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Second Trimester

Weeks 21-24
Week 21:  Feb 26-Mar 4
Busy, Busy, Busy!  We are getting the house ready to show to go on the market in a few weeks!! 
I am really starting to enjoy this pregnancy!  I feel great (a little tired), and am not overly big yet.:)  Time is just flying!  I can't wait to move into our new house and start the nursery!  I think that we are going to keep it very similar to Josh's nursery b/c we never did use most of his nursery decorations (we moved too quickly!).  I am also looking forward to putting the boys in the same room!  We are decorating it in a transportation theme, it is going to be so cute!!

What's Happening?  Baby measures 17.5 cm crown to rump and weighs 14 oz.  Baby's skin is covered with vernix, which protects it from getting soggy in the amniotic fluid!
We went house hunting this week!  We found one!!  It is just beautiful, has 4 bedrooms and lots of room for us!  I can't wait to move in!  Now we just have to sell our house here.:)
The pg is going well, I have some back pain from my busy days, but overall I feel great!

Appt Update:  Everything looks great!  Concern that I may be developing pre-eclampsia again!  Ughh!!!!
Weight:  132lbs (large jump in weight)
BP:  130/85 (getting higher)
HB:  145 BPM (too low?)
Fundal Height:  22cm
Tests:  None.

What's Happening?  Baby measures 19 cm crown to rump, and weighs about 1 lb!!.  Downy hair called Lango now covers baby.:)
Week 22:  Mar 5-11
Week 23:  Mar 12-18
Joshua's Birthday was this week!  I can't believe that he is one year old!  We had the party at my Inlaws, and my MIL cooked and cleaned for it.  What a treat!  I actually got to enjoy the party and not prep for it!  I am feeling very tired and sore from all the activity and driving.  I am going crazy b/c I want to start preparing for the baby, but I have to wait until we move!  I think that I am starting to nest!  LOL!!

What's Happening?  Baby measures 20 cm crown to rump.  Fetus is viable by the end of this week!  It could survive outside the uterus with proper medical care!
Week 24:  Mar 19-25
I had another midterm today, and I am so sore from studying for long periods of time!  I am really looking forward to school ending!!  My back and belly are killing me, and I really don't have an opportunity to rest and make it feel better.:( 
Also, we sold our house!  It never made it on the market!  We had a showing before we even listed it, and they put in an offer immediatly!  I am so relieved that we don't have to worry about showing the house anymore!:)!

What's Happening?  Baby measures 21 cm crown to rump.  Blink and startle reflexes are now evident!!
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