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First Trimester

Weeks 1-4
Week 2:  Oct 16-22 Conception on October 16th!  Who knew?  Certainly not us!  Joshua just turned 7m old, and we are finally settled into our new home.

What's Happening?  Egg and Sperm meet, creating a single cell organism (zygote).  The Zygote divides many times and drops into the uterus from the fallopian tube.
Week 3:  Oct 23-29
After a long weekend visiting family, we were all very tired.  I was convinced that I had the flu.  My cycles have not been very regular because I am still nursing Joshua.  Occasional spotting over the weekend suggested that AF was arriving.

What's Happening?  Zygote is embedding into the uterine lining.  This implantation will ensure a firm attachment for formation of the placenta.  The Zygote is now called an Embryo
After AF was a "no show" and I was still feeling terrible, I began to suspect that I could be pregnant.  Nursing Josh was becoming painful, so I decided to run to Walmart and get a pregnancy test.  I took it in the Walmart washrooms, and Jacob and I grabbed a bite to eat while the test developed.  I was afraid to pull the test out of my pocket and read the result.  The thought of another pg so soon after Joshua was overwhelming!  I finally got the nerve to peek at the test, and there was a very faint (but very there) line.  I just about passed out!  On the drive home I was in tears trying to absorb the news.  I was thrilled about being pregnant, but also terrified!  What was Oliver going to say???!!  When Jacob and I arrived home, I handed the test to Oliver and explained that it looked pretty positive that we were pg.  He just smiled and hugged me.:)
Appt Update:  Having just moved, we don't have a family doctor.  I went to a free clinic for a pregnancy test to convince myself that I was indeed pg.  I have had substantial spotting, and thought that I might have lost the pg.  The appt went well, and I am indeed still pregnant!  I was given a due date of July 9th and referred to an OB.

What's Happening?  The primative form of the organs (ectoderm, mesoderm and endoderm) are forming.  The next 10 weeks are essential in the proper formation of the brain and nervous system.
Week 4:  Oct 30-Nov 5
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