Camping in Devil's River State Natural Area TX

We went camping in a very remote park in Texas.  It is called Devil's River State Natural Area and offered primitive camping.  We had to drive over 100 miles in a detour thanks to the Texas Dept of Transportation not finishing a road project in time.  The park is 22 miles off the paved road.  We saw 6 snakes in total and many more dead on the road.  The two I got pictures of I ran over.  The others we saw moved away to fast to get photos.  We selected a campsite farthest away from the park entrance and it was very nice.  Most of the campsites were at least a half mile apart. This park has no services or utilities.
These pictures are from the road into the park.



I hit both these snakes, it is impossible to stop fast on loose gravel. We saw some snake hunters. What a hobby.

First we completed a 12 mile hike from 12:15 - 17:30.  It took at total of 5.25 hrs and luckily it only got in the 80s.  We did get hot though.  Here are some pictures from the trail.

From the top. elevation 1800

Cliffs cut by the Devil's river, got its name by a Texas Ranger in 1880 for the areas barren landscape.

Vulture circling overhead on trail, hoping we don't make it!

Prickly Pear cactus flowers.
The next day we went to the river and it was a 3 mile hike.  I went fishing in the river and it is spring fed so the water was clear.  We saw a large catfish but didn't catch anything.

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