And Welcome to the OFFICIAL Casey

Family Webpage

What you are about to see is real, the participants are not actors. No animals were harmed during the making of this website (although one in particular came really close).

Brought to you by the Casey family (Kris, Shawn, and Robin).
Katy, Texas

Rhett, the dog.....

As you look at this site, please keep in mind that I fought the computer revolution tooth and nail, so I am  running about 10 years behind everybody else. This site is meant to be a showcase of my family (with a little bit of ME thrown in). There may not be anything in here that will make the average person say "COOL!", but this site and everything in it are the things that make me say "COOL" on a daily basis. There are the usual pictures and stuff, and hopefully after you have completely browsed through, you will find a little bit of coolness to take away with you...enjoy!!..

Me and my wife Shawn....

First day on the job... (do I look too serious)

Our daughter Robin

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