It was a


the 16th annual "Chicago" NEIL DIAMOND Birthday Party

January 26, 2002


It all started with a charter bus trip to see SuperDiamond at the House of Blues in downtown Chicago on Friday night.  It was special to see old and new Neil Friends.  

The Party Room

Where It Began....decorated with lots of  Neil posters, and red, white and blue decorations.  Each place setting had a small American Flag and a Neil Diamond Birthday Party Mug and every guest received a tortoise NDRRT guitar pick, compliments of Arch Angel.


Richard Vicek, Toastmaster; and Scott Neal, Deejay and Emcee

The Diamond Fans!

Al Nurczyk,Al Meyer,Gayle Siewert,Bill Orr,Gloria Boldt,           

Anne Fortin, Joan Nurczyk,Mary Mae Meyer,Marcia Meyer


Arlene Bryan, Richard Vicek, Audrey Neal, Scott Neal,                          

Betty Love, Maxine Martin, Brenda Skinner, David Sarich, Darleen Schmidt


Darlene Moore,Diane Smetana,Kay Weithaus,Pat Johnson

Gloria Badalewski,Jane Ripley,Patty Janes,Shirley Munday


Caryn Miglio,Sylvia Stevenson,Gracie Webb,Brenda Ferrell

Ann Berlow,Botch Berlow,Rita Roughsedge,Marlene Jordan


Susie Lazenby, Eydie Ruth, Marilyn Grodski, Donna Everly, Pat Gomes

Soma Simon, Kathy Paul, Tom Ziber, Donna Trapp, Kristy Trapp


Barb Rose,Moira Scott,Linda Wieloch,'Our Server',Julie Lupo,Bev Falinski

Deb McDougal,Maribeth Woodward,Chris Keckler,Sandy Sievenson, Phyllis Dillon


Bob Gruel, Jackie Gruel, Terry Butz, Rom Butz, Connie Kubica

Dee Lorch, Sherry Simmons, Tracy Simmons, Cathy Baldwin, Debbie Herson


'Rev Bob' Washer,Lois Labendz,Barb Weiher,Cindy Katsenes

Nancy Gentes, Patti Brennan, Kathy Shue, Ginny Gnadt


The dubiously famous,  positively shameless, Brother Love's Choir!!  singing their version of Mission of Love







The Birthday Cake, served with coffee at 10:30

The door prizes

The Birthday Card (see Tom Ziber's page for words)          Souvenir Program Front                    Program Back

At the party, Tom Sadge was our wonderful, very special guest.   Join us in reliving the fun......

WOW!!!  -  TOM SADGE!!!!






 Tom and Brenda Skinner dueting "Flowers". Tom sang both parts! What a hoot!


 Tom serenading Eydie Ruth with "Kentucky Woman" Tom serenading Joan Nurczyk with "Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon"

Annie Fortin, Tom Sadge, Joan Nurczyk


Party Animals!!!


The 16th Annual Train Dance to "I'm Alive"!

Linda Wieloch, Winner of the Special Prize Scott Neal, in the party finale, "Brother Love"

Black Satin Mission of Love Jacket and closeup of the logo


We had a great time!  Hope to see you all at the 17th annual "Chicago" Neil Diamond Birthday Party on January 25, 2003, same time, same place, more good times!!!

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