CIRCLE  G            

Welcome to our web site.

We are located approximately 45 minutes NW of Tampa, Fl. We have been raising dairy goats for about 5 years and just recently added Nigerian Dwarves to our herd. In our spare time, we own and operate Circle G Ranch and Pet Supplies. We carry 3 major livestock feed companies along with a complete line of pet supplies. Please check out our site.

We are striving for a long, tall, structurally correct doe with a well attached capacious udder. We feed a 16% dairy ration along with high quality alfalfa hay. Our kids are raised on a CAE prevention program.

We test all of our animals for CAE on a yearly basis and are CAE free. We participate in DHIR and the Linear Appraisal program. Our herd is TB and Burcellosis certified. We recently put our herd on the volunteer scrapies program.

Our animals show well at the local and national level. At the 2001 Nationals, 12 of our animals placed well. Little Wonder was 2nd place intermediate kid. Cherokee and Snowflurry were 11th and 15th senior kid. Gumdrop and Pepper were 3rd and 4th junior yearling. Half N Half and Sugarpop were 12th and 14th senior yearling. Holly was 16th place 2 yr old milker. Sage was 4th place 3 year old milker and was also 2nd place udder. Cherokee Stuff was 17th place 4 yr old milker. Renegade's girls were 4th place best 3 jr. does and 3rd place jr. get of sire. Crown Savannah's girls are 6th in the dairy herd and 5th in the sr get of sire.

You will not find any of our junior or senior does with long, impressive show records as we tend not to show them after they get their junior leg or become permanent champions.

Please contact us with any questions. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

                                                                      John and Judy Nelson
                                                                         14420 Van Court
                                                                   Brooksville, Florida 34610