We live in Albion, Washington, a town of about 600 people.  Albion is situated in a hollow south of Smoot Hill, and sits adjacent to the South Fork of the Palouse River.  Surrounding Albion, is the rolling Palouse Prairie.  Now the "bread basket" of the Northwest, the Palouse was once a native prairie dominated by cool season grasses.  Trees are very small and uncommon on the prairie, except for on the northern sides of our taller hills, where large stands of Ponderosa pines grow.  Larger Buttes, such as Kamiak and Steptoe also have thick, cool forests of Douglas Fir. 
Looking north at Albion.  We live across the street from the red fire station.
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click to look closer The way it was the year I was born
Here is where we live.  To the southwest of Kamiak Butte and on the far right of the picture is Smoot Hill.  Smoot Hill is managed by the WSU Biology Department and remains one of the few examples of native vegetation.  The Nature Conservancy owns a small plot just to the east of Smoot Hill.
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Somewhat earlier
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More Palouse Views
Steptoe from East Steptoe from Kamiak Above Palouse
Here is the southern view from Steptoe Butte.  Moscow Mountain is on the left side.  Moscow, ID lies to the southwest of the mountain.  On the right side is Kamiak Butte, in Washington.  This is the Palouse Prairie during the harvest season (August).
Palouse Sunset
Palouse July 4th Palouse Falls