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The party is just getting going!

Scott Neal plays non-stop Diamond.

Pat J, Flame, Kat

Jolene, Sherry, Pat know this tune

Carol, Andy, Kerri

Marina and Susan H

Carol and Deb

Eydie, Soma, Jeanie

Kat, Soma, Ginny G, Marina

Flame, SB, Soma






Judi, Gail K, Brenda S, Linda, Joan N

Holly, Kate, Sherry

Holly and Wayne

Nick and Martha

Alexa amuses herself

Wayne, Beckala, Soma

Richard leads the traditiona train dance to I'm Alive









All too soon, it's time for the big circle dance to I Am I Said.



Lois raised $740 for the Jennifer Diamond Foundation by selling tickets for a cookbook autographed by Neil. Marcia is the lucky winner.

Jolene wins the CD autographed by Neil.

Marilyn wins the Songbook autographed by Neil.

Annie F, Neil, Joan N
Thank you, everybody!
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Photos by Al and Joan Nurczyk, Brenda Skinner, Carol Becker and Soma Simon

MWC 2005
Joan Nurczyk and Anne Fortin