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ALGEBRA STUDENTS! Today's assignments:

First... answer questions, use NEXT button to move, and use SUBMIT FOR GRADING to check your work.  It will not actually be submitted for grading, so do me a favor and don't cheat or blow through this section!!  Try your best and see how you do.  If you miss any, analyze the correct answers and try to determine how to get them.  Note - don't use the red CANCEL button or you'll get tossed into a different web page system.  You can use the browser's BACK button to return to this page.

Practice questions over multiplication

Same thing, this time over division:
Practice questions over division

When you finish the two practice sets, try this animation:
Classzone.com "Skydiver" animation

When you finish, feel free to explore the classzone.com website.  The username is "huffines" and the password is "huskies", if you are asked to log in.


If the Box Jellyfish activity does not come up when you click on it (if you get a map of the US instead) please go to the Sign In link at the top of the page.  The username is "huffines" and the password is "huskies".  Then return to this page and click the link again... that has worked so far!  See Mrs. Marvel if it still doesn't come up correctly.

Use the same procedure if
Variables On Both Sides does not link directly as it should.


Lewisville ISD website

Field trip permission slips

Algebra - Calculator Permission Slip

Open House:
Agenda/syllabus 6th grade
    Agenda/syllabus 7th grade
    Agenda/syllabus 8th grade

TAKS practice exams:
Sixth grade
    Seventh grade
Eighth grade

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills
Middle school (grades 6-8)
High school (including Algebra)

Textbook Publishers' Websites
Algebra 1 - McDougal Littell
              username "huffines", password "huskies"
    Math 6 PAP - Holt
              username "hfms6th" or "hfms7th", password "huskies"

Math Websites
Math Forum
    Math Goodies