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On Sunday morning, partygoers arrived in the Atrium for breakfast at varying hours, depending on their departure times and what time they went to bed!
Brother Love and Brenda S seem awake.


The Atrium is not too crowded.

Lois and Kirk look sad.


Eydie shows the amazing quilt she made by piecing together parts of concert shirts.


The reverse side of the quilt


Brother Love, Marina, and Jeanie
have a playdate.


Later, Joan N, Lois, Marina, Soma, Kathy P,
Nick, and SB had dinner together.


Some planned to stay over on Sunday evening, some had to because of the bad weather on the East Coast, and one stayed to keep them company.

But the quiet hotel made it apparent that the party was definitely over - UNTIL NEXT YEAR.



Photos by Al  Nurczyk, Brenda Skinner, and Soma Simon

MWC 2005
Joan Nurczyk and Anne Fortin