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Jack/Sean & Karen/Megan - 640 x 480

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'The More You Know' - Megan & Sean stills from their 'The More You Know' commercials 'The Way It Should Always Be' - Originally a group picture with Will hugging Karen, but I fixed that ;) 'Close 1' - Some of my favourite Sean & Megan pictures 'Close 2' - Similar to the first one, I just moved them over a bit and made the images sharper 'Love You Forever' - My favourite manipulation wallpaper 'Enraptured By You' - A manipulation wallpaper by me 'Wanting You' - Another manipulation wallpaper by me, this was a failed attempt at a Febuary 2005 calendar  'Live From New York...' - Aren't our SNL hosties cute?  '...it Megan Mullally & Sean Hayes!' - Fabulous bumper shots!  'Win A Date With Jack McFarland' - A little bit of fan art I made for Sean's new movie that became a much bigger bit of fan art 'Shakin' Their Groove Thangs' 'Chillin' '-Just some simple Sean/Megan fanart; I used this image for the guestbook buttons too 'Glen 125th & Shu-Shu Fontana' - Come on, foxy, let's bring down the man. I've got your back. 'Boo! Humbug' 'Coffee Date' 'Passionate Pals' - Hurrah! More fun fan art with 'Passions'! :) 'Give Us A Kiss' - Yeah, I know she's really just trying to slap him; I just looked at the picture and the quote sprang to mind 'Couch Pals' - Edited picture of Jack & Karen from 'Leo Unwrapped' 'Ta-Da!' - Karen and Jack preform tricks for Jack's show 'Will & Who?' - Group Shot with Will & Grace edited out 'Wheel Goes Round' - Karen attempts to seduce Jack 'Rainbow Friends' 'Best Friends' 'Tickled Pink' 'In Mourning' - Jack & Karen - making funerals fun 'Jack & Karen at the Wedding 1' - One of four Jack & Karen promo wallpapers based on a picture from 'Marry Me A Little More' 'Jack & Karen at the Wedding 2' - One of four Jack & Karen promo wallpapers based on a picture from 'Marry Me A Little More'  'Kissy Kissy' - Jack & Karen kiss before Grace's wedding  'Scene Stealers' - Jack & Karen in 'Girls, Interrupted' - aren't they cuties? 'SAG Winners' - Megan & Sean at the 2003 SAG Awards 'I Don't Wanna Wait' - Karen & Jack fake using Katie Holmes and Joshua Jackson 'Passionate Karen' - A fanart wallpaper featuring Karen's head on the body of a star of the soap 'Passions' 'Karen & Her Pet' 'Stars' - Megan & Sean from TV Guide 'Laughter' - Jack & Karen from 'He's Come Undone' 'Close' - Jack & Karen fake over 'Days of Our Lives' promo 'Dancing' - Jack & Karen pictures over 'Alias' promo 'Bike Ride 2' - Jack & Karen season 1 promo 'Bike Ride 1' - Jack & Karen promo from season 3 'Dreaming...' - Combination of Sean promo from 'Humongous Growth' and Karen promo from 'The Guy Who Loved Me' 'My Queer' - Jack & Karen promo with quote from 'Homojo' Megan & Sean - 'Ed 2' - Yep, another 'Ed' wallpaper with Sean & Megan 'Pretending' - Jack & Karen promo with quote from 'Humongous Growth' 'Megan & Sean - Ed' - A wallpaper inspired by an 'Ed' promo with Jack and Karen's heads on Ed and Julie's bodies 'Megan & Sean - Attack of the Clones' - Another one of my fanart inspired wallpapers; please don't kill me :) 'In The Kitchen' - Heehee, this picture was just perfect for the quote 'Sean and Megan' - Blown up photo of Sean and Megan filming during the 100th episode 'Let's Touch Stomachs' - I dunno what it is exactly, but I like this wallpaper 'Aren't We A Pair?' - Fabulous promo shot of Karen and Jack, along with a quote from 'Send In The Clowns' 'Number 100!' - My 100th wallpaper had to be a Jack & Karen one, for this I used three wonderful pictures I found on the KTLA5 'Will & Grace' site 'Jack & Karen Wallpaper 1 By Liz' 'Jack & Karen, Sean & Megan' 'Jack & Karen Collage' - One of my earlier wallpapers 'Sean & Megan' - I recently changed this wallpaper a bit; it bothered me that it said 'Sean & Megan', but the picture went Megan & Sean. These things get to me, yes I have issues  ;) 'Jack & Karen Collage 2' - Another early attempt at wallpaper; I actually have a copy of this hanging in my room 'Saks Models' - A combination of Saks pictures that turned out better than I hoped 'Emmy Winner' - *Sigh* Memories... 'Weave' - Experimenting with different effects in Paint Shop Pro 'Light' - I love how Sean has his hand in Megan's shirt in this Saks picture 'Jack & Karen Collage 3' - This time I experimented with Ultimate FX 'Bubbles' - At least, that's the effect I was going for with the circles of Megan & Sean scenes 'When Jack Met Karen' - Simple scan from a TV Guide article 'Jack & Karen Collage 4' - When in doubt, make a collage! 'Jack + Karen'

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