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Second Trimester

Weeks 13-16
Week 13:  Jan 1-7
I am getting bigger!!  I still find myself shocked when I realize that I am pregnant again!  I am feeling flutters, and it is a constant reminder that the pg is going well. 
I started school this week, and I am exhausted!  It is quite a walk from the parking lot onto campus for my classes.  I can just imagine what it is going to be like when I am bigger!
I am shocked at how young the other students are, I never realized that I was out of school for that long!  LOL!
The boys are doing great at daycare!  I am so happy with the centre so far.:)  Whew!  We are going to be busy!

What's Happening?  Baby measures 7cm crown to rump and weighs 1oz.  Vocal cords are now developed!!
Week 14:  Jan 8-14
I am now in maternity pants full time!  I tried to squeeze into my big jeans, and was in so much pain by the end of the day!  LOL!  I feel like I JUST got out of maternity clothes!  I am definately not as excited to wear them as I was with the other pregnancies! 
I am so tired lately, and end up pouring myself into bed by the end of the day, but I am really loving school!  It has been a long time since I have been able to sip a cup of coffee and read a book without an interuption.:)

Appt Update:  Fast and uneventful!  Everything looks great! 
Weight:  119lbs
BP:  120/78
HB:  125 BPM (too low?)
Tests:  CBC done, and MSS booked for 16w

What's Happening?  Baby measures 8.7cm crown to rump.  Period of rapid growth begins.
Week 15:  Jan 15-21
Well, it has only been a few weeks and I am worried again!  This time it is b/c I haven't felt any movement in almost a week!  Oliver keeps reassuring me that it is just b/c I have been so busy, but I am still so worried that I have lost the baby.  I am also not showing as much as I thought I would be, this also has me concerned.:(

Appt Update:  My doctor is going to think that I am psycho!  I went in (on the 17th) and had her check on the baby!!  Everything is fine!  Whew!
Weight:  120lbs
BP:  120/70
HB:  150 BPM (much better!)
Tests:  Booked u/s in 3 weeks!! 

What's Happening?  Baby measures 10cm crown to rump, and weighs 1 1/2 oz!  Uterus is halfway between pubic bone and umbilicus.
Week 16:  Jan 22-28
I am feeling so much better about the pregnancy!  I actually feel confident that we will have a baby to hold in July!!  I am still not showing very much, but I am also just starting to put on the weight that I lost in the 1st trimester.  My back is starting to ache, I think it could be due to leaning over books for hours at a time when I am studying.:)!

What's Happening?  Baby measures 12cm crown to rump, and weighs about 3oz!!  Early toenails are developing!
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