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First Trimester

Weeks 5-8
Week 5:  Nov 6-12 I still can't believe that we are pg again!  I really haven't absorbed the news yet.  I think that I am afraid to be happy just yet, in the event of another miscarriage.  I am still spotting heavily, and there are times that I am convinced that I have lost the pregnancy.  The spotting is scary because I have never had any bleeding with my other pregnancies.

What's Happening?  Early heart begins to beat!  Facial features and lung buds begin to form.  Baby measures aprox 2mm.
Week 6:  Nov 13-19
I am getting very tired, and starting to feel sick!  That is a great sign!  We told family over the weekend about the pregnancy, and they were SHOCKED!  Everyone is thrilled about the pregnancy.:) 

Appt. Update:  We had a very long visit to the hospital on the 16th.  I was still spotting heavily, and I had terrible cramps on one side.  The hospital drew some blood and my HCG levels were fine (18000 mIU).  I had to return to the hospital the following day for an u/s to rule out an ectopic pregnancy.  They found a cyst in my left fallopian tube that had been causing the pain.  The baby looked fine!  There is a strong heart beat, and it is measuring perfectly!!  (although we didn't get a picture)

What's Happening?  Eye lens pits, optic cups and nasal pits begin to form.  Nerual tube begins to fuse.  Baby measures aprox 4mm
What a busy week!  Joshua was Christened this week, and it was Oliver's Birthday!  We had a great time, and Oliver announced the pregnancy during the Christening reception.
I am really feeling tired, and sick.  I think some of the exhaustion could be due to being pregnant and nursing Joshua.  I am still spotting, and this has me worried.  I just can't get used to the idea that this pregnancy is going to make it.  I think I am just being guarded.

What's Happening?  Baby is now 8mm long!  Baby's upper limbs bend at elbow, and the external ear begins to form.
Week 7:  Nov 20-26
Week 8:  Nov 27-Dec 3
8 weeks and counting..........this pregnancy is going very slowly!  I can't wait to be safely in the 2nd trimester.  I hate all this worry.  I am still feeling very sick, and can't eat very much.  I am looking forward to my first OB appt. next week! 

What's Happening?  Buds of the genitals begin, baby is now 15mm long!
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