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Will/Eric & Grace/Debra - 800 x 600

Click to enlarge. Right click on picture, then click "Set As Wallpaper" if you would like to use it. Hold mouse over the below images to learn more about the wallpaper.

'High Five!' 'Tea For Two' 'Nominees' - Pictures from Entertainment Weekly.com, used for bits on Debra and Eric's Emmy nominations 'Beautiful' - Debra and Eric from different issues of 'People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People'; hopefully they'll include Megan and Sean in their next issue 'Playing With Their Balls' - Heehee, balls...ah, juvenile humour 'The First Dance' 'Das Boob' - Yet another wallpaper featuring this classic Will & Grace moment 'Nathan Is A Jerk' - Please forgive the title, it's just what was running though my mind as I made this wallpaper 'Picture Perfect' - Promo from 'Hocus Focus' 'Stone Soup' - Will & Grace direct 'Stone Soup' The Rest Of My Life' 'Will & Grace' - Early promo picture, I added a purpley-glow to it  'Best Friends' 'Alternate Wedding' - Grace...& Will?! 'Promo Pals' 'Uh...hi Will...' 'Tub Time' - I love how this turned out. Basically I took a promo of Will and Grace, motioned blurred it and layered it over this one 'Dressed Up' - Heehee, I made this wallpaper using a picture of David Duchovny & Gillian Anderson, putting Eric & Debra's heads on them 'Happy Holidays' - Oooo, I love this one! :) It turned out so much better than I expected 'Best Friends' - Hm. I, uh, am okay with this one. I don't love it, but I don't hate it 'Girls, Interrupted' - Fun with promos from the episode 'Will & Grace' - Early promo picture with a frame 'Will & Grace 2' 'Debra & Eric' - Oh, I love how this turned out, isn't it purty? ;) 'Phone Pals' - TV Guide pictures of Eric & Debra 'Happy Twosome' 'Wedding Dance' - Basically just an expanded wallpaper of a 'W&G' promo picture 'Through Thick & Thin' - Hmm, this was supossed to be a really cool wallpaper composing all the mini promo pictures NBC put out on their website for 'W&G', but it didn't turn out like I hoped it would 'Takeout' 'I Love Lucy' - combo of pictures from Entertainment Weekly. Of the two wallpapers I've done so far using these pictures, I like this one better 'Season Five' - Another surprisingly good wallpaper that I thought would turn out crap when I started it Will & Grace Season 5' - I don't like how this turned out, it's too dark and not what I hoped for 'Picture Perfect' - Simple wallpaper, just added a frame to a promo picture 'Dynamic Duo' - Fab picture from Entertainment Weekly 'Stuck' - My first wallpaper featuring these Entertainment Weekly pictures

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