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This website is the culmination of fourteen years of research.  I have discovered connections to royalty,  Revolutionary War, Civil War and the War of 1812 soldiers, Indian fighters, several  U.S. Presidents, and even a couple of black sheep.

The information in this database has been received and compiled from many sources and is not necessarily correct.  It is presented for your use as a guide only and verification is the responsibility of the end user.

All vital information concerning living individuals has been omitted to provide security on the internet.
I welcome any corrections, additions or queries.
Created and maintained by Judith Lear Douglas with special thanks to May Tantlinger,  Michael Caldwell,  Beverly Sheets, Walter Dondero and all my "new found cousins" who have contributed their lines.
The Trek to America
Genealogy Poems
Graveyards and Gravestones
Early German-American Life
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