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Jack/Sean - 800 x 600

Click to enlarge. Right click on picture, then click "Set As Wallpaper" if you would like to use it. Hold mouse over the below images to learn more about the wallpaper.

'Voice-Over' - Sean and his alter-ego, the Fish 'Wayne' - Sean from 'Pieces of April'' 'Richard Levy'  - Sean from 'Win a Date With Tad Hamilton!' 'Jack & James' - A winning combination! 'Fabulous!' - The smaller picture is really Jack's head on Peter Paige's body (Emmett from 'Queer as Folk'). If you know who I'm talking about, you probably get the similarities; if you don't, just smile and say 'Good job!' ;) 'Jack Plays With His Doll' - Love the tongue! 'Jack & Lorraine' 'Like Mother, Like Son' - From 'Homo For The Holidays' 'Keeping Jack Real' - Love this picture; Will's response to keeping Jack 'real' 'Owen vs. Jack' - I even included a spot for desktop icons 'Purple Jack' - Sean part of a promo of Jack & Bonnie from 'Dyeing Is Easy, Comedy Is Hard' 'Jack & God' - One of four Sean & Cher, with quotes from 'A.I.: Artificial Insemination' 'Jack at the Wedding' - One of four Jack & Karen promo wallpapers based on a picture from 'Marry Me A Little More' 'Elliot's Parents' - Jack and Bonnie 'Goal!' - Jack scores in 'Field of Queens' 'Jack & Sissy' - Sean & Demi Moore from 'Women and Children First'  'Sean as Jerry' - Various pictures from Sean's movie, 'Martin & Lewis' 'Sean Hayes as...' - Just Jack 'Sean - Box' - One in a series of four 'Tickled Pink' - Combo of the two Sean promo pictures, with a neato background 'Sitting In A Chair' - Not the most original title, but hey, it's true 'Autumn' - Sean in a picture from TV Guide; it has an autumn-y feel to me 'Jack McFarland' - One of four wallpapers featuring early cast promo pictures 'Behind Blue Eyes' - LOVE this pic of Sean! 'Martin & Lewis' - Basically I just cropped the poster ad for the movie, but I think it still looks good 'Golden Boy' - Gold-toned Sean pic in a gold-toned frame 'Tank Top' - Hmm, this was a complicated wallpaper. Take a pic of Sean, fade it. Done. Still, look at those muscles... 'Bright Boy' - Ooo, love this one! I think the Sean pic might've been from 'Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss'. It was so simple to make, which is what I like the best: a simple wallpaper that looks good 'Describing Jack' - One of four wallpapers containing the casts' quotes about their characters from a 'Dateline' special. 'Just Jack' - Ew. One of my first wallpapers. I don't like it that much, but it's not too bad. 'Live From New York - It's Sean!' 'In One Ear...' - I like the look of this, it's kinda silly

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