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Welcome, some doctors say obsessions are bad but I personally love and treasure mine. [g] Because it's reading. Jen's Place is chock full of books by varied authors and is constantly growing. Although you'll find synopses here not reviews, you can be sure that if I ranked them they would be 4's and 5's. I try to keep the site updated but there never seems to be enough hours in the day. If you would be interested in contributing to the site, I'd love to hear from you. There are plenty of great books and authors that I've missed. I hope that you enjoy your visit, come back often and tell all your friends.

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Table of Contents
Anthologies 3/22/00
British 10/25/03
Catagories 5/28/01
Contemporaries 11/21/02
Fantasy 12/24/02
Misc. Historicals 11/22/00
Mysteries 1/14/03
Paranormal 10/25/03
Scottish 11/15/00
Time-Travel 2/20/01
Westerns 11/22/00
Catherine Coulter 11/26/02 Jude Deveraux 5/22/01
Janet Evanovich 4/13/01 Christine Feehan 11/21/02
Diana Gabaldon 5/17/01 Julie Garwood 3/25/00
Heather Graham 11/21/02 Laurell K. Hamilton 11/21/02
Iris Johansen 10/16/00 Dara Joy 5/17/01
Susan Krinard 11/2/02 Jayne Ann Krentz 10/31/02
Judith Krantz 5/10/01 Arnette Lamb
Stephanie Laurens Johanna Lindsey 4/24/01
Elizabeth Lowell 5/3/01 Teresa Medeiros 5/28/01
Susan E. Phillips 5/5/01 Mary Jo Putney 5/7/01
Karen Robards 12/18/00 Nora Roberts 11/30/02
Bertrice Small 5/9/01

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