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Second Trimester

Weeks 17-20
Week 17:  Jan 29-Feb 4
I am very nervous for the u/s tomorrow!  I hope that the baby is measuring on target, and that they don't find any abnormalities!  I got the results back from my MSS test, and they were negative!!!!!!  What a relief!  That means that the chances of the baby having a nerual tube defect, or Downs Syndrome are slim.:)

Appt. Update:  Had my u/s!  The baby looked beautiful!!!  The picture was very clear, and we could see all it's fingers and toes!  The only thing that we couldn't see was the sex!!  We asked the tech to look for us, but she said that she can't b/c of hospital policy!  We are so disappointed, but we are also relieved that the baby looks wonderful and healthy.:)

What's Happening?  Baby measures 13cm crown to rump and weighs 4-5oz.  Baby's body growth is now catching up to it's head!
u/s printout @ 17w, 6d
Boy or Girl?
Week 18:  Feb 5-11
I have started to feel more pelvic pressure, and some Braxton Hicks contractions.  It makes me realize that we are getting further in the pg!  Almost 1/2 way there!!  Baby's movements are now much stronger, Oliver felt his first kick on the 6th!  How exciting!!

Appt Update:  Everything looks great!  The results from the u/s came back and the baby is measuring perfectly! 
Weight:  123lbs
BP:  120/83 (will keep an eye on this)
HB:  145 BPM
Fundal Height:  17cm
Tests: results from CBC and MSS were negative!

What's Happening?  Baby measures 14cm crown to rump.  Bones are becoming ossified!
Week 19:  Feb 12-18
Big news!  We are being transferred again!  We will be moving when I finish exams in mid to late April!  I am glad that we will be looking for a new house b/c we will have outgrown this one when the new baby arrives!  I will have to start a search for a new OB, since I will be delivering in our new town.:)  
I am feeling much bigger, and my appetite has increased!  Baby is getting very active, I love to watch the pokes and kicks.:)

What's Happening?  Baby measures 15cm crown to rump, and weighs 8 oz!  What a big boy/girl!!!
Week 20:  Feb 19-25
Baby is very active these days!  I am constantly feeling kicks and rolls as the baby practices it's movements!!  My belly is much bigger now, and I fill out my maternity clothes nicely.  I have noticed a lot of stares and attention when I am out with the boys.  I think that people see how young Josh is, and then realize that I am pregnant.  It is almost funny to see their reaction!  LOL!
My back is getting sore from a full day at school, and I find that the walk to class is getting longer!:)  We bought a new
double stroller for the baby and the matching car seat that snaps into place!  I am getting excited to meet this little one!:)

What's Happening?  Baby measures 16 cm crown to rump, and weighs about 10 oz!!  This marks the 1/2 way point!  Only 20 (or less) weeks to go!!!!
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