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First Trimester

Weeks 9-12
Week 9:  Dec 4-10
My clothing is starting to get tight!!  It's not obvious that I am pg, but my body is starting to change!!  I still have the pulling in my abdomen, I assume that they are round ligament pains.  I am still feeling sick and very tired.  Josh is almost weaned!!  I hope that I can start to gain a bit of weight once I am finished nursing.

Appt Update:  Had my first OB appt today!  She seems nice, but I felt like I was rushed through the appt.  I hope that is not how she always is!  She booked an u/s for me to check on the source of the bleeding (yes, I am STILL spotting!).  She also suggested that I stop nursing b/c it is taking too much from me.  (I am encouraging Josh to wean, but in his own time)
Weight: 118lbs
BP:  120/72

What's Happening?  Baby measures 20mm (3/4 in), and fingers are now distinct.
Week 10:  Dec 11-17
I am still very sick (and getting sick of feeling this way!  LOL!).  I am so tired that I have to lay down during the day.  My school term is quickly approaching (January) and I am getting things in order for the boys to start daycare!  I hope to be feeling better when school starts, I don't want to be napping during lecture!

What's Happening?  Baby measures 30mm (1 1/4 in) and is moving and free floating in the amniotic fluid!  Baby is no longer an embryo, fetal period begins!!
Week 11:  Dec 18-24
Joshua is weaned!!!!  He did it himself and hasn't looked back!  I am so happy because I never had to force him off the breast!  He must have been ready.:)  I have been feeling a lot better, I am still sick, but not as tired as I was.

Appt Update:  I had my u/s on the 18th, and everything looks great!  The baby measured perfectly and there was a nice strong heartbeat!  Baby was very active, and Oliver and Jacob were thrilled to be able to see the baby!  Jacob has been running around with the u/s picture saying "baby brother!", perhaps he knows something that we don't know!  LOL!  What a nice way to start the holidays!:)

What's Happening?  Baby measures 5cm (2 in), eyelids will temporarily fuse shut. 
Baby @ 11w
u/s printout of baby @ 11w!
Week 12:  Dec 25-31
I can't believe that I am 12 weeks already!  Almost in my 2nd trimester!  I am finally starting to feel better!  I never felt that ill with my past pregnancies, I felt sea sick all of the time.  I am finally filling out maternity pants, and have really noticed a change in my belly.  I am feeling tickles often, and there is no doubt that it is movement! 
I start school next week!  I am so nervous to be going back to University, and I am even more nervous about how the boys are going to handle daycare!

What's Happening?  Baby measures 6.1cm (2 1/2 in), early fingernails are developing!
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