Debra pictures, but it didn't look quite right, so I stuck with the two 'Grace Adler' - One of four wallpapers featuring early cast promo pictures 'Pink Girl' 'Grace Season 1' - Combo of two Grace promo pictures from season one 'Dark Debra' - Two awesome pictures of Debra from Allure magazine 'Two Sides' - Debra, dark & moody and light & fun 'Put A Smile On Your Face' - Debra in Allure magazine 'Alluring' - Slightly blurred picture from Allure 'Grace & Leo' - Combining various Grace/Leo promo pictures for this orange-themed wallpaper 'Hollywood Ending' - Debra at the premiere of her movie 'Hollywood Ending' 'Cloned' - Debra at the NBC 75th Anniversary bash 'Arriving' - Arriving at the NBC 75th Anniversary show 'Glowing' - Yes, yet another NBC 75th picture; on this one I used various lighting effects to give it a glowing look 'Here Comes The Bride' - Various pictures of Grace's wedding; I know Will is technically in this wallpaper too, but his face is blurred, so I let it stand as a Grace wallpaper 'Most Beautiful' - Picture from People's 50 Most Beautiful Celebrities issue; really, can you argue with that? 'Grace & Leo' - I love the way this turned out; I was just experimenting with the lighting effects on this promo shot of Grace and Leo, and I really think it looks beautiful 'Graceful' - Another one of my experiments in borders that turned out better than I'd hoped 'Debra as Grace' 'Emmy Girl' - Nice shot of Debra arriving at the Emmys 'In A Chair' - I tried giving this a softer feel, but I think it just looks blurred; but judge it for yourself 'Wedding Dress' - Oh, this is by far my favourite Debra wallpaper. This is actually the look I was going for, and for once, I succeeded! 'Poses' - I think these were pictures were taken at the Cannes film festival or something like that; I really love them, Debra is so pretty in them 'Pucker Up' 'A Photographer's Dream' - A lovely picture of Debra, inside a frame from Paint Shop 'What Will The Future Hold For Grace?' - I made this shortly after the promo pictures were released for the 5th season premiere, but before it actually airred 'The Mothman Prophecies' 'Phone Call' - One of the earlier Grace promos, I love this wallpaper mainly because of the fonts I used 'Describing Grace' - One of four wallpapers containing the casts' quotes about their characters from a 'Dateline' special. 'Lady In Red' - First Grace wallpaper I made, so it kinda sucks, but check it out anyway.

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