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Will/Eric - 800 x 600

Click to enlarge. Right click on picture, then click "Set As Wallpaper" if you would like to use it. Hold mouse over the below images to learn more about the wallpaper.

'Pinch Me' 'Chill Will' 'Beautiful' - Fabulous photo of Eric from 'People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People' 'Just 'J'...' - Will hears about his future with Jack from Psychic Sue 'Mr. Truman' 'Will - My Uncle the Car' - Will in a promo for 'My Uncle the Car'; identical Grace wallpaper also available 'Cute Couple' - aka, 'The Look of Love' 'Mr. McCormack'  'Will - May Divorce Be With You' - One of three wallpapers from a promo from this episode 'With Love, Will & Barry' - Fake of Barry & Will; I'm a major supporter of their relationship now 'Will Truman' 'Will - Box' - One in a series of four 'Will & Barry' - Promo pic of Eric and guest-star Dan Futterman; I really like the cool tile-background 'Will Truman' - One of four wallpapers featuring early cast promo pictures 'Are We In Love'? - Quote from Eric SNL sketch with Tina Fey as two news anchors who fall in love during the broadcast Run, Eric, Run 'Wild Thing' - Fun with picture I found on Eric's site 'Pentagon of Will 'Describing Will' - One of four wallpapers containing the casts' quotes about their characters from a 'Dateline' special. Cool Will' - First Will wallpaper I made, so it kinda sucks, but check it out anyway.

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