Clan Sukkah Free's Diablo II LOD Website
This website is the official Diablo II Lord of Destruction site for the Sukkah Free Clan, completely updated for patch 1.10.  Herein lies some helpful guides to beat the game, Normal through Hell, completely solo or with a party of adventurers. 
Hot Key Setup
I offer a method of configuring your controls in an efficient manner.  The default hotkey setup is truly suboptimal and I highly suggest changing them if you haven't already.
Build Order Guides
Character attribute point and skill point progressions, along with a few tips on optimal equipment.
Hall of Heroes
Descriptions of SKF characters that have beaten the game.
SKF Members:
James R (Artemis.SkF)
Jason R (Webslinger516)
Vic R, Jr.  (Runemage)
Cynthia Y (Original Cyn)
Sam (Kreepngdth)
Joe (Need3d)
Mike (Mox9)
Jeffro (Fuzzy_Lumpkins)
Jeffrey (Big_Eggroll)
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