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'Family' - One of my favourite cast pictures 'Bubbley' - Yea! More promo pics! 'Season 7' - Seven seasons of friends and funnies 'The Fun Is About To Start ' - Made using beautiful images from the 'Will & Grace' season 7 commercial 'Last Ex To Brooklyn' 'Grace & Karen' - A bit of fan art by me 'Classic' 'Fabulous' 'Gay Old Time' 'Awesomeness Personified' 'Stand Outs' 'You're My Best Friend' - Lyics by Queen 'Season 6, Here We Come' - Awesome picture of the cast with some cool special effect designs by me 'Our Emmy Award Winning Cast 1' 'Our Emmy Award Winning Cast 2' 'Our Emmy Award Winning Cast 3' 'Our Emmy Award Winning Cast 4' 'Picture Series' - Combination of similar Megan & Eric pictures 'New York Girls' - Fanart manip of Karen and Grace 'Captivating' 'Best Intentions' - Grace's friends 'help' her through her crisis...they mean well 'The Good Ship 'Will & Grace'' - The fab five on Karen's yacht from the season finale, '24' 'Rock On!' 'Rock & Roll - The fab four rock out 'Flower Power' 'Petal Power - Like the 'Flower Power' wallpaper, only no words and less flowers 'Girls And Boys' - Or, 'Putting Up With Karen & Jack', heehee 'Group Wallpaper by Annette' 'Everybody Dance Now!' - Will, Karen and Jack get down with their bad selves 'Threats' - They love each other, really ;) 'Best Friends' 'Tub Time' - Rosario & Karen clean up 'Season 5' - The fag four in their first group scene from season 5 'Big Heads' - Hee hee hee 'The Hospital Show' - The gang tries to comfort Karen - after placing bets on her 'The Fag Five' 'Names'  'Polka Dots Cast' 'Wedding Women'  '80's Guys'  'The Foursome'  'The Women' - Megan & Debra looking fabulous  'Glamorous Group' '100 Episodes'  - Seems like only yesterday...  'The Best-Looking Cast On TV' - It's True!  'Goofy Group' 'Field of Queens' - Another collage of photos, this one featuring Will and Jack in 'Field of Queens' 'Everybody Cut Footloose!' - Nice collage of Will, Jack, and Kevin Bacon from the episode 'Bacon & Eggs' 'Fag Four' 'Four' - The fab four, in promos from when the show had just begun 'Rainbow Cast' - Yeah! A decent rainbow-effect! (thanks to the Ultimate FX program) 'Boxed In' 'The Boys' - Aw, so cute! ;) 'Rainbow-y' - My first attempt at a rainbow effect; also known as a way to make Debra look like a bad extra from 'Braveheart' 'Tiles' - Fun with tile effects :) I actually really like the look of this one, I don't know quite why 'Cast' - Uses an early but good quality promo shot of the fab four 'Das Boob' - One of several wallpapers from the classic episode 'Das Boob' 'Das Boob' - One of two collages I made of pictures from the episode 'Das Boob'; this is the lighter version, one of my fav wallpapers 'Das Boob' - One of two collages I made of pictures from the episode 'Das Boob'; this is the darker version, one of my fav wallpapers 'The Girls' - I was capturing stills from cast interviews on the 'Will & Grace' DVD, and I noticed Megan and Debra were wearing similar coloured shirts - thus, a wallpaper was born! ;) 'Sean & the Cast 1' - I was contemplating putting this under the Jack/Sean Wallpapers, but I'm hoping I'll be able to make similar wallpapers using the rest of the cast when the other promos come out 'Sean & the Cast 2' - Another Sean and the gang wallpaper 'The Minute Kiss' - One of many kisses between Grace and Karen, but I have a quote from Megan about this one, so I decided to use it 'Pink Cast' - Yeah! A new promo picture! I really like this wallpaper, not just for the cast, but for the font, which I don't get to use a lot 'Get A Room!' - Mmmm...sexual innuendo...heehee 'Polaroids' - I wanted to do something that look like a bunch of candids stuck together...not quite what I had intended, but good none the less 'The Fab Four' - I LOVE the way this turned out. I was just experimenting with some 3D options in Paint Shop, and the weird indent happened to the picture; the rest was easy 'Bedtime' - This would've been so nice had I not sharpened the smaller picture after shrinking it 'The Fab Four 1' - Made from pictures I found on the KTLA5 'Will & Grace' page 'The Fab Four 2' - Made from pictures I found on the KTLA5 'Will & Grace' page 'Friendship' - Not as nice as I would've liked; I wanted some cute phrase at the top, but my mind was a blank and I was tired 'My Friends Are My Family' - I love this quote from Will and this cute photo of the cast, so I decided I'd combine the two 'The Twin Towers' - Made a year after they fell, I felt I should do something to remember them, but it's sort of hard to do on a site based around a comedy show. Thus, the wallpapers, with pictures of the cast looking serious 'In Memory' - Another September 11th wallpaper, this one remember the victims '5th Season Cast' - There's no promo pictures of the Spectacular Six, so I used these fun pics of our favourite 'Will & Grace'-ers 'Group Wallpaper By Liz 1' - Great wallpaper made by Liz ''Group Wallpaper By Liz 2' - Great wallpaper of the Karen (and Grace) made by Liz (note the nice butt shot of Karen on the left) ''Group Wallpaper By Liz 3' - Great wallpaper of the 'W&G' women made by Liz 'Stripes' - The (now slightly old) promo of the foursome in front of a striped background; all I needed to do was extend Megan and Sean's sides a bit 'Spying On Kevin Bacon' - The boys being boys...what, don't all boys stalk famous male movie stars? 'Framed Photos' - Having fun with Paint Shop's frames option; I can just see this picture hanging in some gay man's old Victorian home 'Framed Photos - Blue' - Blue version of previous wallpaper 'Father & Son' - I wish they'd put out more pictures of Jack & Elliot, but until then, this will have to do 'Wallpaper One' - My first wallpaper ever, and probably one of my favourites 'Emmy Winners' - Remember the good ol' days when the Emmys went to the people who deserved them? 'The Scene-Stealers' - Another early wallpaper; I was trying  to show how much fun and life Jack & Karen added to 'W&G'; I still feel that way, but of course now I love Will and Grace almost as much 'The Scene-Stealers' - Oooo, I don't like this one...I wanted to do a wallpaper of all the magazine cover 'W&G' stars have graced, but...ugh, I don't know, I just don't like the results 'Hugging' - Awww. aren't the cast members cute? I love this pic, I like this wallpaper 'In The Jungle' - Ick. Too blurry, I don't like this, but I felt I should keep it posted 'Watch NBC' - I love this wallpaper; so crisp, so clear, so fun 'Two Pairs' - I love this wallpaper; this picture is so sweet, and I actually managed to make an almost-authentic 'Will & Grace' logo

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